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Ragini made eye contact with Sanskaar and said-“In this universe, each of us are just mere specks.”

“Wow, way to make the proposal romantic, this is just sad.”-Kunj whispered and Twinkle just gave his ribs a slight jab. 

Ragini continued, without paying any heed to the weird looks she was getting from everyone. 

“We are tiny specks. Unless we actually think of how diverse and huge the entire universe is, we don’t realise the fact that we are mere specks. When we do realise this, we tend to feel disheartened. Life is really short and even if we are tiny specks, being surrounded by the right specks, the specks that mean something to you is what makes this short life beautiful. There are these specks that we originate from, our parents. Then there are the specks that we come across along our journey and grow fond of, our friends, the family that we choose for ourselves. People travel far and long to look for the speck that they belong with. Few people have a short and sweet journey, while few seem to have an endless journey. 

Aditi and Vivaan succeeded in finding each other. They might have been little specks, but they found each other in this world full of other tiny specks and became each other’s whole world. In my tiresome and long journey, I came across a speck that I was attracted to, but the universe knew that these specks didn’t belong together no matter how strong the attraction was. *looks at Lakshya and smiles and he smiles back*

In my journey, I came across a few specks that I initially thought were supposed to be my chosen family, but the force of repulsion that had worked its way into that equation, made me realise that I wasn’t where I belonged. *looks at Swara and rolls her eyes* I did come across a few other specks that are still a part of my life, then there were specks that always believed that I added something to this universe. *smiles at Aditi* 

I met specks who became my best friends, my siblings, my parents, my family.*looks at Twinkle and Kunj, Vivaan, Priya and Ram with a broad smile on her face*”

Ragini walked towards Sanskaar with her right hand behind her back and clutching the mic with her left hand. She stood in front of him and he just looked at her puzzled/ amused because of her explanation. He knew she had such thoughts about the world, but he really couldn’t figure out what was going on. Ragini turned her back towards him and spoke into the mic-“I searched the universe looking for the speck I belonged with, but turns out, that speck was waiting for me,looking at me from the distance and smiling. All along, he was actually there everywhere I went, in one form or the other, I hadn’t even been searching in the wrong places, I just had the direction wrong. All I needed to do, was turn around.”

She turned and looked at Sanskaar with a smile. 

“Because, I had come across this speck many times, but I had been too busy chasing after something else, that I never realised that us two tiny specks, belonged right there which is why we crossed paths so often. We first met when we were young, making us way more insignificant and tinier specks than we are now and every time we brushed past each other, the moments seemed insignificant too. But, during that journey, in all that time that passed, in all those moments, what mattered was that we were a part of each other’s lives. No matter how insignificant we may be, beside this speck, with this speck, is where I belong. I know that now. Because even though we’re tiny specks in this large world, I want us to make our own little world with all these specks that mean a lot to us and in that little world, I want us to become each other’s saving grace, each other’s support system, each other’s safehouse. Because, in our world, there are people that mean a lot to us, but without you, it wouldn’t be possible for me to have this little world of mine. Sanskaar, to me, you’re not a speck, but my entire eco system, the reason I sustain. You made my life begin, you made me smile, you made me laugh, you healed me, you made me a better person, you made me feel loved.”

Ragini got nervous considering the fact that she had blabbered too much and still not gotten the main point across. Sanskaar noticed and held her hand and smiled at her. Ragini smiles back and reduced the distance between them. “Sanskaar Maheshwari, what I’m actually trying to say is that, out of all the specks in the entire universe, you’re the one I belong with. To me, you’re the most important speck. You mean more to me than the value of all the specks in the entire universe combined and tripled and the powered infinite times. I don’t think I have ever told you how much you mean to me, because you aren’t a speck to me, you are the centre of my universe that makes me begin, the force that holds me up, the force that keeps me going.”

Ragini brought her right hand in front of Sanskaar and opened her palm to show him what she was hiding. 

“You’re my extraordinary relationship. I fell for you, like the apple that fell from the tree due to the gravitational force. I fell for you, like ton of bricks being dropped from the top of a building. I love you, I am in love with you and I need you in my life. It’s like your the earth and I’m an object with heavy mass that seems to be attracted to you with a greater force each time. What I’m trying to say, is that–”

Ragini’s voice was cut off by Priya’s. But it wasn’t her actually speaking but a video that was being projected. Sanskaar finally realised why Ragini had gotten people to set up the projector before the Sangeet function started. 

“I’m glad you both found each other. It’s been a while since you both officially started dating. This is your first relationship and I hope that this would be the last, I LOVE Y–”

Her voice was cut of my Ram’s who said–”I LOVE YOUR RELATIONSHIP, YOU TWO. THE BESTEST RELATIONSHIP EVER, err, Priya and I are still the power couple though!”

Sanskaar remembered this audio from their 1 month anniversary and stood there, shook. 

“Sanskaar, I love your parents man. They’re the only people that can parent my sweet little Ragu baby, except for me of course. Thanks for existing and all, because without you, Ragu wouldn’t get the family she deserves.”

“You know you’re supposed to talk about how they’re lucky to have each other and all that-”

“I do what I want Kunj!”

Kunj sighed and dragged Twinkle away in the video and everyone let out a chuckle that turned into a cough as soon as they saw Twinkle’s glare. 

“My brother, I’m so glad you found love. I’m so glad you found your first and your last.”

“And I’m glad that the person you are in love with is Ragini. When I told Ragini you both were perfect for each other, she said she didn’t want perfection and that she was happy because of the imperfect human-y things you guys shared. So, I’m glad that you guys are imperfect for each other.”

The screen then faded and suddenly Ragini appeared, with a bright smile on her face. The camera panned and it showed Ragini holding a box that had a ring in it. 

“Sanskaar Maheshwari, I’m in love with you. I love your annoying butt and I’m gonna love it till the end of my days and beyond. This isn’t a promise, it’s like a fact. A universal truth. So, I have a deal for you Mr. Maheshwari. A deal where nobody is allowed to back out. A deal where in there are actually no terms and conditions applied. A deal that proposes that you stay by my side forever, in exchange for me being by yours.”

The projector went blank and in front of Sanskaar stood the love of his life, bent on one knee. 

“Sanskaar Maheshwari, will you marry me, someday?”

As soon as she said those words, she pulled out two rings, heartbeat rings to be precise, sort of like promise rings. The heart beat ring basically connected two loved ones and the person wearing it could feel the heartbeat of the other. 

Sanskaar was almost in tears and he just nodded like a child, but then pouted and said–”This is so cheesy.”

Ragini snorted and said–”Well not exactly, because if you die I’d know right away and if there’s a problem with the ring and the heart rate monitor suddenly goes blank, that would be a really dark love story. So it’s dark and a thriller sorta thing, not cheesy or cliche.”

“Mrs. Soon to be Maheshwari you’re so smart.”




“Um, yelling, Sangeet. No.”

Lakshya immediately shoved them out of the venue and Twinkle and Kunj followed. Aditi and Vivaan looked at Ram and Priya and Priya smiled and as she played some music and dragged people to dance along with them, which helped Vivaan and Aditi escape. 

“Ragini, yes. Yes, yes, yes. It’s a universal truth, a fact that I’m in love with you.”

“It better not be like one of those facts, like Pluto being a planet or something-”

“We still have hope for Pluto though, don’t we?”

“Well, yes.”

“I wanted to be the one to propose to you, but you beat me to it. This is a partnership. A partnership where in if you’re a sleeping partner or cheating partner, you’ll not be removed as a partner but you’ll have to endure the clinginess of the other.”

“I like what you did there.”

“Thank you. So, yes Ragini. Yes, I will marry you.”

Sanskaar and Ragini immediately exchanged their rings and calibrated them and smiled at each other. 

“I love you so so so much.”

“I love you so so so much too.”

Lakshya stood there with two boxes of tissues while the 6 of them sobbed. Everyone kept taking the tissues from his hands, while he just whispered–”You guys are real poopyheads, you know that? I’m the one who should be crying because the girl I love just asked someone else to marry her and he said yes. You guys are literally the worst.”

Lakshya pouted when they ran out of tissues and Twinkle almost blew her nose on his Sherwani. After a lot of clingy crying featuring Vivaan, Lakshya dragged everyone in and they just blended in and danced around enjoying the Sangeet, while he sat out to collect himself and sort his feelings. 

“Gosh, that Ragini just keeps making everything about herself. This is Aditi’s wedding and ugh. And that Sanskaar dude is just too good for Ragini. Ragini didn’t deserve Lakshya’s love either but he still liked her because she basically tried to trap him by pretending to be all nice. I’m pretty sure Sanskaar would get away from Ragini if he had the chance and I’ll prove it. I will just get that attention seeking sl-t away from him. She just wants a man to keep her warm at night, she can literally nab any other loser or some random dude each night.” 

Lakshya overheard Swara talking to someone on the phone. He looked at Swara in disgust and if he could, he’d go and puke all over his past self that had been infatuated with someone who had such a filthy personality. He hated himself for actually prioritising her over Ragini. He hated himself for defending her when Ragini told him that Swara tried to defame her. He hated himself for trusting Swara and actually saying that he loved her. Of course, hating himself wasn’t gonna get him anywhere. He was going to close this Swara chapter, once and for all. He wasn’t going to let this woman get in the way of his beloved getting all the love she deserved from the man she loved. He smiled to himself because that was a very complex relationship, but then he suddenly smirked and formulated a scheme to stop Swara from doing whatever the hell she was going to do. He wouldn’t defame her or insult her or something on those lines because that’s not what someone who’s doing something righteous should do, right?

“BABY! Where have you been, oh gosh I missed you so much! Please don’t get the child aborted! I will love it even if it isn’t mine!”

So, well maybe he wasn’t going to not insult her. Complex, right?

Swara looked at Lakshya with puzzled eyes, while a few aunties who were admiring Ragini dance, including Lakshya’s mother Annapoorna, looked at SwaLak completely appalled, while their old classmates who were mocking Ragini went quiet and looked at Swara in shock. The music was too loud though, so it didn’t disrupt a lot of people’s ‘jolly time’. Aditi, the bride who was supposed to be sitting and watching her friends and family dance, because it wasn’t her turn to dance ‘yet’, was too busy dancing all by herself, but when she heard Lakshya say such stuff, she immediately began hovering around the area and doing a weird head bop to ensure her cover wasn’t blown. 

“Swara Bose, why are you so silent all of a sudden? Is that all I am to you? A man who keeps you ‘warm’ at night? Don’t do this to me Swara! I told you I was completely alright with raising the child even if you didn’t know who the father was.”

Lakshya smirked while Aditi looked at him in shock. Before Swara could even say anything, her mother Sharmishta looked at everyone while she panicked internally and took her daughter away from there. She trusted her daughter and supported her no matter what, but right now, getting away from this situation was the most important thing. Their old classmates all just looked at Swara with narrowed eyes and started whispering stuff about how she was the one who had cheated on Lakshya and not the other way round like Swara had told them. 

“What the hell Lakshya? Did you just–?”- Aditi was whisper yelling at Lakshya, but she got cut off when he said–”I was wrong, I know. I shouldn’t have done it. But when she lied and told people that Ragini tried to get me to sleep with her, back when she had just turned 14 in front of these same very people, she was wrong too. Like an idiot, I defended Swara when Ragini confronted me. I did this to wipe out all the things that Swara did to defame Ragini. It’s hard to believe that people like this exist, it was hard for me to believe that Swara would do something like this, but she did. So, I did this to get even. The people here believed that I cheated on Swara because of Ragini or something. We all know that isn’t true. So, I just did what was in my power to actually ensure everything Swara said about Ragini had been undone. I’ll go apologise to Swara, but that ends Swara’s chapter in our lives.”

Aditi didn’t know if she should be proud, upset, mad, happy or all the emotions combined. She was glad that Lakshya was defending Ragini after all these years, but falsely accusing Swara of something she hadn’t done and insulting her in front of so many people was not the way to go. Though she hated Swara, she didn’t like the idea of a woman being badmouthed. 

“Lakshya! How dare you–”

“Look Swara, I know I shouldn’t have done this. I know I was wrong, but atleast main dindora nahi peet raha tha while falsely accusing my best friend of trying to sleep with my boyfriend, back when she wasn’t even an adult, thus making the Indian society and her so called friends shun her. She didn’t know what happened, she didn’t know why she was left all alone, but in the end, she was left alone while her best friend basked all the attention and sympathy she was getting. I’m sorry for having done this to you, but atleast I didn’t ruin almost 2 years of your schooling. For a girl that’s just entered her teens, that’s really painful. She didn’t even know why all her friends suddenly turned their back on her. Turns out, it was because of her best friend– you. I was wrong, I apologise, but I think Ragini deserves an apology for what you’ve done to her too.”

Swara was sobbing as she nodded in understanding. 

“You did this for her didn’t you? YOU NEVER LOVED ME LAKSHYA! Everything was fake. You only loved that Ragini! Did I even mean anything to you? WHAT IS SO SPECIAL ABOUT HER THAT SHE GETS ALL THAT LOVE AND ATTENTION HUH? SHE DOESN’T EVEN DESERVE IT!”

“Is this how Ragini must have felt when I asked her such questions after she first discovered that you were literally the equivalent of a negative character of a tv soap? Because right now all I feel is hurt. I feel betrayed. Yes, I loved Ragini. Yes, she is my priority, but I never got to show that to her. Because, I was too busy prioritising you. A person that didn’t deserve all this love, but I still ended up loving you. My biggest mistake was not knowing which one of you I loved more. You know Swara, I don’t even feel guilty for what I just did. Because, this just made me realise that even at a time like this, instead of being mad at me for in a way tarnishing your reputation, you’re mad because I did it for Ragini. You’re mad because she’s getting the love she deserves. Don’t be mad at that Swara. Because you’re getting what you deserve too. You deserve this. And I deserve the pain of losing the person I love because I was wrong too. We deserve this Swara. I’m sorry. But, I’m not sorry. I hope atleast one day you’ll stop acting like a plastic mean girl. I know there’s a good person there. Just, find that person again. Don’t lose your true self Swara. Good Bye Swara Bose. Don’t ever try to hurt Ragini again. I won’t let anything get in between Sanskaar and Ragini.”


“So, I got in between both of you, hehe.”–Lakshya said nervously, as Twinkle who had been laughing at his sad fate stopped when he revealed the most important piece of information. 

Ragini had been awfully calm and everyone just looked at her. Everyone was on their way to drop Vivaan and Aditi to the airport who were leaving for their honeymoon, when Lakshya revealed that after his mother heard him say the things he had to Swara, she had decided to get him married off. She was worried for his future. Ragini smiled when she noticed that Lakshya realised just how much his ‘step’ mother cared for him. It was the first time she smiled after ‘the thing’ happened. Everyone found it hilarious that Lakshya was being forced to get married to someone but they were also worried. They didn’t let that show though. 

That would take the fun out of it because they wanted to tease Lakshya before they did something about the ‘forced’ wedding. 

“Um, so, you know how my mom is part of the proud, annoying and Marwadi club? She wants me to get married to this girl that’s um one of a fellow Marwadi club member’s daughter. She’s already spoken to the girl’s grandma and they’ve decided to get us married, whatever it takes.”

“Well, good for you. Who is this lucky girl, Lucky?”

Twinkle burst out laughing after she said that. 

“She wants me to marry Mr. Shekhar Gadodia’s 





“Yeah? I’m sorry I really had nothing to do with this. I swear. So, I got in between both of you, hehe.”

“Okay, we can fix this. Don’t worry.”


“By talking to Swara. I’m sure she had something to do with this. With Lakshya and Ragini’s ‘wedding’ and with Sangini’s going missing.”

Ragini stood there, not knowing whether she should smile or cry because her daughter had been taken away from her. Everyone looked at Sanskaar who smiled as he thought of what he could do to bring back the smile on his two favourite girls’ faces and at the same time ensure that his love didn’t end up being forced to do something she didn’t want to. 


A week before Ragini proposed to Sanskaar, when they were on their way to the ‘destination’ wedding, Ragini and Sanskaar met the cutest little 5 year old. Surprisingly, she was all alone, on the freaking streets. The girl latched onto Ragini’s leg and kept asking her ‘didi’ where her parents are. Ragini’s heart hurt for the girl, but somehow rather than pity, she felt a different kind of emotion when she looked at the girl. The entire week, the girl was either with RagSan or their parents. Somehow there was this bond. Ragini didn’t know why, she didn’t know how, but she had began to love the little girl. Ragini hated the fact that the girl didn’t have a name. She hated the fact that the girl was left all alone. She hated the fact that this child here was abandoned by her parents. But, for the most of it, for the weirdest of reasons, Ragini hated it when the girl called her Didi. It didn’t seem right. Aunty, is that what she wanted the little one to call her? No. That didn’t seem right either. It was only when Ragini hugged Priya and complained to her mother about her son being a French fries hog, did she realise what she wanted the girl to call her. She wanted to be the girl’s mother. Heck, she already was. It had been just a week, but for Ragini already loved the girl and would do anything to protect her. Ragini would shield her from all the sadness in the world and ensure she has a great future. She didn’t know how to tell Sanskaar that she had already found her daughter in the weirdest of places. She didn’t know how to tell the love of her life, the man who would be the father of her future children, that she already has a child now. 

While everyone was having the time of their lives at the Sangeet after Ragini had confessed to Sanskaar, Ragini didn’t know how to tell the man she just confessed to that her little speck self, had found the speck that would make them a family. Everyone just called this little girl Chutki or Chotti, but Ragini didn’t like it. She hated it. ‘Chotti’ didn’t have an identity of her own and Ragini hated that. 

“So, do you want to name her Khushi?” 

Sanskaar said as he sat next to Ragini who was still busy contemplating. 


“Our daughter. She doesn’t have an identity of her own yet. So, what do you think about Khushi for a name? Because she’s our happiness.”

Ragini looked at Sanskaar and realised that after all the man she was in love with, had this weird bond with her and therefore if she had formed a unique bond with ‘Khushi’, he must have too. 


“I know, my dear fiancée. Ah, I love calling you that. You really thought that you’d have to tell me that you want to be the mother Khushi deserves? I know you. And I know myself. Every time I look at her, I think of her future with us and our life together. The 3 of us, as a family. I want to give her all the love she deserves, I want to buy her all the toys she asks for and play with her, I want to treat her like my little girl, I want to stop her from dating guys, I want to protect her. You want that too,don’t you?”

Ragini just rested her head on Sanskaar’s shoulder and he immediately knew what had to be done. 

“So, from today, she’s our daughter.”

Hi, fun fact: Swara here is based on one of my brother’s friends + the Swara in my life. These are actual things she has said so, that shows fiction is inspired by real life.

P.S. – The next shot is the last one and it’s shorter compared to shot 37 and 38.

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