SwaRagini (Kismat Connection) Episode 22

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Hey guys! How are you all? Actually, I got a lot of homework in maths (Actually our teacher told us to complete a full chapter in notebook). So I didn’t get any time to ope
n TU. I just opened it for a minute o two. And also, I have to finish reading Ashoka’s life journey by tomorrow and I haven’t even read half?! Although it’s a thin notebook of 110 pages, still.. Maths is my favourite subject but I hated maths like anything today!! And I also have to write a acrostic poem…Sooo…???!!
The episode starts with RagSan talking. .

“Bhaiyya. . Will you answer my one question?” Ragini asks him innocently.

“Yes Ragu…But which question?” Sanskar asks.

“Umm.. Vo. .Bhaiyya…Actually….Umm..” Ragini hesitates..

“Arre..What happened?? Why are you hesitating Ragu?” Sanskar asks while narrowing his eyes.

“Bhai..Do you like Swara?” Ragini asks in a breath.

Sanskar gets shocked hearing this question.

“What?!” He says being shocked.

“Yes. …Tell me..Do you like her?” She asks.

“But……Wh…Why?” He hesitatingly says.

“Do you? I think yes because..It can be clearly seen in your face and the way you care for her. Remeber that yesterday she fell and hurted her knee and the way you cared for her and you were sad as you cannot meet her today. I know bhaiyya you love her..” Ragini says while smiling.

Sanskar blushes hearing that.

“Yeah…Ragu..I love her but….but what if she doesn’t? She will also break our friendship..then…noo…I cannot even think for it. ..” He says while being scared (He is actually imagining. .)

“Arre bhaiyya….Nothing will happen.. Even I have seen her love for you in her eyes..Belive me bhai…Tell her tomorrow only or else it might be too late.” Ragini says.

Sanskar then realises that she is saying true.

“But what if she doesn’t accept?” Sanskar asks while being worried.

“Offo…Acha fine don’t belive me..Have you not see the love for you in HER eyes?” Ragini continues.

“Yesterday only…Even your hand was cut.. She was in pain but still, she helped you..Didn’t you see how she was worried? She was worried for you even more than you.. It seemed that it pained her and not you….Now…Will you propose her?” Ragini asks while narrowing her eyes.

Sanskar gets overjoyed and hugged her tightly and kisses her forehead.

“Thank you my lovely sister..” Sanskar says happily.

“Don’t thank me now.. Just propose her tomorrow..” Ragini says while smiling.

“Now I’ll surely propose her..” He said while lost in his thoughts deep.

Precap: Sanskar’s confession and and…… (guess)

I’m so sorry.. I know I didn’t follow my Precap. ..Please forgive me. And sorry for showing only RagSan. Actually I wanted Sanskar to realise his feelings for Swara and Ragini will make him understand..So…

Thank you for your comment but they’re just 11?. Few days back I was just reading the Introduction of this FF and I couldn’t belive myself! I got 21 comments! ! And now…Just 10??

Take Care
Keep Smiling

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  1. Hemanshi

    Oyee shrinju don’t be sad….this episode can also make you happy??
    It was awesome
    Hayye my sanky is blushing
    Why today everyone is blushing ….???
    Mujhe kuch yaad aagya…..mai abhi aayi???????

  2. Mica

    kiddooo… let’s bunk the class… 😀 :d

  3. Soujanya


  4. Awesome

  5. Scooby


  6. Zeestum2

    Shrinjuuu itna chhota part and again suspense???!!! ?? but overall it was a good part and only ragsan??!! ??… uff! So much to study… ??? how do you manage yaar…

  7. Amazing dear

  8. A.xx

    fba cna’t wait for his confession to her and hpe she says yes…post soon.xx

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