Swaragini-Incomplete Love Episode 43 By Aditi Ayansh

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Recap: RagVir and KavSan

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Mukta disconnects the call and sees Ragini there

Mukta: Ragu

Ragini turns

Ragini: Bhabhi..u here?

Mukta; who I came for a small trip..friendly trip.

Saying this Mukta looks at Kavitha and Sanskar.

Ragini also looks at them

Kavitha and Sanskar pretents like they didn’t see them and sit holding hands

Ragini: seems like they are lost in their own world

Mukta: Ragu..

Ragini: no bhabhi..nothing like that..

Mukta: u came alone

Ragini: no..opps I forgot..

Ragini turns back and sees Viren who is blindfolded.

Ragini: Viren..hey

Viren: Ragu..yaar where were u?

Ragini; sorry baba..woh I saw Mukta Bhabhi

Viren: what?

Mukta sees them

Mukta: Viren?

Viren: hlo Mukta

Mukta: what is this Ragu.

Ragini: it’s a surprise bhabi.

Kavitha and Sanskar looks on

Mukta: Ragu I’ll call Kavitha and Sanskar

Ragini; ok

Mukta comes to them

Mukta: is your romance over?

Kavitha: Mukku yaar

Mukta: comeon u both

Sanskar: to where.

Mukta: who Ragu is here.

Sanskar: what?

Kavitha: for what?

Mukta: she came with Viren for some surprise anyway you both come.

They goes to Ragini.

Kavitha smiles at Ragini

Ragini also smiles at her.

Sanskar holds Kavitha’s hand

Ragini looks on

Sanskar: what is all this?

Ragini: uts time

Viren: who all are here. What is happenening

Ragini: viren

Viren: ok fine finger on the lips

Waiters come and keep a big cake

Ragini unfolds the cloth

Ragini: surprise

Viren: I don’t believe this

Ragini: Happy birthday to you….

Viren hugs her

Viren: thank u so much darling

Mukta smiles

Mukta: cut the cake Viren.

Viren cuts it.

Everyone sings birthday song

Sanskar and Kavitha goes to him

Sanskar: happy birthday

Kavitha looks at Viren

Kavitha: Happy birthday Vi…

Ragini comes to him

Viren hugs her

Viren: thank u for this surprise

Ragini smiles

Ragini: so how was it?

Viren: how was it? Girl..its awesome…Love u

Ragini: Love you too

Sanskar looks on

Sanskar(in mind): I’ll have to do something…now

Mukta: guys food is ready come.

Viren realises Ragini from the hug

They goes.

Sanskar sits near Kavitha.

Sometimes interlocking his fingers with her.

Or locking eyes with her

After food.

Sanskar: Muku..can u go back with them

Mukta: why?

Kavitha looks at Sanskar and smiles

Ragini and Viren looks on

Mukta: ok someone is blushing

Sanskar: don’t tease her ok.

Mukta: I am not teasing.

Ragini is irritated seeing all these

Ragini: then come Bhabhi.

Ragini Mukta and Viren goes.


@ MM

Sanskar and Kavitha reahes MM

Seeing them Sujatha and AP smiles.

AP: Kavitha beta comes her.

Kavitha goes to her

AP cares her hair.

Sujatha: Sanskar you go to your room

Sanskar: but maa

Sujatha; we will not eat her u go

Sanskar looks at her and goes.

Kavitha: I am sorry aunty did I do something wrong?

AP and Sujatha smiles.

Sanskar goes to his room

Swara and Pari comes to him

Sanskar: why are u both smiling

Pari: have u heard this Swara?

Swara: haan bbhabhi..but someone is blushing

Pari: haan

Sanskar: what ?

Swara: don’t u know?

Sanskar; I don’t know

Pari: don’t worry u’ll get to know about it when the right time comes

Sanskar: bhabi but

Swara and Pari goes smiling

Laksh and Adarsh comes

Adarsh: think again…there is still time to run away

Pari: Adarsh ji..

Laksh: u are gone bhaiya

Adarsh: nothing Pari darling

Laksh smiles

Adarsh; all the best bhai

He goes

Laksh: i thought…well leave it. It doesn’t matter now right

Laksh also goes.

Sanskar stands there confused



Ragini and Viren comes laughing and talking

Mukta looks at them and smiles.

Mukta: thank u Viren for keeping her happy


Precap; Wedding bells

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