Swaragini….”When A Heart Meets Another” Episode 5

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Hey guys I am back….I will write my maha episode some days later…

Recap:Swalak got married.

Its morning, Swara fell asleep on the sofa.Laksh comes downstairs and gets mesmerized seeing her beauty.He carresses her face.

Laksh:Why do i Feel that u r not at fault? Why do I feel as if u r really innocent….why?

Swara wakes up.He gets away from her.She looks at him.

Laksh:Pack ur bags we are returning.

Swara:Today itself?

Laksh goes.

They return back home.Maheshwari Family get surprised seeing her.Gagodia family is also there.Ragini rushes to Swara and hugs her.Swara hugs her and cries.

Ragini:Shona.What happened? Is everything alright? Why r u crying?

Swara:Nthng I was just missing u thats why I cried.

Ragini:But why did u return today…U two were supposed to return later right?

Swalak look at each other.Sad song plays…..

Swara:Actually I was missing maa(annapurna) a lot.Thats why.

Sumi:Hmm? So now u dont miss me!

Swara says maa and hugs Sumi and Shekhar.Dadi blesses her.

Ragini:Btw Laksh tomorrow u have to send her for phag phere rasam and then u can come to pick her.

Gagodia family take a leave.Ragini looks at Sanskaar and leaves.He goes to his room.Swara sees that and goes to talk to Sanskaar but Laksh stops her.

Laksh:Atleast wait for aarti then u can go.And I wont let u manipulate Sanskaar more.

Swara is teary eyes remembering his harsh words.Annapurna and Sujata does their aarti.She blesses them.Swara rushes to Sanskaar.

Swara:Sanskaar….why havent u told Ragini that u love her? Misunderstandings are growing….

Sanskaar:I am planning to tell her soon but misunderstandings?

Swara:I mean Ragini will stay in misunderstanding that u dont love her.

Laksh calls Swara and she goes to room.

She sees Laksh.

Laksh:Have u done manipulating my brother? But he wont listen to u so stop it now.

Swara:Laksh…How could u think so cheap things like that about me?I thought u loved me.Because whenever I look in ur eyes…i see love not hatred.

Laksh taunts her and goes.She cries and is sad.She comes to the window.She cries remembering their happier and romantic moments.Lo maan liya humne…plays….Laksh is sad too in the washroom.He cries and is hurt.

Laksh:Why am i feeling bad if i scolded her.Its true.Or is it false.

He comes out and sees her crying.She wipes her tears and comes to him.

Swara:Ab tak tumne sirf meri pyaar dekhi hain Laksh….Ab tum mera tashan dekho ge(Till now u saw only my love Laksh…but now u will see my style).

She goes.He looks on.She takes her red salwar kameez and changes into it.He keeps on admiring her.She and laksh go downstairs.

Sujata:Swara, today u will do evening aarti ok.

Swara nods.

Anapurna:And after that u wil prepare dinner for us as ur first ritual of kitchen ok.

Laksh:Then she will burn whole kitchen.

Everyone laugh.Swara stares at him.They do the aarti.Swara sings Bhajan.They get mesmerized hearing her beautiful voice.She gives everyone prassad.Laksh doesnt take from her hand and goes.She looks on.She keeps the aarti plate and goes to kitchen.

She prepares Halwa for everyone.She hears Uttara and Parineeta saying that they are going to parlour.Sujata saying that she is tired to cook and goes to rest.Annapurna asks where is my medicines and who will give it to me?

Swara looks at the medicines boxes and takes one medicine.She goes and gives it to Annapurna.She gets surprised and takes it.

Swara goes to the kitchen.

Swara:how will i live in such environment where everyone is careless?

She continues to cook.She then serves the dishes on the table.

Sujata:But u had to prepare kheer only?

Swara:Bhabhi was busy and u was so sleepy that u had to take rest so i thought to cook because Badi maa was unwell.

Everyone smile hearing this.

Sanskaar:Wow Swara the dishes are really tasty.

Swara smiles.Laksh notices it.He indirectly taunts Swara.Swara gets upset and does not eat.She says she will take some rest and goes upstairs.She cries in her room( as u can see Swara is very immature and was pampered a lot so she cannot handle all these issues).

Ragini calls her.

Swara:Ragini I am missing u.

Ragini:Even i am missing u.But tell me one thing.r u ready for this new relation? I mean there will be some responsibilities which….

Swara:I know Ragini and I am trying adapt here.

Ragini talks to her and ends the call.Swaragini plays….

Laksh comes there and sees her crying.Tere liye….plays….He keeps the food plate near her and goes.She looks on.She eats the food and sleeps.Laksh looks on.

Laksh:She is still a kid.

Sanskaar thinks about Ragini and thinks to propose her soon.He calls her.She picks the call by mistake in her sleep.She sees a bad dream and shouts save me.He gets concerned for her and reaches her house.He climbs the window and comes to her room.He sees her sleeping and admires her.Music plays….He caresses her face and heaves a sign of relief knowing she is fine.She shouts and wakes up.She gets scared and hugs Sanskaar.She cries.He is surprised and hugs her to console her.Music plays…..She looks at him.They have an eyelock.He comes near her to kiss her.They kiss.She then falls asleep in his arms.

Precap:Sanskaar proposes to Ragini.Laksh stops Swara from going to them.Swara cries and looks at Laksh.

Credit goes to: Hajrah

Hey guys hope u liked it….plzzz comment how it was….thanks…..

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    Amazng part…..waitng for ragsan sceness…keep rockng n stay blessed dr??????

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    superbbb dear…waiting for ragsan moments….tkcr dear….

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    waiting for ragsan scene and swalak tashan xx

  10. please teach a good lesson to laksh.
    For me not swara but laksh is immature.
    waiting for swara’s tashan

  11. Ragz_teju


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