Swaragini….”When A Heart Meets Another” Episode 6

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Recap:Swalak returned home.Swara cooked food.

Its morning,Ragini wakes up and shouts seeing Sanskaar.He wakes up and shouts.(a funny scene ensures).

Ragini:Aap yahan kya kar rahr hain?(What the hell r u doing here?)

Sanskaar:Oh hello? I have no interest to come here….Yesterday I called u and u shouted in sleep so I was worried….and I…..came here.

She looks at him.

Ragini:But how did u enter?

Sanskaar points at the window.

Ragini:R u that worried for me? Huh? Why? Hum aapke hain kaun?(who am I to u?)

Sanskaar thinks to tease her and comes closer to her.She walks back.She stops near the wall.

Sanskaar:Everything! U r my everything after yesterday night.


Sanskaar:U remember u kissed me last night?

Ragini recalls.

Ragini:Yes but then I fell asleep.

Sanskaar:No….we had the most beautiful night yesterday.

She gets shocked.He surpresses his laugh.She starts crying and beats him.He tries to stop her but she continues to cry.He finally pulls her closer.They have an eyelock.

Sanskar:Shhhh!!U kissed me and thats why it was the most beautiful night….

She gets impressed and looks at him.Tere naam….plays…..He smiles and goes.She is surprised and looks at herself in mirror.She shies.She calls Swara.


Swara:Lado….r u fine? Why r u shouting?

Ragini:I love him!!!!


Ragini: him!!!! Sanskaar….

Swara is happy.

Swara:But does he love u?

Ragini gets silent.Swara laughs silently and ends the call.Ragini wonders if Sanskaar loves her and decides to ask him.Annapurna comes there gives her nek for preparing good food.Swara refuses to take it.But Annapurna convinces her.She hugs her.

Ragini gets ready and goes to Maheshwari Mansion.

Ragini:Aunty? Where is Sanskaar?

Annapurna:In his room.

Ragini rushes.Annapurna smiles and looks on.

Ragini comes to Sanskaar’s room.She sees him talking to that pic.

Sanskaar:I love u! And I will propose u today….in tonight’s party.

Ragini gets shocked.She turns to go.Sanskaar sees her and stops her.She wipes her tears and smiles at him.

Sanskaar:There is party tonight as Swara and Laksh got married.Plzz come today.

She nods and runs from there.He wonders what happened to her.

Ragini clashes with Sujata.She asks her to stay here and get ready here itself.Swara comes and takes Ragini.

Swaragini get ready together.Swaragini….plays….They come downstairs.Sanlak get mesmerized seeing them.Music plays……Annapurna blesses them.Sanskaar and Laksh dance with Swaragini on Meri ashiqui tum hi ho…plays…..They have an eyelock.The dance ends.Ragini turns to go.The spotlight gets on her.She stops and looks around.She sees a projector on.She gets surprised seeing her childhood photo.Sanskaar speaks.

Sanskaar:A beautiful girl loved a handsome guy.(the projector then shows his childhood photo).They both loved each other but did not had courage to tell till one day they got seperated.

Ragini cups her mouth and cries.

Sankaar:One day they met again.Destiny made them meet but their heart did not recognize each other.But slowly they got to know that their soulmate is infront of them….

Sanskaar comes to her.He bends on his knees.

Sanskaar:Will u permit the lovers to unite? Or will u let destiny take the decision?

He forwards a ring.Ragini cries happily and forwards her hand.He makes her wear the ring.Music plays….They hug.Flower shower on them.All clap for them Swara smiles and tries to go to them but Laksh holds her hand.She cries and looks at him sadly.She pulls her hand and nods no to him.She goes to Ragini and hugs her.Swaragini plays….

Swara:Finally u got ur happiness.

Precap:Annapurna comes to them and says no one asked my consent for this relation.They are shocked and looks on.

Credit goes to:Hajrah

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    1. It’s not only ragsan
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