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Hi guys! I don’t know if you guys remember this story or me, but I’m updating anyway! Sorry for disappearing!

Here’s a link of the previous shot:


“You aren’t just an upgrade Sanskaar, you’re everything.”



Ragini and Sanskaar were on their way to have dinner with his parents, sorry, their parents and Ragini was busy checking her phone half of the time. Sanskaar just gave her a weird look but then just sighed and held her hand and looked out the cab’s backseat window. Ram and Priya almost choked Ragini to death when they ended up hugging her way too tight. While Sanskaar just pouted and stared at his parents waiting for his hug. Ram just gave him a weird look when Sanskaar outstretched his arms with that cute pout on his face, hoping that they would hug him. While Ragini giggled and kissed his cheek. Priya smiled and hugged her son and started pampering him like he was a baby, while Ram just gave Sanskaar a quick hug and continued pampering his daughter, because well, all his life, he had longed for a daughter and now he had two- in the form of Aditi and Ragini. He was being a bit selfish but it didn’t matter to him. Aditi was probably not as special as Ragini, solely because Aditi’s parents treasured her. Ragini didn’t have a mother but her father was as good as gone because he never really treated Ragini like the princess every father treats his daughter as. So, Ram took it upon himself to treat Ragini as his little baby, his princess, not just for her, but for himself. Because he needed a daughter and he was glad that Ragini could see both her parents and in laws in Priya and him. There’s nothing more he’d ever wanted. Sanskaar smiled when he saw his father pampering Ragini. He was happy that his love finally got the kind of father she deserved. A caring and loving one. All her life she craved for the love of not just her mother who was gone but her father who was alive yet seemed to have been non existent. She had three mothers now. Twinkle–who was her sister/Mom/best friend,Kunj’s Mom–Usha Sarna and her mother in law–nope, her mother–Priya Maheshwari. Twinkle’s father had died a few years after she was born but she received so much love from her mother that she didn’t feel his absence. Leela loved Ragini like her daughter, no sorry, granddaughter because Twinkle happened to be Ragini’s ‘adoptive mother’. Kunj’s parents loved him a lot and as much as they loved both Twinkle and Ragini, Twinkle was going to be their daughter in law, so their love for her was greater and they treated her like their own daughter. So, that basically ruled all of them out. Ragini finally had the family she wanted and she couldn’t be happier. 

Ragini wanted to tell Sanskaar how much she loved him right at that moment. That moment when she saw him smiling at her and giving her a slight nod as if saying–”This is the happiness you deserve. This is all the love that you have always deserved.” But she refrained from doing so, because she had bigger plans and she couldn’t steal their best friends’ moment. Her moment would be hers. Sanskaar looked at her in suspicion when he saw her smiling like a maniac. Ragini and Sanskaar were practically cuddling on the sofa, with their parents cuddling them from both sides as they watched ‘Coco’. Both Ragini and Ram cried while watching the movie and keeping in mind that this was probably the 56th time Ragini was watching this movie, Sanskaar rolled his eyes at her while Priya just snorted and looked at her son trying to tell him that Ram was watching this movie for the 56th time as well. Ragini suddenly shot up from her seat when her phone rang and Ram pouted and made grabby hands towards her. Sanskaar sighed as his parents squished him and looked at Ragini while his eye started twitching in suspicion. He decided to be patient and not let it effect him, if it was something that was bothering her, she would tell him later. Sanskaar’s patience went down the drain when Ragini got up in the middle of dinner and ran to Sanskaar’s room, to do what looked like making a phone call. Sanskaar just stood up and followed her without saying a single word to his parents. He stormed into his room and gave Ragini a death glare. She hung up and said–”Sanskaar, we need to leave. Right now.” 

Sanskaar raised his eyebrow and didn’t move an inch while Ragini started fumbling with her stuff in a hurry. Sanskaar held Ragini’s hand to stop her from moving and said–”Why do we need to leave? What’s so important? What’s more important than our 1 month anniversary? Do you even remember that? Or is it just me? Am I the only one who cares about that?”

Sanskaar looked really angry, very, very, angry. It was as if his insecurity about their relationship was finally showing. Ragini smirked and said–”Is this our first fight?”

Sanskaar rolled his eyes and just walked away because he was hurt. Hurt that Ragini didn’t remember it was their anniversary. Hurt that something that meant so much to him, didn’t mean anything to her. Ragini just smiled and walked over to him while he reached the dining table and said–”Kunj is proposing to Twinkle today.”

Sanskaar gave her a confused look and said–”They’ve been together for so long, how come he’s proposing now– Oh! HOLY MACARONI! DAD WE’RE TAKING YOUR CAR! SEE YA!”

Ragini chuckled at his sudden realisation and followed him. 

“I’m seriously nothing to you folks. Didn’t even tell me anything till the very end. Best friends. Pft. Tch. All lies. Didn’t even bother to tell me about this. Waited till I got mad at her.”–He was basically talking to himself but Ragini could hear his mumbling. She rolled her eyes at him and said–”Well,maybe Kunj didn’t tell you anything because he was worried that you would blab to Twinkle as she scares the living dinosaurs out of you!” 

They walked towards the car while Sanskaar tried to defend himself by saying–”Well, Twinkle scares the crack jack out of every single human except for you because she is the softest ‘hooman bean’ when it comes to you.” Ragini scoffed and said–”Stop trying to defend yourself for blaming us innocent souls.”

Sanskaar pouted as they both entered the car. Ragini smirked at her victory and Sanskaar started the vehicle in a hurry as he realised they had to be there in time to witness the glorious moment(more like prevent it from turning into a disaster) while Ragini and Sanskaar started fighting about the song that should be played on the radio. Ragini shot Sanskaar a glare while Sanskaar pouted and gave her the puppy dog eyes.They finally ‘settled’ for connecting Sanskaar’s phone to the stereo, the condition being that Ragini would choose the song. Ragini chose the song “Tashan e Ishq” and that was all it took to make Sanskaar stop sulking. It wasn’t the original version of the song. It was the cover of the song that they had made and had uploaded on their channel the day they had started dating, well, technically before they were officially dating.

Sanskaar smiled, but then frowned when he heard some random voice interrupting the audio. He was about to open his mouth to utter the words-“What’s wrong with the audio?”, but his mouth was left hung open when he heard his mom speaking. 

“I’m glad you both found each other. It’s been a while since you both officially started dating. This is your first relationship and I now know that this is the last, I LOVE Y–”

Her voice was cut of my Ram’s who said–”I LOVE YOUR RELATIONSHIP, YOU TWO. THE BESTEST RELATIONSHIP EVER, err, Priya and I are still the power couple though!” 

Ragini pressed the mute button on the stereo, and she just shrugged her shoulders at Sanskaar when he gave her the “what is this” look. She smiled and said–”I would never forget our anniversary Sanskaar. Never. You mean too much to me, so I would never forget something this important. I can’t forget anything related to you. I never will.” 

Sanskaar smiled when Ragini held his hand. He drove the vehicle with a broad smile on his face as comfortable silence took over them. They were nearing their destination and he didn’t let go of her hand, she didn’t pull her hand away either. Sanskaar pulled over and mouthed “ready?” to which Ragini responded by saying-“Been ready for years now.”

They walked out of the vehicle and Ragini turned to look at Sanskaar and held her hand out. He smiled and grabbed her hand and kissed her forehead and they walked in, hand in hand. 

Twinkle and Kunj were having dinner and Kunj was being a nervous idiot, but Twinkle just dismissed it as regular ‘Kunjness’. That changed when she saw her little baby sister/daughter/best friend and she just ran towards her to hug her. She didn’t even notice that the entire restaurant was now empty and it was just the 4 of them there now. Ragini managed to breathe while Twinkle literally knocked the wind out of her when she hugged her. Kunj looked at Ragini and gave her a weird look. She just scoffed and walked towards him, while Twinkle was practically clinging to her and telling her how much she missed her in the past 67 hours 14minutes. Sanskaar rolled his eyes and pulled Twinkle away from Ragini, while Ragini just gave Kunj a lil pep talk.

“Okay, Kunj. Pep talk time. You can do this. You can propose Twinkle. More like you have to, or I’ll kill you. We done here? Okay,bye.”


“Well, if she rejects you, you’ll become a lonely boy and then you die alone. I mean, that’s cool man. I won’t have to deal with you anyway.”

Kunj looked like he a puppy that had just been kicked and Ragini let out a chuckle. She hugged him and he immediately hugged her back, almost in tears. 

“You fool. You think I’m the person she loves the most? That might have been true earlier. But after we met you, everything changed Kunj. You think she can’t live without me? You’re the one she can’t live without. You know why she chooses to put on a tough girl act in front of you, in front of all of us? It’s because of what she learnt about her dad. She never told anyone this, she never told you this, because she was scared that once she told you, you’d tell her that you weren’t that kind of guy. And because of how much she loves you, she’s trust you immediately. She was worried you’d break her because you’re the one she can’t live without. If she lost you, she’d lose herself. She didn’t want what happened to her mom to happen to her, but she ended up loving you so much, that it didn’t matter what happened. Her father died while he was on his way back from his mistress’s house. He saw her ‘cheating’ on him and it broke his heart. That’s when he got into an accident. Leela aunty told Twinkle about this about after a couple of months after she met you. That’s why, she chose not to let you in. She trusts you, but she’s worried that if she keeps trusting you this way, she would lose all her faith in herself. She loves you, more than anything. In fact, at this point she’s worried that if you ask her to sacrifice herself for your sake, she will do it, no questions asked, zero hesitation. She fears losing herself in you but also fears losing herself if she loses you. Do you really think she would reject you? You think she’ll be able to do it? Even if she pretends to be mean, you and I both know that she secretly ensures that you’re safe and happy. Behind her tough exterior, there’s a girl that’s scared. You and I both know that. You’re the only one that can help her get rid of that fear. Help her realise that she won’t ever lose you. Help her realise that no matter what, you won’t let her lose herself. So, even if you’re scared right now. Do it for her. Tell her you want her to be in your life forever, tell her you want her to be your wife, for her sake.”

Kunj didn’t know what to feel. His heart ached for Twinkle. He knew she trusted him, but her fear in a way offended him. He wanted to tell her that he would never hurt her, but then again, that’s probably what every cheater tells their partner. He was also sad that Twinkle never told him about this and let such thoughts consume her. She went through it alone. No, she had Ragini. This is why their friendship was so special. He hugged Ragini one last time before walking to Twinkle confidently. 

Sanskaar looked at Ragini and mouthed the words–”When did this weirdo become so confident?”

Ragini ran to him and pulled him away from them. 

Kunj smiled at Ragini and she smiled back while she reminded Sanskaar what he had to do. 

“Twinkle. Here you go.”

“What’s this knife for Kunj? ARE WE EATING CAKE?”

“Well, we can. But the knife isn’t for cutting cake. I’m giving you the ability to kill me, right here, right now.”

“What is wrong with you, you dimwit?”

“Let me complete Twinki. My sweet lil chotti told me everything. Now, I’m telling you this today and I can give it to you in writing and have a whole will made or whatever I need to do. I’m telling you that I won’t cheat on you. I’m giving you this assurance that I won’t cheat on you, because I love you. I’m in love with you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I want to make crazy schemes, plot against Lakshya, talk about how we feel, have weird lyric battles. I want to keep doing that for the rest of our lives. So, I’m asking you to trust me. I’m asking you to believe that I won’t hurt you. Because right now, I’ve given you the ability to kill me, but I know you won’t do it because of how much we love each other. If I do cheat on you, if I break your heart, you can kill me. And I’ll write this whole note in preparation saying that I did it myself. Though I’m sure I would never do anything that will hurt you, I’ll prepare all of this to reassure you. I’ll do it today. Right now. If you say yes.”


Ragini and Sanskaar smiled and got on one knee in front of Twinkle, holding 2 rings. 

“Twinkle, would you do me the great honour of marrying Kunj and becoming my mom/sister in law, rather than my adopted mom?”

“Twinkle, would you do me the honour of marrying this dimwit right here and torturing him for my sake? Will you officially take on the title of my sister/ sister in law/ adopted mother in law?”

Kunj then got on his knees and held Twinkle’s hands in his. 

“Will you marry me,Twinkle? Please?”

“YES! YES! YES! YOU DIMWITS! A THOUSAND TIMES YES. I don’t need any reassurance Kunj. I have you. I know you will never hurt me. I’m not scared of being hurt, I’m scared of being alone. As long as you’re by my side, I’ll be okay. Kunj, as cheesy as this sounds, You’re all I need. Oh and mom and Ragu and Sanskaar also. And maybe–”

“Just shut up and hug me Twinkle.”

Twinkle was sobbing but managed to get on her knees and hug Kunj while Sanskaar and Ragini smiled as they tried not to sob. Kunj began full on sobbing and that’s when Sanskaar realised that Ragini had assigned him an important task of holding tissues for all of them. 

He handed a few tissues to Ragini and both of them struggled to wipe the couple’s tears. Ragini and Sanskaar then looked at the rings and shoved the couple away from each other. 

“This. This is practically your engagement. We bought Kunj a ring, well I bought Kunj a ring and this is your ring Twinkle. So right now, both of you, put this on each other’s fingers, get engaged and we’ll give you guys some privacy.”

About 15 minutes later, Ragini and Sanskaar were standing at the entrance of the restaurant crying, because this was such a great moment. They were ugly crying and trying to wipe each other’s faces and ended up crying more each time the other cried. 12 minutes later, they had finally calmed down and decided to go to a cafe to celebrate their anniversary now. 

“What an amazing way to spend our anniversary. Sobbing uncontrollably because our best friends are going to get married.”

“Couple goals, Ragu. Only us. Only we can do this sort of stuff.”

Ragini rolled her eyes at Sanskaar’s mockery but a smile ended up adorning her face as she stared at the man she fell in love with. 


Ragini turned to look at the person who called her and immediately scrunched up her nose in annoyance. 


“What are you doing here Ragini?”

“Woh I was missing you so much na, I stalked you and came here aise hi. Tum bolo?”

“Why can’t you just be straight forward with your answers Ragini? I– Wait. Who’s the dude? Oh my god, you’re actually dating her? Best of luck to you man.”

“Okay Swara. Bye bye now.”

“Um, at least introduce me to your boyfriend,hookup whatever.”

“I don’t want to.”

“Well, clearly he must be a downgrade from Lakshya then huh? Since you don’t want to introduce him to me? Oh, by the way, Mr. Ragini’s boyfriend I presume, Lakshya is my ex that Ragini was in love with.”

“Oh, I know that Potty face. I’m definitely an upgrade compared to THAT.”


“Oooohh, trouble in paradise huh?”

“Sanskaar, don’t compare yourself to anyone. I’m not with you because you’re better than someone. I’m not with you because you’re an upgrade. I’m with you because I love y– everything about you. I do hate a lot of things, but none of that matters compared to the things I love. You’re my best friend, you may be much better than him, you may be an upgrade, but that’s not what you are to me. You aren’t just an upgrade Sanskaar, you’re everything.”

Sanskaar didn’t pay attention to what Swara said next but he was sure that his girlfriend must have been sassy. He helped Ragini become that. And somewhere he liked that he caused her to become sassier and that in turn made her happier somehow rather than having sadness in her heart.

Flashback ends 

“Ugh, I can’t believe I have to see that stupid Swara’s face now.”

“Aditi, you’re the one that invited her.”

“I sent the whole class the same message on the group and she showed up.” 

“On the plus side, apparently Ragini and Sanskaar really pissed her off on the day of their One month anniversary so maybe we’ll all get to piss her off collectively now.”

The four people who were nibbling on random snacks while they waited for RagSan to get everything in order for the Sangeet exchanged glances at what Lakshya said. 

Twinkle turned to Lakshya and stretched out her arms. Lakshya was worried she’d strangle him but she hugged him and said–”Good job. You have finally proven that we can befriend you.”

Lakshya rolled his eyes and playfully shoved Twinkle away. Twinkle glared at him and he gulped but then everyone burst out in a fit of giggles.

Vivaan hugged Lakshya and whispered–”I know you love Ragini, I know you really do. What you did was wrong, but I know that you’ve been in a lot of pain as well. I know it hurts, but atleast you’ve gained 4 new friends. All of us.”

Lakshya smiled and hugged him back as he tried not to cry. Kunj and Twinkle looked at each other and immediately joined the hug. Aditi on the other hand, smiled to herself and said–”Not 4 new friends, but 5. I know my dear brother in law and I know that he wouldn’t leave you behind. You’ll end up being super close to him. And I’m sure you and Ragini will be friends again. She will give you a chance to actually prove how much you care about her, as a friend this time. That I’m sure of.”

Aditi then joined the hug and Sanskaar who had come to tell them that the ‘no helping in sangeet ban’ had been lifted off, walked away with a smile on his face. All wasn’t forgotten and for sure it wasn’t as though everything had been forgiven. But, when you find someone who truly cares, you make sure they stay. And so, that’s how things would be now, they were now the bratpack, a group of 7.

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