Swaragini-Incomplete Love Episode 45 By Aditi Ayansh

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“Opportunity doesn’t knock. It presents itself when you beat down the door”


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Recap: Sanskar Kavitha’s marriage


Ragini is packing her bags

Viren: Ragu dont do this to yourself

Ragini: no Viren pls you stay out of this.

Viren: Ragini pls. Listen to me once. Do you think running away will solve all the problems?

Ragini: then what should i do?

Viren: look at me. I am also going throught the phase as of u and  am i doing anything like this?

Ragini: u r strong Viren but i am not.

Viren: everybody is strong Ragini and u need to understand it now stop being like this.

Ragini sits on the bed.

Viren: calm down Ragini

Ragini: i cant

She hugs him and cries



Sanskar is sitting in his room

Sanskar: what am i doing? Why is it so difficult for me?

Sanskar’s phone rings

Sanskar: hlo. Ok..yh

Sanskar disconnects the call.

He covers his face with his hands.


AP: Suji i dont think there is any point in waiting any longer. Why dont we arrage Kavitha and Sankar’s marriage

Sujatha: haan jiji even i was thinking the same thing.

RP: Yh we will ask Kavitha and Sanskar once.

Sujatha: what is the need for that RP ji? They already said their decision right

DP: Haan Sujatha is telling the right thing.

Sanskar comes down.

Sujatha: Sanskar what happened beta?

Sanskar: woh i have to join back in 3 days.

DP: What?

RP: and when will you return.

Sanskar: not less than 6 months

RP: Thats long. Then what about your and Kavitha’s marriage beta?

Sanskar: we can hold it for the moment I guess.

AP: What is the need for that? We will arrange your marriage in these 3 days.

DP: Haan Anu its a good idea.

Adarsh: what happened all are looking very serious

RP: Adarsh beta go and get everyone here. Go fast ..

Adarsh goes.



Viren: Ragu i think u should meet Sanskar and tell him about your feelings for him.

Ragini: no he will not believe me

Viren: still i think u two should meet and talk.

Ragini: what if he disagrees ?

Viren: that we will see.

Ragini: so what should i do? Call him

Viren: yh ..

Ragini takes her mobile and calls Sanskar



Sanskar phone rings.

Sanskar sees Ragini’s name on the caller id.

Sanskar takes the call.

Sanskar: hello

Ragini: Hlo Sanskar its Ragini

Sanskar: yes.

Ragini: i wanted to meet u

Sanskar: for what?

Ragini: i’ll tell you this when we meet.

Sanskar: where do you want me to come?

Ragini: La cafe.

Sanskar: ok time?

Ragini: how about now.

Sanskar : ok

Sanskar is about to disconnect the call.

Ragini: Sanskar one more thing.

Sanskar: yes.

Ragini: make sure you come alone.

Sanskar: y so?

Ragini: its something about us. So i dot want anyone else there. And Viren is also not coming with me.

Sanskar: reach there on time .

Sanskar disconnects the call.

Everyone comes.

AP: Kavitha beta come sit with us.

DP: Sanskar will be leaving in next 3 days. So we were thinking of arraging Sanskar and Kavitha’s marriage in these 3 days.

Kavitha is super shocked .

Laksh: but this fast? What is the need for that.

Swara: Laksh what is wrong in this?

Pari: Haan LAKSH..

Kavitha looks at Sanskar.

Adarsh looks like bride and groom have something to talk.

RP: And permission granted for that.

Kvitha signs Sanskar to come.

Sanskar and Kavitha goes to Sanskar’s room

Kavitha: Sanskar what is happening?

Sanskar: Kavitha i know whatever is happening is wrong

Kavitha: then what are we waiting for Sanskar lets stop this .

Sanskar: but

Kavitha: i know Sanskar u want Viren to come and confess his love. But there is no guarantee for that. What if he doesn’t turn up?

Sanskar: i dont know Kavitha.

Kavitha hugs him

Kavitha: i know all this is happening because of me. You are doing all this for my happiness.

Dhruv comes.

Dhruv: Sanskar chachu everyone is calling you both.

They goes.

DP: Sanskar so we have done all the arrangements for your wedding.

Kavitha and Sanskar looks on

Pari: Kavitha go get ready.

Kavitha: for what bhabhi?

Swara: arrey its your wedding in 2 days. So we are going for shopping.

Pari: yh get ready.

Kavitha goes in.

RP: Adarsh beta you will handle catering and Laksh beta you pls talk to the event manager.

Laksh and Adarsh nods their head in yes and goes.

DP: And Sanskar where are you going?

Sanskar: i have to meet  one friend bade papa.

DP: OK But come fast ok.

Sanskar: yh.

Sanskar goes


@ La cafe.

Ragini reaches and waits for Sanskar.

Ragini sees Sanskar she smiles

Ragini(in mind): Today i’ll tell you everything Sanskar.

Sanskar(in mind): i have hurted u a lot Ragini. Now only u can help me to unite Kavitha and Viren. And today i’ll tell u how much i love u.

Ragini and Sanskar looks at each other.

Ragini: Sanskar i want to tell you something.

Suddenly his phone rings.

Ragini stops

Ragini: Its ok take the call.

Sanskar take the call and goes a bit far from Ragini.

Sanskar: Hlo Kavitha .

Kavitha: Sanskar..

Sanskar: are u crying? What happened

Kavitha: Sanskar i need your help dont backout from this marriage pls.

Sanskar: what? Tell me what happened? And where are u?

Kavitha: me swara bhabhi and Pari bhabhi came for shopping and here i saw her Sanskar

Sanskar: who Kavitha?

Kavitha: Krithi..my cousin sister Viren’s…

Sanskar: yh..so

Kavitha: she told me how much Viren loves me Sanskar. And he purposefully hurted me all this time.

Sanskar: what’s the plan.

Kavitha: he will come to me if he loves me.

Sanskar: what if he dont come Kavitha?

Kavitha: dont worry we will not let our marriage happen. Sanskar will you help me ?

Sanskar looks at Ragini.

Sanskar: anything for our friendship.

Kavitha: thank u Sanskar.

Sanskar comes and sits.

Ragini: Sanskar so i was saying.

Sanskar: before that i want to tell u something.

Ragini: yh sure.

Sanskar: its my and Kavitha’s marriage in 2 days. So you should come. And yh pls bring Viren too.

Ragini is very much shocked.

Sanskar: i know i have hurted u and Viren  a lot. Pls forgive me.

Tears come from Ragini’s eyes.

Ragini: how can you do this with me Sanskar.

Sanskar: what do u mean Ragini?

Ragini: Sanskar have u forgotten what happened in Shimla? You marry that stupid girl. You deserve people like her

Sanskar: what How dare you say something about Kavitha?

Ragini: oh wow so you dont remember anything right. Sanskar we are married

Sanskar: Ragini i thought we sorted it there itself. And there is no proof for that.

Ragini: enough Sanskar Maheshwari Thank god there is no proof for our marriage so there will not be any need of divorce too.

Sanskar : why are u talking all these things

Ragini: exactly you such a coward. Thank god i am not your wife.

Sanskar: stop it Ragini.

Ragini: yh what is there to talk now. I hate you

Sanskar: not more than me Ragini.

Ragini gets up and go wiping her tears.

Sanskar(in mind): Why are doing this Ragini.



Ragini reaches RM

Viren: Ragu how was it.

Ragini: he invited us

Viren: for what?

Ragini: his and Kavitha’s

Viren: what? But.

Ragini: Its over Viren. I dont want to talk anything about this.


Precap: Marriage preparations start.


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