Swaragini is this a love or hate (Episode-32)

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Ragini: abb chalo …u go I have to change. .lucky ji (giggles)
Lucky:lucky ji ??? (Confused) from when I became ur ji … Ragini ji

Ragini smiles and puts her hand around his neck …pulls him closer and whisphers in his ears

Ragini:jab sai ..u became my would be..from then….waise bhi after marriage I have to call u lucky ji only na?

Lucky smiles and wraps his hands around her waist pulling her closer to him

Lucky: is tat so Ragini ji

Both stares each other for sometime and brust into laugh

Ragini: hahaha lucky u na (pulls his cheeks)
Lucky: ragini u naa (pinches her nose)
Ragini:ouch ..idiot (hits him and he laughs). ..now goooo

She makes him turn and was abt to push him out …but he holds her hand and moves her aside ..
Goes towards the bed and sleeps on it

Laksh:nope sweetheart .. I’m not going anywhere …thz is my room also …
Ragini:? wat …wat r talking r u gone mad ….go to ur room
Laksh:wo actually sweetheart sanky bhai na …booked couples room …for us and for them I.e sanky bhai and ur devil sis swara
Ragini:wat couples room ?
Ragini:?thz sanky na …
Laksh:(interrupts) arrey y r u scolding bhai …let them enjoy yar …and so let us ?

Ragini:?arrrg u and ur bhai … See if u sleep here na then u shld be 10feet away from me …
Laksh:oh is tat so …. (He winks at her & moves closer to her) hum tum ek kamre….
Ragini:(moves backward) ..lucky
Look …..move…
Laksh: ek kamre mai band ho ..
(He smiles naughtily and moves closer to her)?
Ragini:(moves backward) no no stop…plz s..top
Laksh: (moves forward?) aur aur aur…..

He moves forward to her and was abt to hold her but she immediately runs to the washroom

Laksh:(smiles) pagal

He shakes his head and lays on the bed ..

After sometime

Ragini comes out of the washroom and looks at him who was sleeping….she shakes her head with a smile and blushes on her face…..she goes towards him and sleeps beside him …palcing her head on his shoulder … He smiles in his sleep like he got back his breath his life …. And wraps her in his embrace … She smiles and hugs him tightly …
He also does so

Soon both dozes off


Swasan were lost in their own world romancing with each other

Sanskar was abt to kiss … But she smiles teasingly and pushes …
And runs towards the beach …
He smiles and runs behind her

Sanskar;swara ….rokho ..swara

She goes toward the beach and plays with the water like a kid
He smiles looking at her lovingly
She feels his gaze …and looks at him ….smiles teasingly and splashes water on him and laughs

Swara:hahaha …sanky

He looks at her in fake anger and splash water on her ..and laughs
She also lauhgs nd puts water on him ….both plays like thz for sometime …

After sometime

Both were drenched in water

Swara:ywaaaa sanky I’m tired (extends her hands) take me to the room
Sanskar: okay Jaan …as ur wish

He smiles and pulls her cheeks
….she pouts…he kisses her on the pout and takes her his arms …. She rests her head on his chest
He smiles and walks towards the hotel …on their way they see’s a couple was kissing …. Sanskar immediately looks at swara with desirey …. She also does so ….both were staring each other ….she keeps her palms on his cheeks and

Swara:kiss me baby

He smiles and makes her stand
…she tip toes and places her soft yet juicy lips on his rough lips
….he smiles and pulls her closer to him by waist and began to suck her lower lip … Her leg goes weak …he holds her tightly feeling her weakness and sucks her lips more passionately …. As she was already tiered of playing with water …she couldn’t hold it so she sits on the floor …Sanskar also sits ….still kissing sucking and biting her lips …. He was kissing her continuously she was weak so was hardly reciprocating the kiss …..soon both were laying on the mud still kissing eachother
He was kissing her showing all his passion,love, & desire passion
Soon both dozes off but
No one broke the kiss .his …lips were still placed on her lips not wanting to part away even while sleeping


Precap:someone shoots laksh


How was the epi …hope u liked it and plz do comment guys
Thank u all
Love u all??

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  1. Raglak part is cute

  2. Awesome

  3. Sammykapoor

    awesome….they slept on mud

  4. Mica

    still kiss in sleep ?? well i must try later… 😀

  5. Chanu

    Hee hee tanu!!
    Raglak part ws soo cute..
    and swasan..
    omg!! 😮
    wt a kiss!! 😉
    See they still kissing.. *hiding.
    Sm1 plz wake them up..or else they ll die 😉 😉

    and wt ws dat precap.. 😮

    Keep writing
    be happy always
    lv ya

  6. Amazing

  7. omg who shoot lakshya next part soon

  8. Superb and loved Raglak scenes

  9. Rabia0032

    Awesome who shoot laksh

  10. IQRA222

    i am excited for the next part

  11. Fairy

    aww..raglak r cho chueet…loved it..awesome update dr…n omgg!!precap is scary..waitng eagerly for nxt part..keep rockng n stay blessedd dr 😉 😉

  12. Sanswa

    Too much awesome

  13. A.xx

    fab loved the scenes especiallythe raglak scene and wonder what’ll happen to lakshya,,hope he’s ok.xx

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