Swaragini (Love Happens) Episode 9

Recap: Swaragini and SanLak get engaged.
After the pictures, Swasan and RagLak are asked for their first official dance as a couple and they dance on Tum hi ho, while RagLak smile and dance and Swasan dance very uncomfortably. Next, Sahil and Uttra along with Veer and Ishita dance on Manma Emotion Jaage. Abhay and Piya, Advesh and his date, along with Vritin and his partner dance on Pyar ki yeh kahani suno. Then all the family members dance together on maahi ve, and sumi and dadi get emotional during the song.
Laksh goes to Sumi and Dadi and says something in her ear, while Sanskaar goes to AP and DP and asks them something, to which all four smile and nod their heads.
Ragini is pulled somewhere and she drags Swara along with her, and they are pulled to the garden. And Sanskaar who saw Swara, came running there and he’s about to hit the guy when he notices it’s Laksh.
Sanskaar: WHAT THE Laksh, do you know how scared i was?
Ragini: Seriously Laksh, you gave me a heart attack, and playfully hits him.
Laksh: Sorry, I just wanted some time with my fiance. How was I supposed to know she would also drag Swara. I’m sorry.
Swara: It’s okay Laksh, you two talk we’ll leave.
Swasan go and sit inside the gazebo, and they watch RagLak and smile and start talking.
Swara: Thank You, once again.
Sanskaar: Madam, Dosti mein no sorry, no thank you and if you say thank you or sorry one more time, i swear i don’t know what I’ll do.
Swara: (laughs) okay, but um I noticed you talking to badimaa, is everything okay?
Sanskaar: Oh that, our laksh ji wants to go out on a date with my to-be salli ji, so i was given the task of asking badi ma and papa, and they also want us to accompany them, so tomorrow we will pick you both at 10:00 am is that okay?
Swara: Sure, i’ll inform Ragini.

Ragini: Laksh what you did was stupid, i was so scared.
Laksh: I just wanted to inform you we are going on a date tomorrow be ready by 9:30 am okay.
Ragini: No, i don’t want to go anywhere with you now.
laksh: Sorry baba, how many times do I say sorry.
Ragini: tomorrow at 10:00 am, i don’t wake up that early okay, bye, see you tomorrow okay.
She’s about to leave when laksh holds her hand and pulls her back giving her a back hug, he then shows a box and gives it to her saying it’s her engagement gift. She happily takes it and hugs him and says forgiven, but still at 10:00 am okay.
Laksh says okay and kisses her on her forehead and Swasan who are walking towards them smile seeing them and Swara coughs alerting them, Laksh blushes and Sanskaar says let’s go we have to wake up early.
Sanskaar: Okay Swaragini, be ready at 10:00 we’ll be here, okay. See you guys tomorrow.
Ragini looks at Laksh with anger and he makes a cute forgive me face and leaves.

Next morning
Sumi: Swaragini, hurry up Laksh and Sanskaar are here.
Sahil: Mom no use, both are still sleeping. Hearing this Sanlak are shocked, when Swaragini come from behind and scare them.
Ragini: Liar, don’t ever lie to me, I hate liars okay. Today i’m coming with you but next time, i won’t even come downstairs. Okay.
Laksh: Sorry, let’s leave okay.
First they come to a mandhir, they pray and Laksh is mesmerized seeing Ragini with the dupatta on her head and praying. And he prays to god to always keep her smiling and happy.
Ragini: prays for her family and Laksh’s family.
Swara: prays for Ragini and her family’s happiness, while Sanskaar also prays for Laksh’s and his family’s happiness.
Next, they come to the mall for shopping. when Swaragini see the mall, they are like Oh No, can we please go somewhere else, we hate shopping. Hearing this sanlak are shocked.
Laksh: You two are seriously weird, i mean what kinda girls don’t like shopping.
Ragini: Excuse me mister, not all girls like shopping, and we don’t need anything right now, we only shop when we have to.
Sanskaar: Okay then tell us where do you guys want to go then.
Swaragini: Naneghat.
Laksh: Okay, but it takes sometime to get there.
Swara: oh then it’s okay.
Sanskaar: No it’s okay we still have whole day let’s go.

At Naneghat.
After a two hour hike, Sanlak are tired, but Swaragini keep going happily. But when they see Sanlak, they say they have seen a lot, let’s go back.
While returning they, decide to stop at an italian restaurant.
Ragini and Laksh are sitting together, while Swasan are sitting together.
Sanlak are asking Swaragini if they want to make changes in their rooms, to tell them so they can make it before hand only, so Ragini starts giving Laksh a huge list of changes, while Swara says it’s okay no need, i’ll be able to adjust, just make sure there’s no dust and the room is clean, i can’t tolerate dirtiness, okay.
Laksh is giving his pasta around for everyone to taste, and Ragini is about to when Swara stops her and says it has mushrooms in it. Ragini immediately puts it down and Swara tells Sanlak Ragini is allergic to mushrooms. Laksh smiles cause he found out something new and says sorry had i known i would have stopped you. Ragini says i didn’t tell then how would you have known it’s okay, let’s eat and then hurry up and drop us off, tomorrow is our first day of internships and they all talk about their work and leave. When they get home, they notice Maheshwari cars there, so Sanlak also go inside and Sumi and all are happily talking and Sahil says oh look the guests of honor are here.
Laksh: mom you guys here.
DP: Good news, you wedding date is set.
Shekar: Pandit ji has given us such a good date.
Laksh: When hurry up tell us. Everyone laughs seeing Laksh restless.
Shekar and DP: In two weeks.
RagLak are happy hearing, this while Swasan are a little shocked but they are happy for RagLak.

Precap: Swaragini’s first day of work and meeting Sanlak.

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