Swaragini….”When A Heart Meets Another” Episode 2

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Hey guys, I am back!!!!!!! Forgive me If I do some mistake in writing….Hope u like it.

Recap:Laksh was mesmerized by Swara.Ragsan met.

Sanskaar:By the way Sameer who is the girl who roams in this house.

Sameer:She is Reena(bride)’s friend and a wedding planner.Why?

Sanskaar:Uhummm what is her name?

Sameer:Ragini Gagodia

Sanskaar:Shekhar Gadodia the big businessman’s daughter?


Sanskaar thinks.

Its the engagement of Reena and Sameer.Ragini takes the clothes and gives it to the laundry man to iron them.There is Sanskaar’s ancestral dress in it.The man burns it by mistake and doesnt notice it.Ragini then takes the dresses and puts it in Sanskaar’s room.Sanskaar is shocked seeing the burnt dress.He shouts for servants and gets to know Ragini was given the responsibility.He comes to her and pulls her aside.He pins her to wall and shouts how dare u.She gets shocked and looks at him.

Ragini:Oh hello! Whats wrong with u?

Sanskaar:U burnt my dress which my Grandma gave.She is no more in this world.And her last memory also is gone all thanks to u.

She cries and looks at him.

Ragini:U think I would burn anyone’s dress like this!?

He pushes her and goes.

She wipes her tears and looks on.

Swara is walking.Laksh sees her and goes to her.She smiles and greets him.

Laksh:Actually I wanted to have economics notes.I was absent that day so…

Swara takes out her book and gives him

Swara:By the way I am Swara Gagodia and u?

Laksh:Hi Swara,  I am Laksh Maheshwari.

Swara:Hi Laksh.

They smile and shake hands.

Music plays….In the bg.

Swara:tomorrow u can return it to me.

Laksh ok.

A servant comes to Sanskaar and gives him his dress.He is surprised.

Servant: Sir Ragini maam sent this for u.

Sanskaar:But the dress was….

Servant:Yess sir she sat and stiched  it for 2 hours saying that it was special for u.

He is impressed and looks on.He touches it lovingly.He thinks why I am feeling happy like this as if someone special made it.Music plays…

Ragini is sad and does the arragements.

Ragini:why my mood is bad like this.

She wonders what happened to her.She scolds the staff unecessarily.Sanskaar comes to her.She turns and collides with him.She gets teary eyed remembering the scold.She turns to go.He holds her hand and stops her.Music plays….She gets nervous.He pulls her closer and apologizes to her.She looks on.She feels happy and gets puzzled.

Precap:Swara gets impressed with Laksh.Ragini dances with Sanskaar…

Hey guys thank u so much for liking my ff….Half credit goes to Shayneez…..plzz comment how it was…hope u liked it….sorry for my mistakes.

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  1. Ragsan scenes are nice

  2. It’s lovely loved ragsan next part plz

    1. And r u the author of his love for her and her love for him if yes plz upload it

  3. Yes it’s very nice.

  4. A.xx

    nice but why so short xx

  5. Shayneez

    Oh my god, ur ff is so well written
    Btw ur welcm???

  6. love it ragini is amazing plzz give more ragsan scene thanks next part soon

  7. Wonderful

  8. Asra

    awesome dear….

  9. Ragz_teju


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