Swaragini “I’m yours” (chap4 love begets love)

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In Swaragini’s room: Both girls are changed their clothes nd about to sleep. Swara turn from Ragini and hide her tears from her. She couldn’t sleep peacefully, so after watching Ragini as sleep, she walks to window and run outside. And thinking about sanskar again.
In Mumbai, sanskar’s apartment. Sanskar lied to everyone, from three months he has been transferring his business to Mumbai, without the knowledge of any family members. Actually he want to stay away from his family because it all recalls him about kabita’s murder. Yeah, she attempt suicide but he considers it murder because its because dp. Fb shown that after realizing their love towards kavita. He asks dp for marriage to kavita but he refused. She wants to do court marriage but he deny because he doesn’t want to degrade his bade papa. But after that, kavita decided to talk with dp but dp not only rejected her but also insults her so much that kavita is following Sanskar because of money. She can’t tolerate this accuse on her and attempt suicide.
Sanskar is thinking all this. And watching from his window to moon. He tries to stop his emotions. So he decided to check tomorrows to do list. While checking to do list, he sees, he has an email. He checks the mail and shocked to see its from Swara! This is simple email as “hello Sanskar! I’m swara, your childhood friend, I don’t know you remember me or not, but I remembered you, if you have any time please contact me”. In his mind:”you don’t know we are more than friends in the eyes if elders, you’re good girl Swara, I don’t want to hurt you”.
He replies to her:”hey Swara! It’s happy to see that both families are reunited again”
In Swara’s room, she get email from her cell phone so she eagerly opens and pleased to find it from Sanskar. She start writing. They both chat and share many things. Swara asked Sanskar for friendship, but he said:”maybe you don’t know but we’re more than friends” and he log out.
After reading this, Swara got know that Sanskar know about their alliance. She become so happy and feels like flying in sky. Now she eager to meet with him.

Pecap: Dp asked from sanlak and sumi asked to Swaragini for their marriage.

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  4. Thanks all of you guys and I need a favour that! I want one suggestion from you, please do comments all my readers because I need your suggestion and your suggestion is much important for me. After that as you know sanskar leave s swara but they don’t see each others till..now I’ve two options to carry my story. 1) swara decided to go in the search of sanskar, she met him and know him by seeing his photo, but dont inform him anything and they’ll fall love. 2) .swasan meet each others without knowing that they’re spouse. And fall in love Reply me must, which option is suitable for my story!!

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