Swaragini- Koi Mere Dil Mein Hai Episode 6

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Epi Starts….

Ragsan are sitting on the sofa and enjoying champagne. Celebrating their victory of their broken engagement….
Rag- thank god this problem is off our shoulders….so partner what’s next plan?
Sans- now is time for next move, which is to persuade mum and dad to send my proposal to Swara’s house.
Rag- do u think they will agree?
Sans- of course my dear… Mum is eager for me to get married… She wants her grandchildren soon. Plus she likes Swara… She will agree… And about dad.. mum can handle him…he left my marriage responsibility to her. So all is good… What about u and Laksh?

Rag-i also thought to spend more time with him… I have decided to get him a contract with a big music company. U knw he’s very going at singing. I will make him famous and get close to him also. Then I will make him mine.
Sans-nice. Well good luck to u besti
Rag-and good luck to u too besti. May we get the ones we truly love…….Sanskar smiled but when Ragini said that Ragsan felt an unknown awaken which they never felt before.
Rag-ok I shall leave nw… She was abt to go and nearly trip but Sanskar holds her in time and both share an eyelock… They were lost in each other. After a while they compose and Ragini leave saying bye to him..

@Alhuwalia House
Swalak were in Swara’s room…
Laksh was angry abt what Sanskar did in the party.
Lak-hw dare that Sanskar dance with u like that?
Swa-i didn’t knw Laksh that he will do that. I feel disgusted.
Laksh hugged her…
Lak-i knw it’s not ur fault Shona. But I dont like anyone touching u like that. Especially that Sanskar..
Swa-btw who was the girl? She was getting very close to u…
Lak-oh u mean Ragini. She’s just a friend a little crazy and spoilt but nice…. Swara pouts…
Lak-awww come on Swara u knw I love u…no one is better than u for me. He kissed her forehead…
Swa-i love u too… And Laksh plz don’t ever hide anything from me
Lak-i won’t…. he then thinks abt his truth and thinks to tell her but stops due to fear of losing her…

@RM Next morning
Sans shouting-Mom… Dad… I need to talk to u both…
Suj-wt is Sanskar?
Sans-i want to marry Swara
Suj -u can’t
Suj-bcuz I sed so.
Sans-fine I won’t marry any other girl.
Rp-sujatha just agree. Look even we want him to get married so wts the problem if he marries Swara.
Suj-its not abt swara it’s abt him being spoilt and getting out of control. u seen wht he did yesterday.
Sans-mom plz I’m sorry. I promise I will change but just get me married to swara I love her.
Suj-ok fine we will take ur rishta to her house today but u have to change for ur betterment. Sanskar nods and gets happy

@Alhuwalia House
In the evening Ram and Sujatha
come to Swara’s house with Sanskar’s proposal and gifts (shagun). Everyone are happy but they leave the decision for Swara. Sulekha takes Swara to ask for her decision.
Sul-beta take as much as time u need to think no one is going to force u. This proposal is good u will live happily. I knw u like Laksh but maybe this could be for u.
Swa-ma but I don’t need money make me happy I need love…
Sul-i didn’t say that beta but plz at least think once abt this proposal.
Swara unwillingly says ok.

Swara and Sulekha come back where everyone was…
Suj-so beta wht have u decided?
Swa-auntie I need time to think. Is that’s ok with u?
SujRam looked at each other and sed ok. They didn’t have any option…
Swara thinks… My answer is a No and always be a no. No one can take Laksh’s place. I just said this for my parents…
SujRa come back and tell everything to Sanskar and go..
Sanskar at first seemed a little annoyed but then smiles….
Sans-well at least it’s not a no which means I have time to make her say yes. I will make win her heart. U wait and watch Miss Swara…

Epi ends…

Precap-Ragsan’s next plan

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