(Swaragini) hamari adhuri kahani episode 35

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hi guys… hope you remember me and my ff’s…. I am so sorry it is almost 3 months since I had been last posted… I am really very very sorry but I am stuck up with personal and professional problems so I was not even in TU. I can’t promise to be regular but I will be definitely posting my ff’s from now…


“she is fine no need to worry,she fainted due to stress try to keep her happy everything is going to be fine” doctor says as he checked ragini.
“thanku so much doctor ” Sanskar says feeling relived.
” stressed!!! ragini is stressed and it’s all because of me, I behaved like a animal with her. I was the reason for her condition ” Laksh thought who was standing back of Sanskar in ragini ward.
Sanskar after thanking doctor called Laksh to bring medicines prescribed for ragini but he was in deep thoughts.
“lucky” sanskar called out twice.
laksh jerked when he heard sanskar calling him.
“sorry Bai I was thinking something ” he tried to justify his act but his eyes are on ragini who is still unconscious.
sanskar felt suspicious with laksh behaviour but he kept quite thinking it’s not the correct time to ask about it.
“lucky get these medicines I will be with ragini”sanskar said still trying to figure out laksh gaze.
“lucky again you are lost what happened”this time sanskar said irritated.
“sorry bai I will get medicines” saying he left in a hurry avoiding sanskar question.
“their is something laksh is hiding from me and I strongly feel it’s related to ragini”sanskar thought.
“I should inform ragini family are else they will become worried” thought sanskar and called kunj.
“kunj this is sanskar actually I called to inform….”before he could finish kunj interrupted saying karthik is no more and asked him to come fast with ragini to GM.
sanskar was shocked he felt bad though karthik and he never shared friendly relation he was his college mate and moreover he is brother of his love.he was tensed for ragini how she will react when she comes to know the truth will she be able to accept the truth what if she again faints and what if her health versens his thoughts were broken when ragini started gaining consciousness.
soon ragini gets conscious.sanskar helps her to sit holding her shoulders.
“are you fine”he asks concerned.
“I am fine just a bit tired”she tried to move out of his hold.sanskar was bit confused and hurt by this but he was more afraid of her reaction about her brother death but he can’t hide it from her.she should know and she has a right to know.
“sorry Mr Gadodia we are still not able to figure out which dead body belongs to your son none of the dna’s of yours are matching with any dead body ” inspector says examining the postmortem reports.
” that means we can still hope our Karthik may be alive ” says excited samir hoping Karthik to be alive.
” may or may not be we are not sure because we still not yet found any clue of being him alive but we will try our level best to find the truth ” saying inspector leaves.
everyone feels relived as their are chances of Karthik being alive.
” excuse me ” Laksh says as he finds SomeOne standing in his way but their will be no response.
” Hello mr I am talking to you will you give me the way “he asks.
” go from the other side ” that man replies bluntly.
” weird “thinking Laksh was about to turn but he see’s Karthik in the ward that the man was standing in front of from the glass door.
” Karthik what was he doing here and I think he was full of wounds ” Laksh thought.
” excuse me do you know Karthik what happened to him is he fine why is he hurt “Laksh asks that man.
” it’s none of your business just forget that you had seen him and go from here are else it will not be good for you ” that man sounds dangerous.
” he is my frnd and he was hurt I am not going to leave him and go atleast till I know the truth ” Laksh says bluntly.
” if you want to be alive just leave from here before my boss comes ” that man says.
” I think something is going wrong I need to find out Karthik is in serious trouble and who are they they will not say if I ask them directly I should find it by my self ” Laksh thought.
” relax bro for a small thing you are over reacting it’s just that that patient is looking similar to my frnd Karthik if you are saying so I might be mistaken. I am going ” Laksh fake smiles and leaves from their.
Laksh hides behind the pillar and observes their actions.
” Sanskar you want to say anything ” ragini asks looking at Sanskar who was thinking something.
” actually ragini i think you should go home your family is waiting for you they Must be worried about you and at present they need you ” Sanskar says.
” they need me what you want to say Sanskar ” ragini asks confused.
” sir discharge papers are ready just sign them and submit in the reception while leaving ” nurse says as she enters the ward.
Sanskar thanks the nurse and helps ragini to get up from bed.
” I will help her to the waiting Hall, you complete the formalities ” nurse says and takes ragini with her.
” I am sorry ragini i don’t want to hide it but I can’t see you in pain any how you will know the truth once you reach your home ” Sanskar feels guilty for not saying about Karthik.
” but how this happened I still can’t believe Karthik is no more ” tear dropped from Sanskar’s eyes.
” I should even say this to Laksh where I he” Sanskar thinks and calls Laksh.
Laksh who was following the man who admitted Karthik in hospital suddenly hides as he turns listening ringtone.
“thank God he had not seen me. why bai is calling me Oh shut I forgot bai Must be waiting for me I came here to take medicines and totally forgot about it” Laksh thinks and lifts the call.
“lucky where are u . what is taking you so much time any how I am taking ragini to her home their I problem Karthik is no more. I don’t what exactly happened you come directly their. are you listening ” Sanskar speaks.
“Yes bai I will call you again” saying Laksh cuts the call.
“what happened to lucky he not even reacted ” Sanskar thinks.
” what bai is saying Karthik is no more but he is here only I think their is a big misunderstanding and where this Man went ” Laksh thinks and searches for him.
” it’s better if I go near Karthik’s ward and wait instead of wasting time in searching this Man “thinks Laksh and goes to Karthik ward but by the time she reach their was no one he asks the doctor and comes to know that he was discharged and laksh also comes to know that Karthik condition was serious but the man who admitted him was forcing for discharge.
“now what to do I should find them some how “Laksh thinks and runs out of the hospital.
nurse is helping ragini to walk as she is feeling little week suddenly she sees SomeOne taking Karthik on stretcher she shouts bai.
“mam it’s not good to run you are still week “says nurse.
” don’t worry I am fine I need to go “saying ragini runs behind them but she already missed them.
” who are they what happened to bai “ragini thinks.
she spots Laksh who just came their.
” Laksh some one had taken bai with them he is injured “ragini says panicking.
” Laksh please do something my brother is in danger “she cries holding his collar and collapses on ground.
” ragini stop crying and look at me ” Laksh says holding her cheeks with his hands and sits on his knees beside her.
” trust me ragini i will bring Karthik back nothing will happen to him you go back home with bai. every thing will be fine. I promise I will make every thing fine ” saying Laksh kisses her forehead she hugs him and cries.
Sanskar who was in search of ragini was shocked to see them like that but thinks it is not important in this situation.
Laksh who sees Sanskar says” bai you and ragini go home I will come their ”
” you both got to know the truth about Karthik dismise “Sanskar says feeling sad.
Laksh and ragini shocks by Sanskar statement.
” what my dought I right their is a big misunderstanding you both go home I will call you ” Laksh says getting up and helping ragini to stand.
” misunderstanding what you are talking Laksh ” Sanskar asks.
” bai even I don’t know anything but I will know the truth soon “Laksh says and was about to go.
” lucky I am not getting anything I can’t let you go alone I will also come with you” Sanskar says.
“if I say it’s risky bai will not allow me to go or he will insist to come with me it’s better I go alone I can’t risk bai life “Laksh thinks.
” bai their is no such big problem trust me I will come soon now ragini need you more than me ” Laksh says and looks at her she is still confused and shocked. Laksh was about to go but ragini holds his hand and nods no.
” ragini trust me ” saying he removes his hand from her hold.one side her heart in saying it’s dangerous Laksh should not go but other side it is saying he was only one who can save Karthik.
” ragini i can’t leave Lucky alone you are not saying anything to me I will only go ” Sanskar says as he dropped ragini in front of GM.
” Sanskar please come inside we will sit and talk about it “ragini says.
” but ragini if something happens to lucky I can’t even imagine. why I let him go don’t know why I am feeling rest less ” Sanskar sounds frustrated and beats his hand to the car by which he gets a bruise.
” Sanskar please hurting your self will not solve problems, first come with me inside I will tell you what happened “saying she takes Sanskar inside.
in GM….

ragini and Sanskar comes inside. all gets worried about how ragini reacts when she knows the truth.
Swara comes to ragini running and hugs her.
” ragu see all are saying bai is no more but I don’t trust them ” Swara cries her heart out.
even ragini cries but soon she wipes her tears.
” no Swara don’t cry and trust me bai is not dead he will definitely come back to us and you all what is this it is looking like as if here crying competition is going on “ragini says.
everyone looks at her shockingly.
” where is swayam, I guess he had locked himself I will get him down now “saying ragini goes up.
” Sanskar what happened to ragu “Swara asks confused.
” even I am waiting to know what exactly happened ” Sanskar says.
” I think ragu lost sense in shock please save my kids from this troma “cries dadi.
” parvathi stop it I am with kids we should not confirm that something happened to Karthik we should wait for Police report even sanjay and samir also went they will get some news hope this time it is good one “dadaji says.
“ha bauji is right we should wait. sumi go and say to babhi that ragini had come ” shekar says
“swayam this is your ragu di please open the door” ragini knocks swayam room door.
“I will not come out you all are lieing ” swayam shouts from inside.
” no swayam they are just mistaken nothing happened to Karthik bai please open the door” ragini cries and beats the door. still it is not opened.
“please swayam see all are worried for you if Karthik bai will come back he will be angry on you ” ragini says.
swayam opens the door he hugs her and cries.
” no more tears if bai will see he will tease you come lets go down ” ragini says.
” Sanskar I told this news when you called me na ” kunj asks confused.
” ha kunj but at that time we are in hospital so I had not informed her before I say only they got to know ” Sanskar says looking at the stairs from were ragini is coming down.
” they who else ” kunj asks.
” Sanskar still you are standing you should take first aid for your bruise “ragini says concerned.
” Sanskar you got hurt how and where ” asks ap worried. all maheshwari’s comes to Sanskar worried.
” mom and badi maa it’s a small bruise don’t worry ” saying Sanskar moves to ragini.
” please ragini how can you be so normal so much happened in few hours and you are talking normally ” Sanskar shouts frustrated. all are shocked to see Sanskar outburst specially maheshwari’s and their frnds.
” Sanskar why are you shouting on ragini “Swara asks.
” then what should I do Swara, look ragini i really care for U and your family I am also worries for Karthik but more than anyone my brother matters to me. I don’t know what happened but I am worried for lucky please say me where he went and why ” Sanskar asks ragini.
” Laksh what happened to Laksh jiji see what Sanskar is saying “sujatha says worried.
” if you know please tell where is Laksh ragini beta “ap asks.
” what is happening here we were in worry about our son and you are accusing my daughter “shekar rages.
” no shekar ji they are just worried about our son don’t take it to heart ” dp says.
” but Sanskar what happened “adharsh asks.
” please all of you stop it “ragini shouts.
” Sanskar really I don’t know where Laksh went and why but he promised me he will bring Karthik bai safe and I trust him. I know Laksh will keep his promise. he will not break me this time. so please don’t ask me anything till he returns “ragini burst outs.
” what do you mean by this time time and how Laksh know about Karthik bai “swara asks confused.
” it just came out I don’t know how he know. please trust me nothing will happen to bai ” ragini says.
” and what about Laksh will you assure if Laksh will be safe “Sanskar shouts in anger.
ragini becomes numb.
” come on speak up dammit you trust Laksh will bring back Karthik safe bit who is responsible if something happens to Laksh that I why I am not feeling safe to allow Laksh to go alone u should have stopped him but don’t know why I let him go “Sanskar breakdown.
” no Sanskar nothing will happen to Laksh nothing will happen to him and I will not let anything happen to him i will not let anything happen to Laksh ” saying ragini goes out of the house.

***this part is not proof read ***

hope you like it… negative and positive feedback is welcomed….. keep smiling… stay blessed… spread positivity… love you all ???

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