Swaragini (Heart Connection) Episode 24

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The episode begins with the boys hiding behind the pillar. Ragini comes there, Radikha comes there too,
Radikha: Thank you Rags for getting me out!
Ragini: Rags?
Radikha: can I call you Rags?
Ragini nods and says: It’s okay you don’t need to thank me!
She was about to go in when Daadi comes.
Daadi: What are you doing?
Ragini: I don’t know Daadi.
Aansh: Why is Daadi here?
Lakshya: What’s happening?
DP: if she goes in then….
Daadi: Move I need to go and get my clothes.
Ragini: Did you leave them here?
Daadi: The servant put it in the wrong place!
Ragini: Okay Daadi I’ll go and get it.
All look at them behind the pillar but Aansh and DP are worried.
Radikha: No wait I’ll go!
Daadi: No need, no one asked you!
Radikha: It’s my room so I will go!
DP: Look at her attitude!
Daadi: No need, I will go!
Daadi enters the room and DP and Aansh look on shocked.
Daadi: Aaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!!!!
The boys get shocked, Daadi comes out covered in black goo and they boys run. Radikha laughs and takes a picture, Ragini giggles and Daadi stares at her.
Radikha: Are you okay? I told you not to go but you didn’t listen.
Ragini: Daadi, who done this are you okay?
Daadi: At this state I feel like dancing! I’m not okay, use your eyes and see if I’m okay!!
Ragini: Daadi I was just…
Daadi: What just?!!
Daadi goes away to her room.

They reach the terrace,
Lakshya: What just happened?
Aansh: I didn’t know Daadi was going to be there!
DP: She came at the wrong time and all this happened to her instead of Tanu(Radikha).
Aansh: We were planning to teach Tanu a lesson, but it all failed.
Sanskaar: Bhai even you?
DP: It’s…it’s all this useless donkeys fault.
DP slaps him on the back of his head.
Aansh: Why are you hitting me? Your the one who happily accepted the proposal and day dreamed!!
Standing there like a fool with a big smile!
DP: So, who’s idea was it?
Aansh: Who helped me?
DP and Aansh glare at each other.
Lakshya: You both stop it and no one should know it was you!! And no one will find out.
Radikha with Mishti, Swara and Ragini reach there.
Radikha: Wow, no one will find out huh?
Sanskaar: What are you talking about?
Ragini: About what you did!
Lakshya: What did we do?
Swara: Don’t tell me you don’t know what we are talking about!
Aansh: We don’t know, what happened anyways?!
Mishti: Oh really, you don’t know?
All nod no.
Mishti: Oh okay, they don’t know lets leave.
Radikha: But it was them!
Swara: We can’t leave like this!!
Mishti: Yeah, we need to show this ring to everyone and then they will tell us the real culprit.
Mishti opens her fist and everyone see the ring.
Swara: Who’s ring is this?
Sanskaar: We don’t know who’s ring this is!
Lakshya looks at the ring and touched his finger and does not find it, he lets out a worried face.
Mishti: As far as I remember, I seen this ring with Lakshya.
Lakshya: It’s not my ring.
Ragini: Where is yours then?
Lakshya: It’s in my room.
DP: We didn’t do anything so stop harassing us!
Radikha: Harassing? What you did to that lady was harassing, so we will get the police involved.
All look on shocked,
Swara: I can’t believe you guys can do this!
Mishti: We know, anyways let us go and tell everyone and then the police will find out who’s ring this is.

Mishti turns around, Aansh looks at Lakshya and Lakshya shouts stop!!
Mishti turns back around.
Lakshya: It’s my ring!!
Swara: Unbelievable!
Ragini: I seriously can’t believe you!
Radikha: I knew it was them and let me tell you who must have planned it!
Lakshya: I didn’t do anything!
Mishti: Who planned it?
DP: The ring must have dropped while he was walking, you can’t blame him!
Aansh: Dugs is right!!
Ragini: Why Daadi??
Radikha: It wasn’t for Daadi it was for me!! Right?
DP: Yes, it was for you but I don’t know how Daadi reached there!!
All look at DP,
Sanskaar: Bhai!!!!
Lakshya: You broke the promise Diggu!!
DP: They would have told Dad and he would’ve killed me!
Swara: Was it all of you?
DP: No, it was…
DP looks at all of them, they nod no.
Lakshya: It….it was me!!
Ragini: That’s why your ring was there!
Swara: I knew it.
Aansh: No it was me!!
They look at Aansh,
Sanskaar: No it was me!!!
They get shocked. Then Aansh, Lakshya and Sanskaar argue it was them.
Swara: Enough!!! Tell us the truth!!
DP feels guilty and says: It was me.
All of them stop arguing.
Lakshya: Diggu!! Yes it was Diggu!
Aansh: It was Dugs!
DP gets shocked and looks at them.
DP: I lied to save you and you all are bent to blame it on me!
Radikha: It means you lied!!
Swara: Who was it?
Radikha: They won’t tell, we need to bring Daadi up!
They get shocked. Aansh looks at them and Says: It was me!
Ragini: Are you telling the truth?
Lakshya: No it….
Aansh: No Pogo, it was me!!
Sanskaar: But….
Aansh: It was me!!
They look at DP and Sanskaar and Lakshya and they all nod.
Radikha: I knew it.
Swara: Why did you do it?
Aansh: It wasn’t for Daadi, it was for Tanu!!
Ragini: Seriously?
Aansh: Don’t act as if you don’t know!!
Ragini looks at Aansh and all stare at Ragini.
Aansh: I already told you it was me!!
Ragini lets out a sigh.
AP shouts to come downstairs and all rush.
DP: We are in trouble!!

They reach the main hall,
Sujata: Who was it?!!!
AP: Sujata!!
Sujata: Sorry JiJi but I was only asking?
Sumi: Who did that to Maa?
They all put their heads down.
Daadi: I know it wasn’t the girls, the boys must have done it!!
Shekhar: Tell us!!
AP: All of you tell the truth!!
They say nothing,
Sumi: Swa….Reviti, you tell me beta who was it?
Swara: Maa, I don’t know but it was one of them!
Ragini: We tried asking but they didn’t tell us.
Radikha: It was them!! They are not admitting,
Radikha smiles and in her head she says: You three are gone!! I still haven’t forgot you locking me in the room and arguing with me.
Radikha: Mishti found a ring.
Mishti looks at her.
AP: Who’s ring is it?
Lakshya looks on, all glare at Radikha.
Mishti: Vo…uh…
Daadi: What Vo..uh… Quickly show them the ring!!
Sumi comes up to her,
Sumi: Beta, where’s the ring?
Mishti: Maa, I….
Sumi hears her saying Maa and gets abit emotional.
Mishti: It’s here.
Mishti opens her hand and shows it to them. AP identifies it as Lakshyas. She looks at Lakshya.
AP: If you don’t tell us then all of you will get a punishment!!
Sujata: The punishment would be that you all will have your phones taken away and no food!
Lakshya in his head: Another hitlerr in this house.
Lakshya: What type of Punishment is this?
Aansh in his head: Lakshya is a Bukhar(Gluton) He won’t be able to live off the food and Dugs needs his food on time and Saanky will feel hungry.
Sujata: If one of you or all of you don’t own up then all of you will get punished!!
Aansh looks at all of them.
Sujata: Duggu, tell me who it was?
DP doesn’t say anything and looks down.
Swara: You just need to own up and nothing bad will happen.
Lakshya: Nothing bad?? What will be the Punishment for the person that did it?
AP: He will have to be locked in his room for a day and have his phone taken away and is not allowed to go out and will only get jail food!!
Lakshya is taken back,
Lakshya: Wow, you all are cruel.
Daadi: If you want we will add snakes and insects too!!
They all look on.

Sujata: I’m counting upto three and if you don’t own up them be ready for the punishment for all of you!!
1…..Aansh looks at all of them and they look at him, 2…..Aansh thinks
Sanskaar: It was me!!
All get shocked,
Sujata: You? How can you??
AP: Do you know what the punishment is?
Sanskaar nods, AP looks at Lakshya.
Lakshya: No it was me!!
Aansh: No it was me!!!
DP: Actually it was me!!
All look on!
Radikha: Listen we want the real culprit and straightly tell us!
Aansh: It was me, so leave them!
Lakshya: No Maa, he’s lying it was me!!
Sanskaar: No Pogo why are you lying, it was me!!
DP: Stop trying to save me, Mausi Ji it was me!!!
Sujata: Enough, you won’t own up like this would you? Fine give me your phones!!
All of them take out their phones, Sujata takes it from them one by one.
Sujata: Now apologise and go straight to your room!
All: Sorry!
Daadi glares at them,
Daadi: Shamless boys, unbelievable, now go!!!
They leave.
Radikha thinks to expose them all.

Precap: Lakshya, Aansh and DP tell the truth and Radikha joins hands with them.


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