Swaragini – Lies (My Friend-Season 2) Episode 2

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The story will exactly start from the episode 4.


Episode 2:


In a Hospital,

Shakti opened his eyes slowly . His eyes shrugged a bit while adjusting to the light. Slowly, he tried to sit up but felt more tired. He slowly rotated his eyes all over his ward. His eyes raised in surprise by seeing the interior of the wall.

“Good Afternoon, Shakti…” A friendly voice made him to look at the direction.

His mind raised a suspicious look by seeing a young man with a flower bouquet.

“It’s yellow roses not white lilies , Shakti…” the young man walked towards Shakti.

“But, seems like there are lot of people whom wish to put white lilies before your photo…” The young man continued .

Shakti gave a calm expression while suspicion and confusions were raising in his mind.

“This room seems to be nice… isn’t it ,Shakti?”The young man asked.

“what do you want from me?”Shakti asked by directly looking at the young men’s eyes.

The young man laughed which irritated Shakti more.

“You can’t give what I want , Shakti at least for now.” The young man replied in a serious tone then turned into a smiley face.

“who are you exactly?”Shakti asked.

“Hmm… The only savior whom you can trust for now… Take rest, I will meet you at evening again. At that time, we can speak clearly.” The young man said.

“And, take this card. Call me whenever you need. Here, your new mobile is.” The young man kept his card and a new mobile phone ,left after glancing at Shakti.

Shakti took the card .

“Aditya Sengupta CEO RAGYA Industries” He spelled slowly.

Outside the ward,

Aditya looked at Shakti and then let out a satisfactory smile.

At evening, around 06:30 PM,

In a 3 BHK flat,

A lady was arranging the things in cupboard.

“Always putting everything in wrong place… How many times I told him to keep it in correct place?” Her mouth was complaining about her husband’s behavior.

“Swara, How many times I instructed you to lock the front door?”Her husband entered into the flat .

“Sanskar beta , I forgot to lock while enter. don’t scold swara beti.” Suwarna, the maid, interrupted.

Swara came out of her room with irritated face.

“Before scolding me, what is with our room? Not a single thing is in it’s place. I cannot clean everyday”Swara said while placing one hand in her hip.

Sanskar looked at Suwarna who was leaving silently.

“Kaki…. it’s not correct. you should be fair in supporting”Sanskar screamed.

“I don’t hear anything…”Suwarna replied while Swara held his ear and dragged to room.

“See this Sanskar… One day, just one day, I went to father’s home. what did you do to this room?”Swara asked while Sanskar slowly got out of Swara’s hold.

He placed his face on her neck and hugged her from backside.

“Sans..kar…”She moaned in a very low voice .

“It’s your mistake Swara. It’s your mistake to make me depend on you. I always end up by messing the room while searching for my things. So, don’t go alone or tell me before, I will come with you.”Sanskar said while Swara hit him in his stomach by her elbow.

“Ouch!”Sanskar exclaimed and loosened his grip a bit .

‘Don’t lie, Sanskar. you ? coming with me? huh! still, we didn’t go for honey moon. everytime… Job.. job.. job…”Swara complained.

“Janu!”Sanskar tightened his grip while Swara sighed with a bit smile.Swara turned and encircled her hand around Sanskar’s neck. She raised her eyes and stuck in Sanskar’s eyes.Sanskar felt questions and he raised his eye brows on which he got swara’s refusal as answer.

Sanskar released his hold .

“Do you want anything to ask,Swara?”Sanskar asked.

“Nothing Sanskar. And you know, if i want to ask, i don’t need any permission “Swara told while unbuttoning Sanskar’s shirt.

“I am going to help, Kaki. And, Today I have night shift at hospital.”Swara said while Sanskar just nodded.

In Hospital,

Sakthi was staring at the sky’s orange shade. Hischildhood memories revived .

“Lucky! I am going to win…”Little Sakthi exclaimed as their house was getting near.

Laksh just smiled while they both increased their speed.

Shakti reached their house first , parked his cycle ,ran inside their house while Laksh followed him.

“chachi… Today, I win…”Shakti exclaimed and hugged Sujatha by her leg while Laksh simply sighed.

Shantha,Shakti’s maa, came with two glasses of milk .

“aww mera babu!”Sujatha pulled shakti’s cheeks then he rubbed with a smile while Laksh rolled his round eyes.

“Just today you win!”Laksh retorted while Shakti showed his tongue.

“Have the milk, then go and play”Sujatha instructed . Laksh and Shakti emptied their glasses then Shantha wiped their mustache with her saree end.

Laksh held shakti’s hand and ran outside to play.

“I wish they should be the same always as now…”Sujata murmured.

“Memories are always blissful as same as painful “The voice distracted Sakthi from his memories.

He observed that Aditya was standing beside him by facing the same direction.

” I thought you would call me.”Aditya shown disappointment in his voice.

“what do you want from me?”Shakti asked in a determinate tone.

“Don’t you feel that you are bit rude to me. Atleast for the sake of saving your life, you should be nice to me.”Aditya sighed while Shakti glared him then avoided the eye contact.

“what is the price you want for saving my life?”Shakti asked.

“This way won’t work…”Aditya sighed .

“ok. Just tell me a truth. why did you lie in court?”Aditya asked .

Shakti gave a confusing look.

“Seems like you don’t understand. At the trial of Mr and Mrs.Ramkumar Kashyap murder case, you lied against Laksh. why did you lie?”Aditya asked.

“I didn’t…”Shakti stammered while Aditya interrupted.

“Again… A lie…”Aditya sighed heavily.

“I know the truth. I just want to know the reason behind your lie. So, don’t try to lie again.”Aditya stressed his word.

“But,I’m wondering Shakti why are you trying to keep this lie as truth? what do you want to save by this lie while you already lost everything? family, best friend, the people who supported you?”Aditya continued.

“Don’t look into unwanted things.”Shakti replied.

“hmm.. right That’s unwanted to me. Then, lets get into a deal. Since I saved your life , be my bodyguard for 3 years.”Aditya said in a ordering tone.

“I doesn’t ask you to save my life and then As you said , I lost everything. There is nothing to care about my life even if it ends. And, I am not going to be your employee. Thanks for your help and now let me go in my way.”Shakti said.

“wow! will you speak this much fast?wahh!wahh!”Aditya clapped lightly.

“But, I am not the one to let it go anything from my hold. I will expose the thing which you want to save . Still I don’t know what you are trying to save. but, I will investigate and eventually expose. Then, you know what would be the effect of it?”Aditya asked while a shiver went in Shakti’s spine.

“you have to decide now,Shakti. Even, Laksh is not here to take decisions for you.”Aditya said while Sakthi looked at him being shocked.

“who …are…?”Shakti stammered while Aditya patted on Shakti’s shoulders.

“you will get to know eventually.”Aditya smiled.

“And, tomorrow you are going to be discharged. So, Tell me your decision tomorrow.”Aditya said and then left.

Shakti sat on the bed while his mind recollecting that day’s happenings.

“who is he?” A question occupied his mind.

At the hospital entrance,

Swara was getting down from the car while Aditya stopped by seeing them.

“Hi Sanskar!”Aditya greeted a bit loud to get Sanskar’s attention.

Swara gave a warm smile to Aditya and then got inside hospital.

“bhai!”Sanskar came out of car and both hugged each other.

“How are you? seems like you are too busy nowadays”Aditya raised his eye brow.

“A bit…”Sanskar gave a smile.

“It’s been a long time. Let’s have some drinks.”Aditya invited.

“Ok…”Sanskar accepted.

After five minutes,

Both settled with coffee and hot chocolate in their hands.

“Still, you didn’t change bhai. what is in this Hot chocolate?”Sanskar asked playfully.

“why are you loving coffee?”Aditya asked.

Sanskar gave a smile.

“you are here. Is there any problem?”Sanskar asked.

“Nothing serious. Just came to visit my old friend.”Aditya said.

“ohh!”Sanskar said.

“how is everything going on?”Aditya asked.

“The same… but with new cases.”Sanskar said.

Both took fewer sips while silence occupied the space.

“Have you meet with uncle?”Aditya asked by breaking the silence.

“He can’t leave from his stand as me. leave it to time bhai”Sanskar said with a bitter smile.

Aditya patted on his shoulder.

“Ok Bhai! I am leaving. Thanks for the coffee…”Sanskar left with a smile while Aditya stared at the direction he left.

The next day early morning,

In a cemetery which has four ways to enter,

Sanskar stood infront of a tomb as it was ragini’s death anniversary. Ragini smiled in a photo which carved on the tombstone.

“Ragini Sengupta; 1991-2011” Her name ,birth and death years were carved on the tombstone.

Sanskar kneeled infront of the tomb while he felt that his energy was fully drained.

“Cutie… I brought your favorite yellow roses. You like this smell . isn’t it?” Sanskar asked when he decorated the tomb with the roses.

“The murderer is roaming freely cutie. But, don’t worry. I am a police officer now. Before I meet you, I will punish that remaining culprit also. I promise.”Sanskar tightened his fist.

The redness in his eyes stated his state while Aditya entered into the cemetery by another way.

Sanskar stood and started to walk without seeing behind.

Aditya sat infront of the tomb then slowly placed the Edward roses on the tomb.

Aditya smiled bitterly because of the revival of some memories.

“The game is still on, jaan. And, I will expose the truth despite of whatever it takes. Soon, I will clear your name. So, without worrying about us, sleep well jaan.”Aditya stood then looked at the tomb once.

“Bye Laksh…”Aditya muttered in a low voice and walked towards outside.

A lady entered the cemetery from the third entrance by hiding her face with saree.

She kneeled in front of ragini’s tomb. The soft breeze slowly revealed her face. The dog which was living in the tomb, started to bark by seeing her half burnt face.

She hid her face again and stayed silent just by staring the tomb. After few minutes, she walked towards the outside.

episode ends

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