Swaragini (His Love for her and Her love for him) Episode 13

Hey guys….I am back again with another blockbuster episode!!! Hope u appreciate it…..

Recap:Laksh married Swara by force.

Its morning,Laksh wakes up and sees Swara sleeping.He gets mesmerized by her beauty and goes.Swara wakes up and goes to washroom.She gets angry seeing all her clothes in the suitcase and understands Laksh lied to her.She wears a salwar kameez and goes downstairs.She gets a good smell and thinks maybe servant is cooking.
Swara:Ramu Kaka, what r u….
She stops seeing Laksh and gets surprised seeing him in chef’s clothes and preparing breakfast.He sees her.
Laksh:What r u doing here?
He makes her sit on the dining table.He serves her food.She is in shock.He makes her eat toast.She is touched and smiles a little.Suddenly, She hears a baby crying.She cries and shuts her ears.She gets angry seeing Laksh and goes from there.Laksh cries and looks on.

Ragini and Sanskaar talk to Laksh over phone on loudspeaker.
Ragini:What? She left without eating anything?
Laksh:Yes and she has locked herself in the room and crying since morning.
They worry.
Sanskaar:But Lucky try to open the door naa.
Ragini:I have an idea….But I dont know if its right or wrong.Swara lost her baby and she became sad so why dont we return her happiness through a baby only?
Sanskaar:Ragini!! U r sooo smart!
Laksh laughs and agrees.Ragini beats Sanskaar for teasing her.She turns to go.He holds her hand and pulls her closer.
Sanskaar:Swara was right.Now that she will happy with a child why dont we give the baby a sister or a brother?
Ragini gets shy.
Ragini:Patidev! Ap kitna flirt karte hain huh?(Husband! How much do u flirt huh?)
They smile.

Annapurna talks to Nikhil.
Nikhil:But Aunty, Swara wanted me to marry her!
Annapurna folds her hand.
Annapurna:Dear,if Swara and Laksh dont reconcile we will lose our other daughter in law also and we dont want that.For the sake of ur best friend and for Ragini also,please go from there.
Nikhil realises that they truly love Ragini.He apologizes to them and accepts to leave.

He comes to Maheshwari Mansion.Ragini gets surprised seeing him.
Nikhil:I am sorry Ragini.
Ragini:For what?
Nikhil:U will not understand.
Ragini smiles.He forwards his hand and asks Friendship.She smiles and shakes hand with him.

Its night,Laksh knocks the door and thinks I will return u ur happiness Swara.He opens the door and comes to Swara.He wipes her tears and hugs her.He apologizes to her.He holds her hand.
Laksh:Swara, Sorry is a very small word for all the pains that I gave u.Each moment without u seemed like a thousands.I know u will not forgive me after this act of me(marriage).But i hope that u still has feelings for me.
He gets up and asks her to go if she wants.They both are in pain and cry.Swara takes her bag and goes towards the car.Aapse ashiqui….plays…..She turns and looks at him.He avoids eye contact with her.She goes to him and slaps him.He is shocked.
Swara:I was angry naa….u could have tried harder to convince me.U didnt even bother to call me once.Each moment I was waiting for u to come and take me home even if forcefully I would happily come.Even now when I am going u arent making any effort to stop me.U r just crying like a baby.
She beats him a lot.She hugs him and they both cry.He cups her face and they both smile.

He holds her waist and pulls her closer.They kiss.Music plays…..He lifts her and brings her to bed romantically.He looks at her and kisses her neck.She closes her eyes and smiles.They get intimate.

1 month later,Everyone is having breakfast together at Gagodia Mansion.Ragini sees Swara happy and smiles.Suddenly Swara faints.Doctor checks her and says she is pregnant.Everyone smile and are happy.

Precap:Ragini shouts Sanskaar and faints.Sanskaar gets shocked and shouts Ragini.

Hey guys hope u liked the episode.Even though its short…..Plzzz comment how it was…..Love u lots guys….Always keep smiling and stay blessed :)……

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