Swaragini….”When A Heart Meets Another” Episode 9

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Hey guys…I noticed that some of u are Ragsan fans while others are Swalak fans….I will try to balance both sides…and plzz give me ideas What I can write in the maha episode.

Recap:Sanskaar broke the marriage with Ragini.Swara left Maheshwari Mansion.

Doorbell rings at Gagodia Mansion.Dadi opens the door and sees Swara.She gets shocked seeing her.

Dadi:Shona! U here with ur bag!

Swara:I came to support my sister Dadima….I cant stay with those who wronged my sister.She goes to Ragini and sees her crying.She feels bad and goes to her.

Swara:See I told u naa…Not to do this or else the results will be really bad….why did u do this?

Ragini hugs Swara.Swaragini….sad music plays……

Annapurna scolds Laksh.

Annapurna:Cant u see us happy Laksh? Huh? Why did u break the marriage today? If u did not like Ragini u could have tell Sanskaar the other day naa…u ruined their lives so easily! Shame on u! I am ashamed to call u my son.

She goes.Dp also goes.Sujata consoles Laksh and says u did right.Laksh goes.Sujata laughs and tells to Parineeta that I showed the sisters their true status.They laugh and shake hands(witch!!””!!!)

Sanskaar is thinking about Ragini.He cries badly and apologises to her.He calls her.Ragini sees it and doesnt take it first.He calls agains.She takes the call and doesnt talk.He senses she is crying.


Ragini:What is left now to talk?

Sanskaar:Dont u want to know why I did that?

Ragini:The marriage is already broken naa…then why should I listen the reason now.And yes dont call me again because u broke that relation.

She ends the call and cries.Lo maan liya humne…plays….Sanskaar also cries.

Its morning,Ragini gets ready and looks at the sindoor box that her friend gifted her.She touches it and gets emotional.She goes to Swara and says she wants to go to the market.

Swara:But Ragini there are servants naa….

Ragini:I want to distract myself plzz shona.


They reach the market in car.Swara(wearing a saree) and Ragini(wearing a salwar kameez) see bangles to buy.They buy many colourful bangles.They eat gola and revive their old moments.Swaragini plays as they go to a candy store.They come out with candy floss.Laksh comes there and stops his jeep infront of them.They are shocked and look on.Laksh comes to Swara and holds her hand.

Laksh:return to our house 

Swara:No I wont 

They argue.Ragini drags Swara.

Ragini:Shona Go!

Swara is shocked and says Ragini? 

Ragini:I made such a big sacrifice for u Shona….so that u need not be afraid of anyone and u r letting my sacrifice go waste?

Swara cries and hugs crying Ragini.Swaragini sad…plays….Swara promises her that she will bring her back in less than 2 weeks.She sits with Laksh and leaves.

Laksh pulls Swara to room and pulls her closer.

Laksh:Dont make the mistake to leave me again as u will not be spared next time.

Swara:I will leave..As soon as Ragini gets her rights in this house I will leave.

He scolds her.She gets sad seeing him.

She shouts at him to do anything he wants.He say fine then and throws the things in room.He throws a candle and fire gets around them.She gets scared and cries.He tells her to stay in this fear forever and goes.Swara cries and sits down.Laksh goes out and wonders what happened to him.He goes back to Swara and gives her aid asking her to put ointment on her wound.She takes it and finds his behaviour strange.She looks for something in the cupboard and gets a file.She gets shocked reading it.She finds that Laksh has Personality desorder(OMG!!!).She calls a doctor.

Swara:Doctor! Its Swara speaking.Does Laksh has double personality desorder? 

Doctor:Yes Swara ji thats why sometimes he behaves and later normal.

Swara:So what we should do to cure it?

Doctor:We must accept all the things that he does when he is bad then he will get tired doing it one day.

She ends the call and cries.

Swara:Thats why Laksh did this to me!!

She smiles and says my belief did not break.She remebers the doctor’s words and thinks she will bear anything for the sake of Laksh.She prays to god to cure Laksh soon.

Its night, Laksh comes to room and sees Swara changing.(he is bad right now).She takes off her dupatta and stops seeing him.He eyes her in the blouse and skirt.He comes to her and holds her waist.He turns her and says he has right on her.She gets shocked seeing his strange behaviour.He shouts on her and laughs.He breaks perfume bottles infront of her.She gets scared and cries.He takes a piece of the broken glass and throws it at her.She gets hurt on her cheeks and cries.He. clutches her arm tight and asks her to never mess with him or the result will be bad.She doesnt say a word and stays silent.He cups her face hard and pushes her to a wall.She gets hurt and cries badly.He laughs and faints.She puts him on bed.She sits on the floor and cries seeing him.

Precap:Sanskaar stops Ragini and romances with her in the middle of the street while it was raining…..Teri Galliyan….plays….

Credit goes to:Hajrah

Hey guys plzzz comment how it was….hope u liked it…I am not writing the maha epsiode as I have tests…I will write it Asap.Plzz give ne some ideas about it…..Sorry for the short episode, will make it longer next time…Love u guys…..

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    Keep writing moree

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    Amazing and want to see Sansku’s jealousy xx

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  11. Ragz_teju


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