swaragini is this a love or hate episode-23

Hey guys thz is tanu thank u very much for ur lovable comments

Precap:swasan drank bunk tandai and some masti


rags:now stop laughing guys k and see again they kissed u monkeys can’t stop them haaa if they continue thz then how can our plan would succesed yaar
All kept pout face:
Lucky:oh rag my sweatheart don’t worry when lucky is here k
Rag:wat u will do
Lucky:just wait and watch(smiles)

Lucky left from there and came after some time holding baby in his hand
Vipluv:wat is thz
Thapki:wat ur up to ha
Lucky:ohoh stup up yaar i said na just wait and watch lucky’s plan never flops and would never flops k soo chill(smiles)

Here swasan was continuesly staring in eachother eyes without blinking it just then lucky came holding baby in his hand

Baby was crying hearing the cry swasan eyelock broked and they saw towards the direction of baby

Sanky:(confused)swara y thz baby is here and y thz lucky is holding it ha
Swara:(confused) wat i know sanky!
Sanky:k wait i will only think y it is here hmm hmmm(keeping his index finger on his mind) hmm ha ya i got it
Swara:(childish way) i know u will get know becuz u r soo intelligent na my cutie(pulling his cheeks) now say whose baby is thz say na
Sanky:swara thz is our’s baby
swara:our’s baby but how (confused)
Sanky:see swara we saw thz baby after i kissed u na soo i think tat becuz i kissed u u gave birth to a baby simple
Swara:ooooh sanky u r soo intelligent yar
Sanky:tat i know but i can’t understand 1 thing tat only becuz i kissed u how can u give birth a baby haa is my kiss was soo deep haa?
Swara:(blushes) yes . Now leave tat let’s see our baby finally u become dad and me mom(smiles)
Sanky:k but…(confused) i can’t understand 1 more thing is tat if any one give birth to a baby then usually nurse will hold the baby and handle it to there parents na
Sanky:but here instead of nurse lucky is holding our baby how…
Swara:(interpreated) i know i know y lucky is holding our baby

Swara:becuz lucky is doing nurse job for earning money
Sanky:but lucky is working in our company na then how can he do nurse job
Swara:sanskar u know lucky na from college days he used not have a rupee also in his pocket he was worst than begger i think ur company money is not enough for him so he is doing part-time job simple
Sanky:woo swara u r soo intelligent (childish sad) my poor bro

Lucky who listen all thz holding the baby in his hand was burning with anger:(murmring) for thz 2 monkey’s my handsome and dashing look like a nurse I’m controlling all thz becuz of my plan haa

Swara:now leave tat let us take our baby sanky see his soooo cute just like muuuuhha (smiles) but 1min lucky doesn’t look like nurse see he dnt ware the nurse uniform and all he should like nurse na when I’m taking baby then i want to feel tat I’m taking it from nurse not from thz lucky donkey plz do something na sanky plz
Sanky:hmmm yes i have a idea let’s make lucky to look like nurse wat u say haa
Swara:woo its awesome idea my cutie
Sanky:(smiles) so come let start

Swara:(observing lucky from top to bottom) hmmm sanky take tat white bedsheet and give it to me

Sanky does as she said she took the bedsheet tied it to lucky by rounding it all around his body
Swara:haa it soo difficult job yar ooffo now wat next hmmm sank see in my bag there is lipstick give it to me

Does as she said she took lipstick and applied it to lucky’s lips

Swara:ya perfect it done now hmmm sanky do u have white handkey
Sanky:yes take it

Swara took it and kept it on lucky’s head by folding it in triangel shape

Swara:now it is perfect now he look’s like a perfect nurse
Sanky:yes u r right. Lucky from 2mrow onwards u dress like thz only when u r in nurse duty k

Lucky who was standing like statue by holding the baby in his hand while swasan were doing all thz antics to him was fuming with anger
Lucky:(murmuring) thz 2 iditios made me like joker(imagine lucky guys heee) and thz my bro saying me to dress in thz way and thz swara calling me begger,monkey,donkey but u 2 don’t worry i will take revenge from both of u once u take thz baby from my hand tab aayega asli mazaa when thz baby start crying then i will see how u both will handle thz baby(devil smile)

Lucky:now atleast take thz baby na
Swara:oh haa yes give it to me

He handle it to swara

Sanky:give the baby to me also na
Swara:nooooooo i will not thz is my baby(childish way)
Sanky:but thz is my baby also na
swara:no i will not give becuz i gave birth to it
Sanky:but becuz of me only u gave birth becuz i kissed u
Swara:but i only asked u to kiss me so thz is my baby k
sanky:hmmm k but i want another baby see 1 baby will be with u and another with me nice na
Swara:(chidish happy) k but for tat u want to kiss me again
Sanky:k then i will kiss u becuz i love to.do tat (winks at her)
Swara:(blushes)k wait i handle thz baby to lucky(to lucky) lucky plz take thz baby still sanky kiss me k

Before he could say swara give the baby to lucky
Now lucky was really out of anger becuz from tat time the baby was crying and he only was holding the baby and looking after it and now again….

Lucky:(anger) watever u both do im just leaving u both stupid made me joker
(Left from)

Sanky:now wat happen to him yaar
Swara:i don’t know but I’m confused y he said we both made him joker when everbody know tat he is joker

Here rags,vipdhan,thaan who saw the whole scenerio brust into laugh
Lucky who saw them laughing was embarresed

Bihaan:haaa haaa rag see lucky’s he is looking so cute and sweet in nurse avatar na ha hahahaha
Dhani:yes bhai u r rigth hahahahahahaha
Vipluv:bihaan do u renmber tat someone saying(mimicking lucky) lucky’s plan never flops and all now see boshhhhh hahahahahaha
Thapki:hahahahaha bhai really u r looking.funny hahahaha
Rags:guys enough don’t irritiate my lucky k
Lucky who was fully embarresed was feeling some relive after hearing rags but it was for only few seconds when rag said

Rag:but haa he is looking cute and sweet in nurse avatar hahahahahahaha
Lucky:stop..stop…stop u guys all making fun of me ha and rags it is all becuz of ur sis only she want me to look like a nurse tat devil made me joker
Bihaan:k k k guys leave thz see there(pointing towards swasan who were kissing again)
Thapki:offo thz 2 na can’t they stop atleast now oh
Dhani:but we should them na
vipluv:we all tried to stop them na now only 1 is left
(All see towards rags)
Rags:(tensed) guys…i..think..tat we shouldn”t stop romance of a couple guys it is bad habit guys
All:ooooh bad.habit..we said the same then wat u said ha (shouted) we don’t know u should stop means u should
Rag:kk kkk alright i will try but u all should also help me k
(They plan something)

They all entered the room

Rag:(shouted) swara!!!
Swara:wat happen ladu
Rag:see i brought coke for both of u take
Swara:wat coke waaaoooo give it to me
Rag:take and sanky thz coke is for u take
Both take coke and drink it after some time they fell unconcious
Rag:(smiles) see guys my plan successed
Vipluv:yaya we know u mixed sleeping pills in the coke so tat they can fell unconcious
Rag:yes(smiles) now bihu bhai carry swara to her room and make her sleep on bed and come to pool side k i want to talk to all of u…. lucky and vipluv make sleep sanky properly on the bed and u too come to pool side
They nod head’s

After some time at pool side

Rag:guys i know our plan is failed but leav tat i have another plan and i know it will surely work
Lucky:wat’s tat
Rag(says the plan the plan is muted)
Vipluv:superbb plan yar
dhani:yes and i know by thz they will suerly confront eachother
thapki:but who will convince chote papa yaar
Rags:yaa me too thinking the same
Bihan:don’t worry guys tat u leave it to me k
Rag:but wat will u do bhai
Bihan:i said na leave it to me( they still dnt told raglak even the elders were involved in reuniting them)(smiles)
All:k done

Next day

Sanky’s room
sanky woked up from the sleep when the sunrays fall on his face
sanky:ahhhahhh(holdind his head) oh god y thz head is paining yaar (he saw his face in mirror) and who applied colours on me haa (then get some flashes of yesterday like he applied colours to swara and she to him and there kiss a smile appeared on his lips thinking thz but soon he came to the sense and immedeatly got up).oh god wat the hell yaar y did i kissed her y sanskar y did u forget her betrayel how can u kiss her how can u but i think we both drunk the bhang so.tat only she dnt protested when i kissed her but.

Just then thapki enters the room by holding lemon juice in her hand
Thapki:(smiles) good morning bhai
Sanky:oh good morning chotto(thinking) should i ask thapki about yesterday noonoo if she come to know tat i have kissed her then no nonono
Thapki:wat happen bhai
Sanky:(coming to sense) no nothing
Thapki:k take thz lemon juice i think u r feeling headache
sanky:yes i need it badly thank u chotto
Sanky:ok kkk no thanks no sorry abb khush
Thapki:yes and come fast everyone waiting for u to have break fast k
sanky:(smiles) k

In swara’s room

Bihan entered the room and saw swara is still sleeping
Bihan:ohhoh thz girl na (went close to her ears)devilllllllllll(shouted)
Swara:(got up) wat….wat …wat happen
Bihan:(laughs) hahahahahaha
Swara:bhai uuuuuuu i will not leave u(started throwing cushions on him)
Bihan:aah swaru aah k k k sorry plz stop
Bihan:k k k no sorry no thank you k
Swara:(smiles) tats better (holding his head ) aah my head is paining(she also get some flashes of yesterday incident)
Bihan:k leav tat drink thz lemon juice ur headache wil go and come down fast k

Note:guys thz house is maheswari and gadodia’s family house tat is MG family house were they celebrate some occasion’s as yesterday was holi they all came to thz house

At dining table

Sanky was.already sitting having his breakfast just then swara came and sat opposite to him he was mesmirized to see her both remmber yesterday flashes again and avoided eyecontact
There was a pin drop of silence which rags broke by saying
Rag:swara y ur lips look like someone had bited it
Sanky(spitted the water he drank)
Lucky:wat happen to u bhai
sanky:woo nothing sorry and excuse me (left)
Rags:say na swaru wat happen to ur lips haa
Swara:wo ladu i think some ant bited it
Rag:but ..
Swara:1minute plz excuse me i have some work(left)
Dhani:rags did u saw there facial expression haaahaa

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