Swaragini-Incomplete Love Episode 40 By Aditi Ayansh

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“Wit beyond measure is man’s greatest treasure.”

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Recap: Jealousy
Ragini goes with Viren
Sanskar is very angry seeing this.
He comes back to MM
Kavitha: Sanskar can we go out
Sanskar: ok..get ready.
They goes out
They comes to a restaurant
They orders food
Sanskar sees Viren and Ragini sitting in the next table.
Ragini and Viren does not see Sanskar and Kavitha
Viren: ha ha..no one can get this from u..
Ragini: opps sorry spiderman..i can get it just like that
Viren: no u cant
Ragini: yes i can..
Sanskar is very irritated seeing this.
Seeing Sanskar looking somewhere kavitha also looks.
Kavitha: Viren
Viren feeds Ragini
A couple comes to Kavitha and Sanskar
Man: can we also sit here..woh other seats are full
Sanskar: yh sure why not
Kavitha: Sanskar i’ll just come
Viren and Ragini continue their masti
Woman: look at them (pointing towards Ragini and Viren) cute couple isn’t
Sanskar’s anger reaches at the peak
Sanskar goes towards Ragini.
Viren: hey Sanskar.
Sanskar: dont u have any other work Ragini
Ragini: what do u mean Sanskar.
Sanskar holds Ragini’s hand
Ragini: leave me Sanskar..its hurting
Viren: What is ur problem man? Leave her
Ragini: Sanskar..pls
Viren: leave her hand Sanskar..its hurting her..
Sanskar: acha ..and who r u? Her local guardian?
Viren: its none of ur business Sanskar.
Sanskar: yh..its ur business to hurt people..
Viren: stop it..and leave her
Ragini: leave me Sanskar..
Kavitha comes..and sees this.
Kavitha: leave her Sanskar what are u doing?
Sanskar leaves Ragini’s hand
Viren side hugs Ragini
Kavitha: Sanskar pls calm down..everyone is looking at us..come
Sanskar goes with Kavitha..
Viren: waiter bill pls..
Ragini hugs him and cries.
Sanskar sees this and feels bad.
Kavitha: Sanskar what were u doing?
Sanskar; i could not…
Kavitha: i know Sanskar u cant see me hurt thats why u fought with Viren right
Sanskar looks on
Kavitha: lets go from here.
Sanskar is in deep thoughts
Sanskar: what is happening to me..at one point i do not want to put her in any trouble…but on the other end..i cant see her with someone else…what is this…why it is so difficult for me..i know she does not love me..but..but why i cant i …god
He falls on the bed.
Sanskar: i have hurted her a lot today..i should not have done that..i should apologise to her now.
He takes his phone and calls Ragini.
Sanskar: Hlo Ragini..thank u for taking my call..I really sorry for what happened today..i should not have behaved like that..but i could not control my anger..i am really very sorry..Ragini ru there? Why are u silent..pls talk to me..pls…i am sorry Ragini…pls talk to me
Voice: She is sleeping.
Sanskar is shocked
Sanskar: and who is this?
Sanskar(in mind): this is defiantly not Riku or Rathore uncle..no pls..let it not be Viren.
Voice: Ia m Viren
Sanskar gets angry listening to this.
Sanskar: what are u doing with her?
Viren: what r u doing ..what do mean by saying that..she is my friend
Sanskar: so ..u will sit with her forever?
Viren: if she wants me with her then i’ll be with her forever..u and ur madam has some problem?
Sanskar: dont drag Kavitha into this
Viren: yh Ragini told me…
Sanskar: what..?
Viren: ok Sanskar..its late ..go and sleep.
Sanskar: tell me why r u still with her?
Viren: i already told u Sanskar..she is my friend
Sanskar: but she is sleeping right..then what r u doing there?
Viren: fine..i am staying in RM today..happy
Sanskar: what? Who decided that
Viren: what u mean?
Sanskar: stay away from Ragini ..
Viren: who are u to order me?
Sanskar: u r nothing to her.
Viren: excuse me Mr Maheshwari we are friends.
Sanskar: whatever ..i dont want to u to be around her
Viren: who r u to say that?
Sanskar: i am her husband.
Sanskar shouts angrily
Viren became silent
Sanskar: now what happened? Why u stopped talking? Stay away from her ok
Viren: Sanskar she already told me everything about u and her..i know how u both got married ok..and listen this very carefully I am not staying away from her.
Saying this he disconnected his call
Sanskar: what..hlo..hlo..
Sanskar is very angry
He calls him again
Viren: what do u want?
Sanskar: yh u know her story..what about her? I know u would not have told her urs right
Viren smiles
Viren: she know everything about me..and ofcourse..i have told her about Kavitha my marriage and my divorce. I dont hide things from my friends
Sanskar: u r just her friend …
Viren: is it jealousy Mr Maheshwari?
Sanskar: i know u are purposely roaming with her..to make kavitha jealous
Viren laughs
Viren: what do you think of me ? ..i dont believe this..well i dont spend time with Ragini to make u or her jealous..i do this because i like to be with her…and if its over..pls leave me alone..i am getting sleep
He disconnects the call again
Sanskar calls him again
Sanskar: what switched off..he will pay for this..Viren game on
Sanskar’s sleep get disturbed by his phone bell.
Sanskar sees who is calling
Sanskar: Ragini?..no it will be that Viren
Sanskar takes the call.
Sanskar: what do u want now?
Ragini: i am not Viren.
Sanskar(in mind): Ragini..
Sanskar: sorry Ragini..i thought
Ragini: yh..i know what were u thinking..we need to meet..
Sanskar is happy to hear this.
Sanskar: i am free today when can we meet then.
Ragini: lunch..i’ll messge u the restaurant name
Ragini disconnects the call
Sanskar sits..
Sanskar: ia m sorry Ragini
Sanskar is getting ready .
Kavitha comes to him
Kavitha: are u going somewhere Sanskar?
Sanskar: haan..Ragini wanted to talk to me..
Kavitha: about what?
Sanskar; i dont know.
Kavitha: can i also come?
Sanskar: but y
Kavitha: i too want to talk to her
Sanskar: ok..maybe yes..we both have lots to tell her.
Kavitha and Sanskar reaches the restaurant
Sanskar(in mind): i hope she is not coming with that Viren
After some time Ragini comes
Sanskar is happy seeing no sign of Viren with her
Ragini looks on..
Ragini comes to Sanskar
Sanskar: Ragini this is Kavitha.
Ragini smiles.
Sanskar: Ragini ..come on sit.
Ragini: no thanks…i asked u to come here to ask u what is your problem Sanskar
Sanskar: my problem?
Ragini: why did u shouted on Viren yesterday?
Sanskar: Ragini ..i didnt.
Ragini: dont try to lie..he recorded ur conversation
Sanskar bends his head down
Kavitha: Ragini u are not understanding..
Ragini: u better dont talk in between
Sanskar: Ragini dont talk to her like that
Ragini: it hurts isn’t it
Sanskar: yes ofcourse she is my firnd
Ragini: exactly like..this Viren is my friend also..
Kavitha: But Ragini he is divorced
Ragini: oh so we should not make friends with a person who had a divorce?
Both kavitha and Sanskar remain silent
Ragini: well then i would like to tell u something Sanskar..do u know what is more bad? well its to be friends with traiters
Sanskar: dont u dare to say that.
Ragini: slap me if u want Sanskar..but i will not apologise for this
Sanskar: Ragini..
Ragini: have a good day both of u…
Sanskar: i’ll drop u
Ragini: nop need.. Viren is waiting outside
Ragini goes out angrily.
Kavitha and Sanskar looks on
Ragini comes outside
She sees Viren standing near his car
Ragini goes to him
Ragini and Viren bursts out laughing


Precap: Twist

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