Swaragini….”When A Heart Meets Another”

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Hi guys This is Hajrah and this is my ff…I just hope like it……

The episode starts a girl is seen doing arragements in a house.She is wearing a red dress.Her hair are open.She climbs on a stool and does some arragements.She gets a call from someone.She is Ragini.

Ragini:Ey Bhagwaan….Main yeh phone kaise outhaoungi? Bag tho niche hain(Oh my god”… How will I pick this phone? My bag in down…)

She sees a boy going.She shouts please pick up my phone and give it to me.The boy picks it up and throws it to her.She catches it and sees the guy going.

Ragini:How rude! He didnt even wait to listen thanks.

She picks the call and talks.

The boy who gave Ragini phone goes to another boy’s room.His face is shown.He is Sanskaar.

Sanskaar:Ur wedding is fixed and u didnt even bother to tell me huh?

Friend:Sorry yaar Sanskaar…Forgive ur friend.

Sanskaar:U r my friend thats why all forgiven Sameer.

They smile and have a talk.

Ragini later gets hirsty and looks for the kitchen.She finally enters the kitchen and drinks water.Sanskaar comes there and sees a shadow.He thinks its thief and catches her from behind.She is shocked.Zaalima song…plays in the bg

She pushes him and falls alongwith him.They see each other and have an eylock.Music plays again…..

Sanskaar(thinks):She is sooo beautiful!!!

Ragini:He is soo handsome!!

In a college, a girl is seen running hurriedly.She is wearing a blouse and a skirt.She shouts move of the way and is late for class.She clashes with Laksh but continues to run.

Laksh:R u blind? Cant u see and walk?


Swara’s face is shown.She reaches the class late and apologizes to the teacher.

After class,she looks for her phone and doesnt find it.She gets worried and remembers she clashed with Laksh.She goes to find him.She sees him and shouts boy stop!!.laksh stops and asks her to stop there itself or else he will again fall down.She laughs.He smiles seeing her.Rain falls.She pulls him in a corner to hide from the rains.He gets mesmerized seeing her beauty.

Swara:hey My phone went with u maybe when I clashed with u.Can I get it back please?

He takes the mobile out of his pocket.She extends her hand.He shakes hand with her.She smiles and signs about the phone.He gives it to her.She takes it and goes.He continues to look at her and says pagal(mad) girl.

Precap:Sanskaar grabs Ragini and pins her to wall angrily.She gets hurt and cries.He scolds her.She looks at him teary eyed.

Credit goes to:Hajrah

Hey guys, this is my first ff hope u liked me…forgive me If I made some mistake in typing…..Hope u liked it….Please comment how it was…..I know its short but i promised to make it longer next time….

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  1. Zelena81196

    amazing…. update soon….

  2. A.xx

    nice and post soon xx

  3. Pari123

    Awesome yaar do continue soon

  4. Pari123

    Where were you. You didn’t update his love for her wala story if you stopped thatone? ?

  5. congrats u write well its ragsan ff or raglak ff whatever I loved it bcoz I am ragini aka tejesswi die heart fan but plzz continue don’t stops in middle and be regular plzzz

  6. Yeyyy its ragsan im excited like hell..Plz next part sooooonnn

  7. Ragsan part is awesome, I’m waiting for your other ff also

  8. Raina_Riz


  9. superb

  10. Ragsan scenes are Awesome

  11. Continue dear

  12. Plz make it swasan story not ragsan.

  13. nice!!

  14. Asra

    awesome dear….

  15. A12345

    Ragsan wow… Thankyu…

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