Swaragini-Incomplete Love Episode 42 By Aditi Ayansh

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“We do not need magic to transform our world. We carry all of the power we need inside ourselves already.”

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Recap: Friendship


Viren and Ragini are sitting in Ragini’s room

Viren: Ragu

Ragini: haan

Viren: where are u lost?

Ragini; no nothing..

Viren: then?

Ragini: ok..thats it

Viren: what?

Ragini: arrey I’ll tell..first get ready and come

Viren: Ragu yaar

Ragini; get ready

Viren: ok fine



Sanskar is sitting his room

Sanskar remembers seeing Ragini and Viren together.

He remembers how he got angry seeing them in the restaurant

He remembers Ragini meeting them in the restaurant

He remembers about Ragini and his friendship

Their moments..their marriage

Sanskar calls Mukta

Sanskar: Mukku yaar are u free today?

Mukta; haan Sanky what happened?

Sanskar: who we were planning a small outing..

Mukta: ok

Sanskar: so are u planning to get Riku also?

Mukta: he is my husband Sanky

Sanskar; I know but not today..its only best friends ..

Mukta: ok fine

Sanskar: we will pick u then Where are u now?

Mukta: Rathore Industries

Sanskar: ok..we are reaching

Sanskar goes to Kavitha’s room

Sanskar: Kavitha get ready

Kavitha: what happened Sanskar

Sanskar: we are going out

Kavitha; no Sanskar I don’t want to go anywhere

Sanskar: are u still thinking about

Kavitha: I don’t know Sanskar but I cant get it out of my head…and Ragini said the truth also..i am a

Sanskar; Kavitha stop it..now get ready fast…..

Kavitha:ok fine

Sanskar: I have called Muku also

Kavitha: u told her everything?

Sanskar: no

Kavitha: don’t tell her…pls

Sanskar: fine ..now get ready fast


Viren: Ragu tell me where are u taking me?

Ragini: don’t u trust me?

Viren: yes..

Ragini: then finger in your lips

Viren: but

Ragini: shhhh

Viren : ok ok…

Ragini smiles.


Sanskar and Kavitha gets ready

Kavitha: mukku?

Sanskar: we will pick her on the way

Kavitha: Sankar I don’t want her to know anything about Viren..i don’t want her also to worry about me.

Sanskar: I know Kavitha don’t worry I’ll not tell her anything.

They goes

They reaches Rathore Industries

Mukta sees them and comes to them

Kavitha: hi muku

Mukta: hi..u both

Sanskar: where is Riku?

Mukta: don’t worry he is not coming.

Sanskar smile

Mukta: don’t u smile

Sanskar: come on get in

They goes


Viren; what is this Ragu?

Ragini : this..arrey this is a caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar

Viren; that’s not funny

Ragini; correct me if I am wrong..but I think I told u not to talk..finger on your lips..Mr Spiderman

Viren: oh god…this girl..

Ragini smiles.

Viren: don’t smile

Ragini; don’t talk

Viren; what is your problem

Ragini: you

Viren; where are we going Diya?

Ragini: u’ll get to know soon..and if u again start ..then I’ll put tape on your mouth

Viren: disguisting

Ragini; just like u..now no more talks.

Viren gives her a stern look


Sanskar Kavitha and Mukta reaches

Kavitha: wow this place is so beautiful

Mukta: yh it is..

Sanskar: I told u..

Mukta: yh..Sanky you are awesome

Sanskar: u both stay here let me click a picture

Kavitha: our picture?

Sanskar: no..look at the view..i was goning to take a picture of this amazing scenary…u both stay there and don’t come in the frame ok

Kavitha and Mukta looks at each other.

Kavitha and Mukta together: SANSKAR!!!

They spend a good time


Ragini and Viren also reach the same place where Kavitha Sanskar and Mukta are there.

Viren: can I get down.

Ragini: no u cant..sit here..i’ll come now

Viren: where are u going.

Ragini looks at Viren

Viren: ok fine no more questions

Ragini smikes

Ragini: good boy

Ragini goes .

Ragini calls someone.

Ragini : is everything ready? Yh we are here..ok


Sanskar Kavitha and Mukta are enjoying…

Sanskar(in mind): why I feel like Ragini is here


Ragini: ok get everything

Ragini goes to her car

Viren: can I ?

Ragini: yh come out.

Viren: thank god.

Ragini pulls out a piece of cloth and blindfolds him

Viren: Diya..yaar

Ragini: why are u switching my name from time to time?

Viren; just for fun..now why are doing all this with me?

Ragini: just for fun..

Viren: I swear Ragu I am getting mad

Ragini: oh is it congratulations then..now walk with me

Viren; I cant see anything

Ragini; I am guiding you..now walk with me


Mukta gets a call

Sanskar and Kavitha looks on

Mukta: what?

Sanskar: Riku?

Mukta: he is my husband..yaar cant he call me

Sanskar and Kavitha: hmmmmmmmm

Mukta takes the call

Mukta; hi ..yh Rithwik ..dont worry..

Sanskar and Kavitha: hmmmmmm

Mukta glares at them

Mukta: u had food?

Sanskar and Kavitha :hmmmmmmm

Mukta: what..this sound..ok..just a minute

Mukta gets up

Mukta: (to Sanskar and Kavitha): I see u both once I finish this call…

Sanskar and Kavitha burst out laughing

Mukta goes away from them

Kavitha: she is very lucky to have Riku as her husband

Sanskar: yh..

Kavitha feels something and turns back

Kavitha is shocked to see Viren and Ragini there.

Sanskar: Kavitha what happened?

Kavitha: Viren

Sanskar: what where?

Kavitha: over there with Ragini

Sanskar looks on

Sanskar: Kavitha don’t look at them..pretent as we didn’t see them ok..and be normal..remember Mukta don’t know about you and Viren

Kavitha: but Sanskar

Sanskar: nothing doing Kavitha..behave normal…don’t let them know what u are feeling ..pls be happy

Kavitha: I cant do this.

Tears come from her eyes.

Sanskar: no tears Kavitha..u promised me

Kavitha : ok

Sanskar: and one more thing..

Kavitha: what?

Sanskar: today we will make him jealous

Kavitha: what are u talking Sanskar?

Sanskar: yh..just do what I say ok

Kavitha looks on

Sanskar: don’t u trust me?

Kavitha: Sanskar I trust u

Sanskar; then do it…ok

Kavitha: ok


Precap: Sanskar and Kavitha tries to make Ragini and Viren jealous

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