Swaragini (His Love for her and Her love for him) Episode 10

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Recap:Swara had a miscarriage.She ended her relation with Laksh.

Its night,Ragini cries in Sanskaar’s lap.
Sanskaar:Ragini! Control urself…Since Swara went u have been crying.Stop now or else u will destroy ur health.
Ragini:My tears arent stopping Sanskaar.I know Swara isnt at fault.All fault is Laksh’s.Why did he had to ask Swara to end their relation? I would have convince Swara to return naa.
Sanskaar looks on.
Ragini:Sorry Sanskaar I know Laksh is ur brother but…
Sanskaar cups her face.
Sanskaar:I know Laksh is at fault and I want u go to and scold him as u have that right.
She asks really.He nods.She goes.

She goes to Laksh and turns him abruptly and throws his phone which he was using.She points finger at him.
Laksh:What the hell Ragini.
Ragini:Hell tho tumne banaadi hain Swara ki zindagi ko.Kya zarroorat thi usse kehne ki ke mangalsutra jalaa do?(U have made Swara’s life hell.What was the need to ask Swara to burn the mangalsutra?)
Laksh:Its my life ok.
Ragini:Ur life is linked with my sister’s life and I dont permit anyone to destroy her life.
She goes.Laksh looks on.

Swara is in her room.She is crying badly.Sumi knocks the door and asks her to open the door.
Sumi:Shona,u will ruin ur health dear please open the door.Atleast have this milk.U havent had dinner also.
Swara:Maa please go from here.I want to be alone for sometime.
Sumi sadly leaves.

Dadi enters the house.Sumi gets glad seeing her and hugs her.
Dadi:Sharmishta,who is crying?
Sumi and Shekhar look at each other.
Sumi:Actually maa,Its swara.
Dadi:What happened? Is she alright?
Shekhar tells her everything.She gets shocked and angry and rushes to Swara.Sumi tells Shekhar that Swara will listen to her as she is more close to her than us.
Dadi:Shona,open the door dear…Its me.
Swara says Dadi and opens the door.She hugs her and cries.Dadi cries and asks her to calm down.She cups her face.She brings her downstairs and makes her drink milk.
Dadi:Who has dared to make my Princess cry?I will not leave that Laksh.
Swara:But Dadi I was just leaving the house naa he could have come to take me and I would come on his first saying itself.What was the need for him to break relation.
She again cries.Dadi wipes her tears.
Dadi:The house which made my daughter cry,I will not let my princess stay in that house.
She goes.Swara looks on.

Its morning,Ragini is having breakfast with the family.She says Swara bring the plates…..and realizes she is not here.She cries and runs.She stops seeing Dadi.She gets happy and hugs her.Dadi cries and blesses her.
Ragini:I was coming to meet Swara.Its good u came Dadi.Console Swara and asks her to return.I am alone without her.
Dadi asks her not to worry and asks her to come with her.Ragini is shocked and says no.
Dadi:I am not asking u to leave this house.I am just asking u to pretend.
Dadi tells her something in her ears.Ragini nods and goes to the family members.They greet Dadi.Ragini tells the plan to all.
Parineeta:But Ragini R u sure that this will work?
Ragini nods.She looks at Sanskaar and goes to pack her bags.Sanskaar comes to her in the room.
Ragini turns to go with the bags.He holds her hand.
Ragini:Sanskaar dont stop me,i will not be able to go.She hugs him and they cry.Sad Music plays……

She goes with Dadi to Gagodia Mansion.Sumi says that Swara went to the temple near the market.

Swara walks to the market.Laksh passes there in his car.Swara comes infront of his car.She gets shocked seeing a car proceeding towards her.She stumbles and falls.Laksh stop his car and goes to her.They both look at each other.Music plays…
Laksh:oh so now u r pretending to commit suicide to gain my attention?
Swara:I am not like u.
Laksh:U cant be me as I dont take wrong decisions in my life.
Swara:Atleast I take the wrong ones after thinking a lot.I dont take decisions in a hurry which could destroy life.
He looks at her and goes.They both go seperate ways. She reaches the temple and prays.Ragini comes there looking for her.She meets Swara and hugs her.Swaragini plays…..Mr Mehrotra(Nikhil) comes there and gets mesmerized again seeing Ragini.He sees mangalsutra there and puts it infront of Ragini and looks at her through it.He smirks.Ragini sees him and assumes he is eyeing Swara.She looks at Swara who is in tears thinking of Laksh.She takes Swara with her.

Swara and Ragini reach home.
Ragini:Shona,I ended my relation with Sanskaar and came here.Swara is shocked and asks what?Everyone smile.Ragini looks on.

Precap:Sanskaar meet Ragini in the night and hugs her.Swara comes there and looks on.Ragini sees her,pushes Sanskar and starts fighting with him.Sanskaar is confused.(funny scene)

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