Swaragini – Haters towards love (Episode 15)

Hi Friends.I know you all wanted to know about that who is the man. so here you go.

the episode starts with,

The man was shocked to see someone. The man was slapped by the person.
Person : How can u do this to my sis why?
The person is revealed as Swara

Swara : I Trust u so much that’s why i decided to live my life with you but why did u do this
Now i guess you know that the man is none other than laksh
Laksh: Swara listen to me. Don’t shout please what if anyone hears u.
Swara: How can you do this laksh. You are helping my sister enemy. Why?
Laksh says that Yes i was helping your sister enemy because Your sister has made my Brother life danger. so i was helping him to get rid of your sister from my brothers life.
Swara: Wow so u want to kill my sister. Now hear me that this swara will save her sister at any cost.I break our relationship hereitself.
When swara was about turns she was shocked to see someone closing the door. When the person turns she was more shocked to see that person.
Swara: Jiju

The person is Sanskaar
Sanskaar: Swara first of all listen to me.
Swara : why jiju you also a part of this. How?
Sanskaar: Swara first listen to me otherwise they will hear us.
Swara : who will hear us
Sanskaar : Sharma’s mens
Swara :Who the hell is Sharma and why his men will hear us.
Sanskaar and laksh together said dont u know who is sharma
Swara angrily said no
Sanskaar : It means ragini didn’t tell you about how i was become a gangster right.
Swara: Yes. Di tell me only about her promise to take rvenge from you but didn’t tell me about how and all
SANSKAAR : then you must also dont know about gaurav death who was the son of Mla sharma .
Swara : Dont tell me that his full name is Gaurav sharma. He is a big business man.
Sanlak: How do you know about him
Swara : Because he was ragini di ki
Sanlak: Di ki?
Swara : X Fiance
Sanlak : What?

The screen freezes on shocked face of Sanlak.

To know about the remining flashback who is gaurav sharma and how is death is happened. You should comment …

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  2. good episode eager to know who is gaurav sharma and about his death

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