Swaragini : Jodein rishton ke sur (Chapter 3)

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Hey guys
SammieR here
Thank you for the comments you gave

20 years ago

Sumi came to badi with 5 year old Swara after her divorce with her husband….. When she came she saw a traditional lady is blushing and talking with Shekhar…. Seeing this her blood boiled…. She thought to ask her mother…. From shobha she came to know that the lady was none other than Jhanki Gadodiya wife of Shekhar and her anger reached to peak listening this but their was something also which made him happy that Jhanki till now didn’t conceived and she thought that she can get her love back and also Swara can get her father’s love….. So she decided to talk with Shekhar……
She calls Shekhar to terrace…..

Shekhar : What happened sharmistha?? Why you called me here??
Sharmistha : I want to tell you a truth….
Shekhar (confused) : Which truth are you talking about??
Sharmistha : Remember Shekhar when we were in relationship…. We consummated….
Shekhar : Yes I know sharmistha whatever I did was wrong and I’m sorry for that…..
Sharmistha : Don’t you want to know what happened after that…..
Shekhar : What you mean??

Sharmistha : Shekhar after we consummated I became pregnant with your child…..
Shekhar got shocked not only him but Jhanki also who came to call Shekhar downstairs….. Jhanki was broken to know about it…… But she decided to listen the whole conversation but what happened made her shocked…..
Shekhar happiness knew no boundaries listening this….

Shekhar (happy and excited) : Really sharmistha….
Sharmistha : Yes Shekhar….
Shekhar : Where is he/she??
Sharmistha : She’s none other than Swara…..
Shekhar became happy…. He couldn’t getting words to describe his happiness….. How much he wanted to have a child and now his wish is fulfilled but he remembered Jhanki and couldn’t understand what to do……

Flashback ends

Jhanki wiped her tears remembering the day…. She thought that if she acted selfish that day…. Then may be her daughter could get all the happiness she deserved or if she agreed sharmistha’s condition….. But no she didn’t and her daughter is suffering because of her…..


Gadodiya House

Shekhar and Ram Prasad are talking about the alliance…..
Ram Prasad : I am very happy that I am getting Swara as our daughter in law…..
Sujata (interrupting) : daughter Shekhar Ji not daughter in law…..
Shekhar : Thank you so much for accepting our daughter….. I’m happy that my daughter is going in very safe hands…..
Sujata : So this alliance is fixed….
Sharmistha (happily) : Yes we also have no problem……

To be continued…..

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  1. nyc story but didnt liked the way you showed sharmistha like that sorry for this i liked ff but didnt liked the way you showed shomi in this part update next part soon

    1. SammieR

      Thank you and sorry for not reaching up to your expectations……

  2. Nice dear waiting for next part

  3. Sus


    1. SammieR

      Thank you

  4. Mica

    hmm….. Shomi is kinda selfish woman in this story.. o short Sam, but nice one

    1. SammieR

      Thank you and ya shomi is selfish and will try to post longer…..

    1. SammieR

      Thank you

    1. SammieR

      Thank you and ya sorry I didn’t saw your comment in we are family…. You were asking right why khushi was saying swara mom actually she’s vikrant (Swara’s son) wife…..

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