Swaragini-Incomplete Love Episode 49 Part 2 By Aditi Ayansh

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“Dont give up. Great things take time.”

Recap: Ragsan nok jok

Sanskar: ok then i’ll go to Priya.

Ragini: go with who ever u want. I don’t care

Sanskar: really? ..

Ragini looks on

Sanskar: i don’t think so.

Ragini: then don’t think.

Sanskar: ok i’ll stop thinking and start dreaming about u

Ragini: stop this nonsense.

Sanskar: u are the one who is talking nonsense.

Ragini is frustrated.

Ragini: u r mad Sanskar

Sanskar: yh..i

Sanskar stops.

Sanskar: what did u say now.

Ragini: i said u r mad..

Ragini stops and realises what she said.

Sanskar: yh go on..tell me

Ragini: i said..u r mad Mr Maheshwari

Sanskar: really i didn’t heard to call me that.

Ragini: i called u that only.

Sanskar: liar

Ragini: i am not one.

Sanskar: Ragini is a cheater…

Ragini: stop saying that.

Sanskar; i will not stop what will u do?

Ragini looks at him angrily

Sanskar: Ragini ko bura laga?

Says Sanskar teasing Ragini

Ragini: no..

Sanskar laughs.

Ragini: stop laughing.

Sanskar: no i will not.

Ragini: Sanskar i am warning u.

Sanskar: i am still not stopping it.

Ragini turns but she slips and falls over Sanskar

Sanskar and Ragini are lost in each other.

Voice: ahem ahem..

Ragini and Sanskar sees Sudha and Priya standing at the door.

Ragini and Sanskar composes themselves.

Sudha smilies.

Sudha: Come both of u its time to have food.

Sudha smiles again and goes.

Priya was sad seeing it she goes with Sudha sadly.

Sanskar: see because of u Priya is sad.

Ragini: why r u worried ? she is not ur wife

Sanskar: possessive huh?

Ragini: do whatever u want

Saying this Ragini goes.


After food Sanskar sees Priya sitting alone

He goes to her and cheers her up.

Ragini sees this

Ragini goes to their room

Ragini: Ragini..he is nothing to u..now pls stop thinking about him..pls


Sanskar comes to their room and sees Ragini talking on the phone.

Ragini: oh thats great yh..

Sanskar tries to distract her.

Ragini: Stop it.

Sanskar smiles.

Ragini: no not to u…

She moves fromthere and talks..

After some time

Ragini: what is your problem ?

Sanskar: i don’t have any problem

Ragini: then why were u distracting me while i was talking?

Sanskar: with whom were u talking?

Ragini: its none of ur business

Sanskar: still …

Sanskar looks at her lovingly

Ragini gives him a stern look.

Sanskar: pls tell na.

Ragini looks on

Sanskar: wait a minute is it him

Ragini: who?

Sanskar: the one who called u in the morning.

Ragini: haa so what?

Sanskar: why is he calling u

Ragini: i answered that already

Sanskar: when?

Ragini: and that is its none of ur business.

Sanskar pouts.

Sanskar: ask him not to call u again.

Ragini: why should i listen to u

Sanskar: what u mean by saying that Diya

Ragini: what Diya?

Sanskar winks looking at her.

Ragini sees Sudha at their door.

Ragini: yh i’ll…dont worry

Sanskar: good girl.

Sanskar hugs Ragini

Ragini is shocked but she is helpless

Sanskar: thats why i love u so much…

Ragini is lost in thoughts.

Ragini remembers moments they spend together.

Sanskar sees that Sudha is gone.

Sanskar leaves her.

Ragini comes out of her thoughts.

Sanskar: what happened

Ragini looks on

Ragini: nothing.

Sanskar: so who called u?

Ragini: cant u give it a break?

Sanskar: yh onbce u say who called u

Ragini: acha is Rahul.

Sanskar: who Rahul?

Ragini: daddu’s friend’s son

Sanskar: and why is he calling u

Ragini; y cant he call me?

Sanskar: i don’t like it

Ragini: i don’t care about u

Sanskar: still y is he calling u?

Ragini: ok fine its for some business deal

Sanskar: sachi?

Ragini: muchi..

Priya comes in

Priya: Sanskar..

Sanskar: haan Priya come in

Ragini gives a stern look to Sanskar

Sanskar: or i can come out..

Sanskar goes

Ragini looks on


At night

Ragini is sitting on the bed.

Sanskar comes to her.

Sanskar: where r u lost at?

Ragini looks on

Ragini: what

Sanskar: i was thinking Ragini and Rahul…your names sounds like that of a brother and sister

Ragini bursts out laughing

Ragini: u haven’t taklen it out of ur head ?

Sanskar: i wish i could.

Ragini: what u mean?

Sanskar holds his head.

Ragini: Sanskar r u alright?

Sanskar: no its nothing

Priya comes in

Priya ignors Ragini

Priya: Sanskar pls have this tablets. It will give u some relief.

Ragini: Relief from what?

Sanskar: thank u Priya.

Ragini: i am asking what happened to u?

Sanskar; its nothing Ragini a small headache

Ragini: then y didn’t u tell me?

Ragini goes and takes tablets from Priya and keeps it on the table.

Ragini come i’ll massage ur head it will give u some relief.

Saying this she starts massaging Sanskar’s head

Priya goes from there irritated.

Sanskar is very happy seeing Ragini’s concern for him.

Ragini: how are u feeling now?

Sanskar; very nice..

Ragini; liar.

Sanskar gets up

Sanskar: what?

Ragini: i know u don’t have any headache.

Sanskar smiles sheepishly.

Ragini: u wanted to come back here so u lied her right.

Sanskar; you knew?

Ragini: nobody understands u more than me. Now sleep.

Sanskar smiles.


Next day morning

Sanskar gets up early and sees Ragini sleeping.

He looks at her lovingly

After some times Ragini wakes up and sees Coffee mug on the table.

She takes the note kept with it.

“Good morning Beautiful ”

Ragini smiles.

Ragini: what is happening to me? Why am i falling for him again..pls god i don’t want this i don’t want to hurt myself again.

Ragii gets a call.

Ragini looks on

Ragini: Kavitha?

Ragini takes the call.

Ragini: Kavitha..

Kavitha: Hi Ragini how are u?

Ragini; i am good Kavitha..how are u all? How is Sanskar?

Kavitha; all are good. And Sanskar is becoming very mischevious

Ragini smiles.

Kavitha: Sanskar told me that u both are in Shimla

Ragini: haan

Kavitha: I know u don’t want me to talk about Sanskar and u

Ragini: Kavitha..woh

Kavitha: pls one last time..

Ragini: u have already told me this several times Kavitha.

Kavitha: Ragini u don’t know..if u were not there then

Ragini: pls Kavitha..

Kavitha: i owe u a lot Ragini.

Ragini: Kavitha but

Kavitha: one last time listen to me Ragini..just once more.

Ragini: ok

Kavitha: Sanskar loves u a lot Ragini. And he regrets everything he did to u..everything that hurted u . Pls give him one more chance. He deserves it.

Ragii thinks.

Kavitha: pls Ragini one more chance.

Ragini: Kavitha i’ll think about it..

Kavitha smiles.

Kavitha: i want to see u both together. U both are made to be together

Ragini disconnects the call

Ragini thinks.

Ragini: i promised myself that i’ll never come close to Sanskar again.

Ragini rememebers Sanskar telling her that Some promises are meant to be broken.

Ragini: god what is this..i don’t want to suffer all this again.


After breakfast

Ragini sees Sanskar playing with kids in the neighbourhood

And having ice cream with them.

Ragini smiles seeing this.

Sudha comes to her.

Sudha: Diya.

Ragin looks on

Sudha: u r very lucky to have him in your life.

Ragini smiles.

Ragini(in mind): yes i am very lucky to have him in my life.

Sanskar sees Ragini looking at him

Sanskar smiles at her.

Ragini smiles


Kavitha calls Sanskar

Kavitha: Sankar i called Ragini

Sanskar: what? Kavitha what was the need to do that?

Kavitha: Sanskar u deserve one more chance and she is ready for it now.

Sanskar: what u mean by saying that?

Kavitha: she is ready to give u another chance.

Sanskar is very happy

Sanskar: oh my god are u really?

Kavitha: yes i am ..Sanskar go and win her love..

Sanskar: yes i will. Take care and Thank u.

Kavitha smiles.

He disconnects the call.

Sanskar; u are mine Ragini…I love u


Ragini gets a call.

Ragini: what?…

Tears come from her eyes..

Ragini: why god why are u doing this with me?


Precap: The very last episode


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