Swaragini-Incomplete Love Episode 4 By Aditi Ayansh

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Recap: Maheshwaries ask abt Shekhar’s daughter
Shekhar: So DP ji we have one more daughter Ragini. She is younger to Swara
AP: Acha then where is she?
Shekhar was about to say smthing but
Parvathy: She is dead
Sharmishta and Shekhar looks at Parvathy shocked
Parvathy: haan she is not in this world
DP: Oh i am sorry Shekhar ji..
Parvathy: no its ok.
Swara listens this.
Tears comes from her eyes
Laksh comes to her
Seeing Laksh she quickly wipes her tears
Laksh: Swara r u ok?

Swara: y hi am ok..
Laksh: then can i knw why were u crying?
Swara: i was not crying..y would i cry?
Laksh: dont lie Swara.. i have seen u wiping ur tears
Sanskar and Dhruv comes
Dhruv: kya hua?
Laksh(audiable only to Swara): Look Dhrvu is a chotta loudspeaker so agar use pata chala ki u were crying then its like whole world will come to knw abt it toh soch lo
Swara looks at laksh
Laksh smiles
Swara: Dhruv kuch nahi tum room mein jao we will just come
Dhruv: ok
Dhruv goes
Lkahs: now tell me

Sanskar looks on
Sanskar: what happened?
Laksh: she was crying
Sanskar: what happened?
Swara: ok i’ll tell but promise me tht u both will not tell this to anyone.
Sanskar and laksh looks at each other and nodes their head in yes
Swara: they were talking about my sister.
Laksh: what u have a sister?
Swara: yes
Laksh: where is she then
Parvathy comes there
Parvathy: she is dead beta
Swara looks at Parvathy

Parvathy: and why Swara is sad ri8 Swara
Swara looks on
Parvathy: Beat chalo ab come down
Laksh Sanskar and Dhruv goes down
Parvathy: Shona kya bata rahi thi Laksh ko
Swara: dadi why did u tell him tht Ragu
Parvathy: Shona stop it..that girl has alredy ruined us
Parvathy brings Swara down
Maheshwaries are about to leave
Laksh: bye Swara
Swara smiles.
Maheshwaries leave
Swara goes to her room and lock herself

Swara takes a photo hugs it
Swara: i knw Ragu u r there..but why r u hiding from us we are ur family
Precap: Swalak engagement

Hi everyone so after a very long break i am updating this ff again..sry for the delay..but no worries from today i’ll b updating regularly ..i missed u all..and i hope u all are doing good
Do read my stories on wattpad
My wattpad id @ABGopika
Adi 🙂

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  1. Aditi.Ayansh

    i am sry there is a small mistake in the title its not the 24th episode but its the 4th episode

    1. hiii aditi i am new here i started to read from a few days i read all episodes of your story today and your note also & i love it your story is nice and i would be happy to do friendship with u because i am also a crazy girl so i love a friend like u and yess i love amish tripathi as a writer i also love to write but not fictions i love to write on random stuffs i am a student of computer science and i am big fan of Deepika and Ranveer and Rajkumar rao i love to watch sensible cinema and read books and listen soft music and i am a fan of ragini aka tejaswi

      1. Aditi.Ayansh

        Hi Anvesha ..woh we have so much in common coz even i love writing random stuff reading books listening to musicand all. And even i am a science student. i like Deepika and Rajkumar..but more than tht i love SRK i am his die hard fan. And my real name is Gopika.
        So FRIENDS yippee!!! so what are u doing now? and r u in wattpad?

    2. hii aditi yes i am on wattpad just from 2-3 days my id name is aasleshaa

      1. Aditi.Ayansh

        ok well my id is @ABGopika

  2. Sooooperbbbbbb!!!!waitng for nxt part!!!!

    1. Aditi.Ayansh

      Thank u so much Fairy di, I have updated the nxt part. Hw are u ? 🙂

    1. Aditi.Ayansh

      Thank u so much Ishu di 🙂

    1. Aditi.Ayansh

      Thank u so much Ammy di 🙂

  3. awesome. After very long time. How r u ?

    1. Aditi.Ayansh

      Hi Vini thank u so much..di actually i was a bit busy with my studies thts y i couldn’t update. I am good and tell me how r u ?

  4. How are you ? I thought u discontinued. Superb dear. Waiting for ragini’s intro.

    1. Aditi.Ayansh

      Thank u so much Vani di 🙂 i was a nit busy thts y i couldn’t update. Ragini’s entry will happen soon

  5. Adi u r back can’t believable? how are you ? how’s your college life? Now onwards we can get regular ragsan updates na. Awesome yaar.

    1. Aditi.Ayansh

      Hi Adi di how are u?…yh long time ..well i am gud..and make me remember about clg life di..we r not able to enjoy it..they give us lots of work tht even breathing seems impossible..well now we r having holidays and i’ll be giving regular updates 🙂

    1. Aditi.Ayansh

      Thank u so much Anu di 🙂

  6. Long time Awesome update. Waiting for Ragini

    1. Aditi.Ayansh

      Thank u so much Shalini di 🙂

  7. Amazingggg yaar

    1. Aditi.Ayansh

      Thank u so much di 🙂

  8. MKRS

    Awesome dr.

    1. Aditi.Ayansh

      Thank u so much MKRS di 🙂

  9. MKRS

    Want longer update and waiting for ragini’s entry.

    1. Aditi.Ayansh

      Will try to give u longer updates di 🙂

    1. Aditi.Ayansh

      Thank u so much Geet di 🙂

  10. Awesome di…

    1. Aditi.Ayansh

      Thank u so much Ria di 🙂

    1. Aditi.Ayansh

      Thank u so much Priya di 🙂

    1. Aditi.Ayansh

      Thank u so much Pinky di 🙂

  11. Awesome. Happy to see you back. Give us regular updates not short update.

    1. Aditi.Ayansh

      Thank u so much Rikashini di. I’ll be giving u regular updates di 🙂

  12. Amazing!!!

    1. Aditi.Ayansh

      Thank u so much Manu di 🙂

    1. Aditi.Ayansh

      Thank u so much Tara di 🙂

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