Swaragini- my friend (Episode 29)

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Thanks for your support friends and also silent readers. I thanks everyone from my bottom of heart and I am so sorry to all make you cry. Bharathi, I am very happy to get a sister like you but tu is the only medium where we contact each other as I am allergic to socialmedia and writing is the way to reduce my depression in work place. I am not that much talented to became a writer or Director. When I see comments like this, I get self satisfaction that I did a good job and get emotional my friends trusts me. Arghh! Now I am crying.Enough my blab la, there is a third part of final episode. Only one or two part is left which will end with happy ending and epilogue is based on Sathya’s POV. This part is kinda boring please spare me.
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Let I start today episode.

In Hospital,
Laksh POV
I can hear her voice my cutie’s anjelic voice. “Arre Sleeping prince, how much time you will sleep?wake up yaar. This Arjun bhai and Sweety always make me eat yucky food. That food is so tasteless. No one can cook like you. Annu maa don’t give me any sweets because of that Doctor . he told Annu maa that I shouldn’t eat sweets even I should not eat gulabjamun.” She said.

Even she will live without air, how can she live without gulabjamun. So sad. Don’t worry cutie I will give you a plate full no a bowl full no no a bucket full of gulabjamuns.
“Don’t worry. I mixed loose stool tablet in doctor’s food that too two tablets. Yesterday, he took leave. Poor doctor now he can’t eat spicy food atleast for two days”she said with grin in her voice.
waah! what a revenge. I feel pity for doctor. Wait! He always put injection to me that to painful manner. I should return my pity for him. Cutie! you did a very good job. I just want to kiss my cutie’s cheeks for this superb work.Do this to nurse also. she always changes my glucose strips painingly and always put different colour green, red, yellow colour injections. Once I wake up I will also put these colour injections to her.
“Jaan, I know you will love to take revenge. Now also you are taking revenge from me naa for I made you wait three months. Now you also do the same.. I can’t live without you. I already said naa I want to carry your baby again and I want your love and care when I am pregnant. So come soon jaan, your cutie loves you more” my cutie said. She leaned to me and kissed my forehead copy cat. I only do this to her. her one drop of tear falled in my hand when she smiled sadly and start to leave.

I tried my best to stop her. But as always I can’t. wait I feel feelings in my hand. I can raise my hand. that means I can stop my cutie. I hurriedly hold her last finger by my last finger.she turned and holded my hand.
“Jaan..”she spelled my name happily and tears brimming in her eyes.
She leaned towards me what to hear what I am spelling.
“Can we complete our incomplete kiss?” I asked her with a weak voice by making her remember our incomplete kiss in our third marriage.
She hitted my bare chest playfully by forgetting all her pains and hugged me.
“It’s hospital cutie. definitely that my idiot Arjun bhai fitted any CCTV Camera for my safety. So we will continue our romance in home” I said this long sentence after taking breaths in middle and she caressed my chest to make my breath smoother.

She helped me to lay slantly by argessing bed. still she is crying.
“Arre cutie…now I am cured naa. Forget it.” I tried to pacify her.
“why you did like this Jaan. how can you?” she asked me.
“ what do you think? I will marry that kavya and live happily with her. Fool ! I love you more than me cutie. I can’t see you die infront of me. so I decided to welcome you in heaven. But even god don’t want us. He know we will torcher him even in heaven. That’s why he sent us return” I started emotionally and finished with humor to make her smile.
She chuckled by hearing last sentence and her expression changed into shock.
“how do you know?” my cutie asked me shockingly. She looks so cute in this shocked expression.
I puller her cheeks” ok. I am so tired. Now I will sleep and we can speak later” I try to deviate her. I don’t want to tell her about my suicide attempt.a helper comes there to devialte her not helper my enemy doctor.

“ you come out of coma Mr.Singh, really it’s a miracle to survive after getting bite from poisonous spider. If I didn’t see that dead spider, it’s would lose your life. But I don’t know how it was in hospital because it will seen in America only”Doctor exclaimed and start to check me.
“Australia..” I corrected with low tone but Cutie heard it.
Poor spider, I killed it after I made it to bite me. what happen if it bite others. But it’s a costly suicide attempt. That spider cost is nearly 10 Lakhs.
“Do you say anything Mr.Singh?”Doctor asked me.
I pointed the colourful wires which connected in my body.
“when will you discharge me?” I asked doctor.
“ you need complete bed rest Mr.Singh. you will be discharged after a month”Doctor said.
“ if you don’t want again loose stool and admit in the same hospital where you work, then discharge me within two days. I can’t promise that my cutie will mix ten loose stoll tablets in your food for separating her husband from her” I said.

Doctor shockingly looks my cutie.
“Beti, you mixed tablets in Dr.Mitra’s food.” Doctor asked her shockingly.
“ arre Doctor uncle, he is saying lie. He want to come home soon. Please I will take care of him. Sent us home please…”My cutie asked with puppy eyes. Waaah! She is in her full form.
“for you I will discharge him after two days.but you will come every week for check up. Vaise you both are so blessed to have each other. God bless you my child” Doctor said.
“is that doctor is not he whom you gave loose stool tablets ?” I asked her to deviate further.
“Don’t act jaan and never forget that I am your cutie. why did you do that jaan?” my cutie asked by controlling her tears.
I sit in bed and take her face in my hands.
“Don’t forget cutie, I am your jaan and your jaan can’t live without you and he can’t bear your single drop of tear” I said to her while having a eyelock with her.
At that time, correctly my another villain sorry hero my Ajju gives his entry.
“ Laksh…” he spelled my name with moist eyes.
“Bhai..”My sweety hugged me.
“Sweety, your tommy will eat as raw in jealous” I whispered in her ear.
“Bhai..”she shyly called me and hided her face.
“Arre Sweety.. take your husband also with you otherwise this hospital will suffer sudden flood because of his tears.Crying baby…” I tried my best to make my Ajju normal who is standing in the verge of tears.

He smiled and snapped my arms. Ajju … he is very special one to me..my son. I know it’s spell kinda awkward. I am 26 year old having 27 year old son. I felt my fathership in him when he became my Ajju.
“how are you now?” he asked me with a choking voice. I can understand he is so emotional. I know he definitely found my suicide attempt. I looked cutie.
“come on sweety. They will bore us .”My cutie drags Sweety with her.
“ even I am ready to fight with you Arjun bhai” I said while smiling.
He hugged me” why you didn’t think about us before taking that tragic step?”
“Ajju, now everything alright naa. Just forget” I said calmly while rubbing his shoulder.
I can hear and see their crying face and talks to get me back from coma. Cutie always try to be normal but she is broke down from inside eventhough she make her look outside confident. I know now she will cry outside because of happiness. In these days, Dadu always hold my hands and pleads to me return.Mamaji and bua sobs and Rehan also.

Arjun bhai broke the hug.
“once, you will become alright. After that I will show , what is your punishment for this?” Arjun bhai said while signing to punch me.
“ohh! Ok.if you didn’t return your punishment, I will make Sweety stay with cutie for more than a week” I winked at him.
“what? My sweety never accept this.” Arjun bhai exclaimed.
“Sweety…” I called Subatra and arjun bhai closed my mouth.
Sweety and Cutie comes inside.
“Bhai do you need anything?”Sweety asked me innocently and Arjun takes his hand suddenly. I looked Arjun bhai who is pleading to me through his eyes.
“Nothing sweety. I want to be with you all in our house. I am just saying to your tommy otherwise what will happen.” I said while smirking to Arjun bhai. Arjun bhai take a long breath.
“ohh” Sweety muttered.”Actually I am scared bhai”Sweety said.
“everyone please go out. Patient needs some rest”Nurse come inside and announced.
“Sweety, you take cutie with you. I want to be with Arjun bhai some time. “ I requested and she happily nodded and left.

Cutie looked me with moist eyes and left with Sweety
“now tell me bhai. what all happened after..?” I asked.
“your talk make Rago come out of coma. But you went to coma because that spider’s poison affected your nervous system. It’s been one week”Arjun bhai said.
“bhai, you know what I am asking” I directly asked about our family.
He looked at me with different expressions.
“Everything is going perfect. Lakshya Industries will soon take over VR Industries and VR Mansion and now there is not a single enemy against our family” Arjun bhai said.
“I am going to tell all my truth bhai including K” I announced.
“But..”Arjun bhai hesitated as there is chance for misunderstandings. I gave pain to my own family for their safety. But I felt guilt by hiding. I can’t see anyone eyes.
This long rest helped me to gather my strength to expose my truth to my family. I want to give happiness to my family. I want to see smile in their face. it’s my small world.
“ I can handle bhai and I want to come home”I give him confidence and asked him and he nodded. I closed my eyes and remembered what all happened my life. I start to gather my happy moments with my family, my cutie especially my sansku. I feel now I am so confident. I feel to walk and I asked Arjun to take me walk and he accepted after hesitating.
I inhaled air.
“now only I feel free bhai. that room is so suffocating” I admitted to bhai.

Arjun bhai’s gaze fall on a direction. There, Aadi talks with a girl .
I have seen this girl some where. I asked Arjun bhai through his eyes.
“her name is Uttara. She was in coma for past 7 and half years.Aadi met her when you admitted in hospital. Actually, she fall before our car. Aadi and Amrit suspected someone tried to kill her. So they hides about her even from meenu. She come from coma before two months. Aadi fall for her innocence and she also have a soft corner for him but she refuses…”Arjun tells to hesitate.
“Because she is a rape victim” I completed.
“how do you know?” Arjun bhai asked me shockingly. I just smiled to him. my chot is loving a girl for seven years but I didn’t know about that. What are the things I missed.
“Take me to my room bhai. I have to plan so many things” I said to him.
He took me to my room where my cutie waiting for me. there is two beds.
I lay on one bed and another one is cutie.
“ it’s hospital guys”Arjun bhai said teasingly.
“what are you doing here,cutie? go home and take rest” I worried about her health.
“till now, I am not discharged”my cutie said with pout while starring upside. I just followed her gaze.
There is a mirror upside in which we can see each other face.
I looked at her surprisingly
“what can I do, jaan? my neck is paining. So I opted this way” my cutie said with a smile and turned to my side.
I holded her hand and make her hand lay on my face. her touch gave me immense peace and I started to fall on sleep peacefully.

Ragini’s POV
I wake up from coma after hearing my jaan’s talk. I suspected he done something. I heard whatever he said but I can’t react, when I reacted, Doctor said I was out of coma after three months. I can remember only my marriage night and my jaan’s talk. When I asked Arjun bhai about this, he refused me tell. Finally he admitted that a venomous spider bitten you and you falled into coma. I fought with hospital personals and I changed our ward like this. After three days, you wake up from coma. But you pretended to be normal to make me normal. But my fear was correct. You attempted suicide just because of me. then, you smoothened Arjun bhai and now you are sleeping like a kid by holding my hands. Sleeping prince… that name correctly suits you.(turns and sees Laksh in mirror) I love you jaan. I just want this night will end soon. Tomorrow we will be at Annu maa’s home. I want to go our home as soon as possible. I miss our prince so much. I just want to hear “maa..”from his mouth.
(Ragini tries to take her hand but Laksh holds her hand tightly and Ragini smiles by seeing this)
“I love you jaan.” I whispered and sleep starts to take me because of medicines which I am taking now.

The next day morning,
Sathya wakes up in Sanskar embrace by falling sunlight in his face.
“Arre Dad.. you are so lazy. Utho naa. Time is already six.. otherwise we will get late”Sathya shakes Sanskar.
Sanskar opens half of his eyes and sees cute Sathya and then closes eyes.
Sathya smiles mischeiviously and sees Swara who is admiring their act.Swara points water jug.
Sathya takes water jug and makes waterdrop falls on sanskar’s face.
“Dad, I know you wake up. If you didn’t stop your acting,then..”Sathya acts as dropping all the water in sanskar’s face before that Sanskar hold his hands and takes him in his embrace.
“Ahh! My prince. I don’t want a villain to sleep other than you” Sanskar said while caressing Sathya’s hair.
“dad go and brush your teeth. We will go for walk” Sathya announced and kisses Sanskar cheeks and sees Lakshman wake up ,sits beside him and plays with him.
Sanskar helplessly looks Swara and Swara shrugs her shoulder. Without any other option, Sanskar get ready in tracks and take Sathya with him, go to park for jogging.

In hospital ward,
Laksh wakes up and sees Ragini’s face through mirror. Ragini is sleeping with a little smile in her face. Laksh turns and sees Ragini face .
“Staring girls is bad habit jaan”Ragini said without opening her eyes.
Laksh smiles and Ragini opens her eyes.
“Staring my wife is my right,cutie. “Laksh answered.
Both smiles and intertwined their hands and have a deep eyelock.
They hear a door knock sound and break their eyelock.
Annapurna, Durgaprasad and Dadu enters the room.
“Bua ,Mamaj..Ree..”Laksh try to sit but Dp signs him to lay on bed.
“how are you beta?”Annapurna asked Laksh with little bit crack in her voice.
“Bua I am alright. Arre Ajju, how are you let them to come this much earlier? Time is just 6 in morning.They must be wake up so earlier”Laksh worried .
“maa.. I already said naa, see he also saying that we are disturbing their romance”Arjun start to pull Laksh leg and Annu slaps Arjun shoulder playfully.
“Bua maa, where is Sweety?”Laksh asked so innocently which makes Arjun cough.
“Laksh, get ready. We are going to our house”Dp said and caresses Laksh hair.
Laksh sees Ree who is just standing without any words. His eyes accuses Laksh and Laksh nods his head down.
“maa, help Rago beta to get ready, papa , go and make arrangements for discharge”Ree ordered in a tone in which no one can’t refuse.

Annu takes Ragini to another room for help her and Dp left to Admin team to speed up the discharge process.
“Ree, he is just recovering..”Arjun tries to take Laksh side but Ree raised his hand.
Laksh signs Arjun that he will take care. Arjun leaves the ward.
“ I never think that my grandson were a coward. why did you think about Sathya? Your maa ,papa? And your bhaiya’s? how can you Laksh?”Ree asked Laksh with a calm voice of suppressed anger .
Laksh clutches the bed sheet tightly.
“Just throw the mask of pretending normal Laksh..”Ree said with choking voice and hold Laksh hands.
Laksh put his hand on Ree’s hands and hugs him.
“It’s paining me a lot Ree. whenever I see longing in Swaru’s eyes for college when he went to office, it’s paining me Ree. whenever Amar and Sahil bhai longs for their house, it pains me . I snatched happy moments from Raksh bhai. I gave immense pain to my family by snatching their belongings. Even though I did for their safety, I gave them pain. I am manipulating their lives. Only because of me, my cutie decide to accept her death. She scared of me that I will back to dark world. I failed Ree. As a son I failed by giving pain to my appa and maa. As a friend, I failed by giving pain to my friends. As a bhai, I failed to support my bhai’s. As a husband, I failed to give confidence to her. As a father, I failed to be a good model for my prince. I am loser Ree. I failed in all my postion. Whatever you said ,it’s correct Ree. you Laksh is a coward who is just exhausted to be pretending strong for these years. I can’t see my cutie dying infront of me. I beared so much pain, but I couldn’t take this Ree. she is my soul Ree. I don’t any other way to getout this pain. I am selfish Ree. yes Ree I am so selfish when my love come infront of me. I merely lost her two times. I can’t withstand any loss. Being live like soulless body, it’s better to die Ree.”Laksh blurts out all his pain and hugs Ree tighter.

Arjun can’t see Laksh like this and he try to enter the ward. But Ragini holds his hand and signs no, drags him out.
“I can’t see him like this rago. He always tries to give happiness to others. But today he is suffereing so much of pain. But still he is hiding his pain.”Arjun said in a painful voice.
“he is like this only Arjun bhai. he is always worries about others and he is very well actor to hide his feelings but I can easily read what in his heart. but I can’t break his shell. Only two of them break his shell. One is Sanskar and another one is Rehan bhai. when he stop cry, he will feel little bit better” Ragini said while wiping her tears .
“ but he decided to live far away from his family. his only confusion is about nibble. He thought that he would be a bad roll model for nibble. That’s also a reason to leave Nibble in Sanskar’s hands. He can’t able to faraway from him at the same time he can’t go near to him ”Arjun said.
“ but I will not let him go away from our family bhai. he will be live like a void without our family because they are his world and I need all your help in this”Ragini said while looking Arjun,Ap and Dp.
“ I will do anything for him.”Arjun promised, Ap and Dp nodded.
“you will never step back from your promise” Ragini asked suspiciously.
“never ever”Arjun said confidentally.

In ward,
Laksh composes himself and again put a fake smile in his face. Rehan looks at Laksh face worriedly.
“ree, how is my prince? And how much day I was unconscious?” Laksh asked eagerly.
“it’s been a week laksh and we bought the school where Sathya studies now. Ok. I will help you to get ready and we will talk later” Rehan answered.
Laksh get ready and Ragini comes inside with a plastered smile in her face.
“Jaan, can we go? Or still you want anything here” Ragini asked.
Laksh sees nurse who always gives him injection.
Ragini pinches Laksh hand and glares him.
“Aree Cutie, don’t stare me like this. I am innocent cutie this nurse always gave me different colour injections. I am just thinking what can I do take revenge.” Laksh said and blinked his eyes.
“you.. never change..Jaan”Ragini smiled.
Laksh chuckled and walks.

Ragini stares the direction which Laksh goes.
“ I will break your shell Jaan and I will release you from all your pain. It’s your cutie’s promise” Ragini said to herself.
Laksh turns and sees Ragini lost in her thoughts.
“I know cutie, even I try to pretend normal you will definitely know I am not normal. But you didn’t confront me. I don’t know cutie in which good I have done to have my betterhalf. Eventhough I broke my promise, still you didn’t anger on me. I love you cutie very much and for your happiness, I can do anything”Laksh said to himself.
“Arre cutie, we will see that nurse after sometime. Come on , we will go home first”Laksh said and takes Ragini in his hand but make her stand after two minutes.
“Arre cutie, you gained so much weight. Before I can take you in my hand more than hour now not a pair of minutes”Laksh complained with pout.
“ I am just 60. You lost your stamina because of that poison and doctor said that you will regain your strength after a month but he didn’t assured” Ragini informed and hold his hand.
Both smiled and walks outside.

In Park,
Sanskar and Sathya walks.
“Arre dad, why are you walking this much slow? Even snail can walk faster than you”Sathya snapped Sanskar.
Sanskar bends and hold his legs with his hands and takes long breath”Arre Prince, I can’t. I can’t more”
Sathya jumped from Sanskar’s neck.
“see dad, that old uncle can walk .why can’t you?” Sathya pointed a old man.
“he is walking first round not fifteenth round that too having a little prince in his head” Sanskar pointed.
Sathya chuckled “okay come we will walk separately and return to house. I have to get ready for school”
Sanskar holds Sathya hands and both walks around park and returned to house.

In Veer’s house,
“Dadu, do you know dad walk fifteen round that too have me in his head?” Sathya announced proudly.
“ waah! Sanskar.. you are so much strong”Veer give a reply to Sathya.
“ he is my dad naa. That’s why he is so strong. Dad, go and take bath. We are getting late”Sathya ordered like he is father of Sanskar.
Janki and meenu chuckles and janki pulls Sathya cheeks.
“ ohh my cute little prince ordering his dad” Janki said.
“Bade maa, Bade papa is calling you through his eyes for a long time still I entered” Sathya noticed Aarav eye signal and announced it in public.
Aarav gets embarrassed and Janki starts to blush.
Everyone starts to chuckle by seeing their state.
“radhu maa, I think something is burning in kitchen. I will check it” Janki said and escaped.
Aarav acts as getting call and leave the place.
“my little prince, it’s my chance to take you with me for getting ready” Aadi said and Raj take him in his hand and marched towards their room which they shared with Swayam.

In Swasan room,
Sanskar shakes his head while remembering what happened in hall. Swara smiles by seeing this.
“he is just look alike Laksh. but our prince is so different baby. One side he is pulling my leg another side he didn’t give up and praises me”Sanskar said.
“he is just like Rago, Sanku. Don’t you know we both pulls Swayam leg at the same time we never give up his side”Swara wipes her tears while remembering ragini.
Sanskar go near and cups Swara’s face. Swara hugs Sanskar. Soon, swara composes herself.
Sanskar gets ready and drops Sathya in school.
“Prince, I think you forget something”Sanskar said smilingly.
Sathya runs towards him and kisses him in cheeks.
“bye bye Dad”Sathya smiled and get inside school.

In Veer’s house,
In Veer room,
Veer:everything is changed naa devi. But I am so happy devi. Our sons didn’t break down. They all start their own start ups and now merged their industries. we will get back our position soon.
Kalyani:haan veer, I am going to Amar’s house to help suji and Radhu. Janvi and Kavitha both are in their fourth month and Adittra’s is in seventh month.
Veer:haan even I am going to see the decorations. Tomorrow we are going to new house naa. It’s our sons earning and it’s very special to us.
Kalyani(smiles):haan… veer, after tomorrow we all can live in the same house.
Janki and meenu comes inside .
Meenu: papa don’t worry . I called decorator and they said they will arrive within a hour.
Janki: I arranged caterars and invited everyone for house warming party.
Swara comes with Lakshman.
Swara:Kallu maa, don’t worry. We will get back our industry soon.
Kalyani:Laksh.. are anyone called Laksh and ragini?
A pin drop silence occupies the room. Meenu broke it first.
Meenu: Maa, trust your sons. We will get back our Laksh and Ragini soon and we will enter our VR Mansion with Ragini and Laksh.
Kalyani just presses Meenu hands and leaves. Veer leaves to new house for seeing decorations.

At evening,
Sathya waits for Sanskar at outside school gate.
A man comes there and a boy runs towards the man ..
“Papa.. why are you late?” boy asked him.
Man hold his ears with his hand.
“sorry beta.. papa stucked in traffic” man apologized.
Boy takes Man hand from ears and hugged him.
Sathya stares this with moist eyes and laksh sees Sathya who is hiding.
“Prince..”Swasan called in unison.
Sathya wipes his tears and turns with a smile “dad..mom..”
Sathya runs towards them and hugged them.
“Sath…yaa..” Lakshman called his bhai.
“Arre Little dost.. see you called my name correctly”Sathya giggles and expresses as he gets a award.
Lakshman also giggles and climbs to sathya and Sathya takes him in his hands.
“Prince we are going to new big house “Swara shows his hand bigger.
“waah! That means mamaji, mamoni, badepapa and dadimaa and dadu’s .we all are going to live in a single house” Sathya jumped in happiness and Sanskar caressed Sathya’s hair.
Laksh stares them with moist eyes.
Swasan left the place and returns to house.

In Veer house,
Veer and Ram takes their grandson to new house.

In Swasan room,
Swara and Sanskar are packing their bags.
“Are we a good parents to Prince,Sanku?” Swara asked him with pain in her voice as they noticed Sathya is longing for Laksh, his papa.
Sanskar makes Swara sit in bed
“ we are a good parents Baby. But we can’t expect Raglak place in his life. Because that place is only for Raglak. Still we hold a place DAD,MOM. May be in future he can accept us as his parents but definitely not now. We will reduce his longing for Raglak.”Sanskar explains Sathya’s condition.
Swara nods.
“now my baby will smile “Sanskar drags Swara lips and Swara smiles.

In Mehra Mansion,
“am I did correct or not? yes Sanskar loves prince and they both take care of him. my whole family loves Sathya but still..” Laksh enters his room and sees Ragini looks Sathya’s photo with moist eyes.
“cutie, I am sorry..”Laksh apologized.
“Arre jaan, why are you saying sorry? Don’t be guilt. Whatever you did, it’s correct at that moment” Ragini try to convince Laksh.
Laksh holds Ragini’s hands.
“ cutie, can I ask a question?” Laksh asked ragini.
“Haan jaan..”ragini said and hold his hands.
“ will I be a good father? Will I deserve a place in my family?” Laksh choked.
Ragini takes Laksh in her embrace.” Jaan, I know you are sad for recent happenings. Why can’t we return to our family”
“ I feel guilt cutie because I am hiding my past and I can’t see their eyes directly. I gave so much pain. I scared cutie they will hate me when they know truth”Laksh said about fear.
Ragini caresses his hair” then don’t go as Laksh. Go as someone whom they love most and make them understand”
Laksh stares Ragini shockingly and Ragini nods.

Laksh comes out of his room and goes to Dadu’s room.
“Dadu..”Laksh called Sultan. Sultan sees Laksh and turns.
Laksh walked towards Sultan”Are you hate me Dadu?”
Sultan turns to Laksh and sees Laksh with moist eyes.”Are you thnk I can hate you? I just anger on you what you did”
“sorry..Dadu. can’t you forgive your this Laksh?” Laksh asked.
Sultan put his hand on Laksh shoulder and Laksh smiles”that’s my Dadu…”
“Dadu, I want to know onething”Laksh asked hesitatingly.
“haan Laksh..” Sultan gives permission.
“how did Mamaji reacted when he know you were a don?” Laksh asked.
Sultan smiles” are you scare that Sathya will hate you after knowing your past?”
Laksh nodded.
“Laksh, for son’s , Father is their first hero and they will follow them . but they can’t hate them. take Durga, when he was 15, I told him about me. first he shocked after that he accepted me what I was. In your scenario, you are Laksh , a business man and sculptor and k is just a past.”Sultan said.
“But one day, my past reflect my future and my prince will know about my that shade.what will happen if he hates me?”Laksh asked.
“ Laksh, don’t run from problems. Just face it and you don’t have any rights to separate a mother from his son”Sultan said and lay down on his bed as he don’t want to speak more.
Laksh walks out and Sathya’s moist eyes come infront of his eyes.
He walks and dashed with Arjun.
“Sorry Arjun bhai, I just lost somewhere…vaise what are you doing. You must be with Sweety naa” Laksh said while deviating.
“Laksh, it’s time for you and Rago’s medicine”Arjun reminded.
“Arghh! These medicines..”Laksh remembered how Sanskar and Amrit dip tablet in chocolate.
Arjun put his hand on his shoulder”come soon…”
“Bhai .. I need a help from you” Laksh asked.
“anything..”Arjun promised.
“can you come with me tomorrow the place where I call you?” Laksh asked carefully.
“ I will..” Arjun promised.

The next day morning,
Veer and his family does the home warming pooja. After the function, guests are gone.

In Hall,
“what is new name to this house, bade papa?”Aarav asked.
“ haan Aarav question is correct. Which name will suit our house?” kalyani procedded.
Swara,meenu and janki ,KAVITHA, JANVI , Sathya thinks. Sanskar, Amar,Sahil,swayam,aadi and Amrit glares Aarav that their wives will taunt them. Ram and Vishnu enjoys the situation of their sons. Suji and Radhu also thinks.
“Arre Sanskar, just tell a name..”Swara hurries.
“see Swara, they are big business mans who can even select the name “Janki taunted Aarav and Sanskar chuckles by seeing Aarav pout face.
“stop enough of taunts. Now tell the name”Suji stops the fights before meenu and Amrit proceeds because she knows Amrit will make meenu chase him with broom stick.
“VRINDAVAN..”A familiar voice said .
“correct Laxmi.Vrindavan..”Janki jumps and then frozen.

Everyone stands in shock and turns, sees Arjun and laxmi who stands with smile with Ragini and Subatra.
“Maa…” Sathya runs to ragini and hugs her.
Ragini bends and kisses Sathya’s face fully. Laksh/Laxmi caresses Sathya’s hair and Sathya looks him them Ragini.
“where are you gone maa? I missed you badly..”Sathya said while crying.
“Sathu maa is there naa and I will never leave you…sorry Sathu… I am bad maa”Ragini apologized.
“no.. my maa will be never bad..”Sathya hugs ragini and smiles.
“maa.. why papa acting as a girl..?”Sathya whispered in ragini’s ear and ragini shocked.
“how do you know he is your papa?”Ragini whispered in Sathya’s ear.
“by his touch when he touched my head and I already see Rehan uncle in this attire” Sathya whispered back.
Ragini tights her grip in happiness.
Kalyani walks towards Laxmi and Laxmi/Laksh looks his family with moist eyes.
Kalyani caresses Laxmi face and hugs her,cries. Swara and Sanskar frozen and holds each other for support.
“maa, now I am here naa. It’s not time to cry . it’s time to celebrate your victory.. maa”Laxmi said.
Suji ,Radhu, janki ,meenu hugs Laxmi and cries in happiness.
“Arre I am back to my home after a long time. You all make me emotional. Janki di,Radhu maa, suji maa arre lioness see Amrit also crying by seeing your tears”Laxmi /Laksh tried his best to make them normal.
They break the group hug and composed themselves.

Ragini stands and walked towards Swara who is standing like a statue.
“Shona..”Ragini touched Swara’s hands.
Swara jerked and slapped Ragini hard which makes everyone shocks. Sahil runs and holds Ragini.
Ragini looks Swara with moist eyes and Sanskar holds Swara.
“Shona.. why did you slapped Rago?” Amar asked angrily. Sahil looks Swara with question in her eyes.
“Shona di should have a valid reason bhai”Swayam takes Swara’s side.
“yes Swayam. I did a mistake and being selfish, I played with her emotions.” Ragini confessed and everyone looked at her shockingly.

“Rago..”Amar shockingly whispered Ragini’s name.
“ I am not have any memory loss bhai. I met accident when I was in ooty with jaan, Arjun bhai and Sweety.”(Sanskar remembers Shekar words about his Arjun’s murder’s attempt). It clotted blood in brain nerve. But I refused in earlier. When I returned here, I started to faint. I consulted with doctor and he said my chance was very less and may I fall into coma , two days before marriage. Shona got to know about this on the day of sathya missing, she confronted me. I blackmailed her that if she told anyone about this, I will commit suicide . I decide to leave jaan for his happiness and got promise from shona that she will make him marry another girl and she should take care of my sathu…”Ragini stopped in middle and holded Laksh/Laxmi hands for support.
“I don’t know how jaan get to know about this. He made a agreement with JC that if he help Jaan in my operation and return our wealth when we get our position back through hardwork, jaan will work for his company till we get our position back. I get back Coma from before a weak, he handovered me to Arjun bhai and left”Ragini lied.

Everyone become frozen by hearing the truth.
Kalyani turns Ragini and hugs her tightly. Arjun gives Ragini’s medical papers to Sahil as he is neurologist. Sahil reads that and sees ragini with moist eyes.
“how much can you bear, rago beta? First you saved his child and now you even ready to sacrifice your relation for him”Kalyani chokes.
“because Laksh and Ragini loves each other and they can do anything for each other maa.”Laksh /Laxmi looks at Ragini and said while having a eye lock.
“that means my Laksh is alive. my Laksh is alive..”Sanskar said to himself and looks Laxmi.

In Mehra Mansion,
Sultan sits in a chair and have a chess board in front of him. he puts a king , queen , one bishop and soldier in one side.
Ap ,Dp and rehan sits before him.
“ I don’t know papa why Ragini insisted Laksh to take Laxmi’s attire”Dp worried.
“Durga, just see this board . Laksh is king who is important but have no powers now. Queen have to save him and she only have one bishop Arjun and a soldier Sweety beta who don’t have any importance in Laksh’s family now. She has to play game very keenly”Dadu said.
“but what is the need of game, dad?” Ap asked.
“ Relations are like glass Annu beta once broken we can’t mend it. even though Laksh did this for their goodness, he manipulated their lives. We can’t expect them to understand him. there is a lot of chances for misunderstandings. Hope everything will be alright”Dadu expressed his worriedness.

All youngers hugs Arjun and Ragini hugs Swara and cries.Swara also hugs her back.
“maa.. I want introduce important one. She is Mrs.Sweety @Subatra Arjun Mehra. “Laxmi /Laksh announced and everyone looks him shockingly.
“But..”Janki asked shockingly.
“ we never married di and we can’t. we both acted to make Laksh come out but result is such a disaster but even after that everything gone correct. we both are good friend and it’s my time to go and I will be in this Mumbai only so we can meet whenever want. “Laksh/laxmi said with a smile.

Everyone looks Laxmi helplessly.Ragini sees Arjun worriedly and Arjun signs to wait.
Laksh turns and walks to go out but feels dizzy. Arjun holds him and takes him in bridal style.
Kalyani shows a room and Arjun makes Laxmi /laksh lays on bed and take some tablets , make him swallow.
Arjun makes his face sad and looks at everyone with moist eyes and lies.”Maa.. she is in critical state and I want to save her. But she refused to stay here. Do anything..”
Kalyani remembers Laksh/Laxmi lies “Don’t worry Arjun. we will make her stay here..”
“maa.. if she knows that you know about her truth, she will go away from her . so please don’t raise any question”Arjun said and everyone nodded.
“I can understand Arjun but what is her disease?”Amar asked Arjun.
“she didn’t have any disease Amar. She loved one very much and when her love is in dead bead, she attempted suicide by making a venomous spider bite. Now we are trying to save her. She refused to take tablets”Arjun said which shocks everyone.
“is your chachu behind this?”Sanskar asked subconsciously.
“how do you know that my chachu is the one who tried to kill me?” Arjun asked and everyone looks Sanskar.
“Sanskar,what are you hiding?”Veer asked Sanskar.

Sanskar tells everything which he heard from shekar.
“that means..”Vishnu muttered.
“ that means my Dadu and my papa are innocent and he is also manipulated like you and he is the one who saved you all by helping Laksh. don’t feel guilt .it’s our fate…”Arjun said.
“Maa.. I am hungry..”Sathya announced his hungriness which deviates everyone a little.
Swara comes with plate and Ragini feeds Sathya and Sathya feeds her and Laksh/Laxmi wakes up.
Everyone goes to hall.
Arjun helps him to sit and Sathya feeds Laksh/Laxmi.
“Laksh, if you didn’t take your tablets correctly, you will get caught. It’s your decision tablet or truth”Arjun threatened Laksh.
“what is my body’s condtion?”Laksh asked Arjun.
“wah! How much earlier you ask?”Arjun said sarcastically.
“Ajju..!”Laksh stress his tone.
“ ok ok you will feel weaker for a month and feel dizzy if you don’t take tablets orderly. If you want cure soon, you should take tablet correctly“Arjun explains Laksh’s physical condition.
Sathya hears carefully.

In hall,
“Ram,Vishnu we should ask forgiveness from Sultan ji and I never think this much gone back. I want to see my Laksh. how much pain he gone through but still he hide from me”Veer choked at last sentence and Ram,Vishnu supports Veer.
“papa, don’t worry. We will work harder and we will soon get our bhai”Amrit assured.
In Swasan room,
“baby.. my Laku is alive.”Sanskar twirlded Swara in happiness and Laksman claps his hand and giggles without knowing anything.
Sanskar sees Swara’s serious face.
“what happened baby?”Sanskar cups Swara’s face.
“Rago is lying Sanskar”Swara said which shocks Sanskar.
“Sanku, Rago said truth until when comes to JC part. I sense they both hiding something bigger and we should find out soon and moreover Laxmi bhabhi is so good but what is her relation with Laksh, why did they fake marriage. But we can’t get answer for this question because of bhabhi’s condition but we should collect information about JC”Swara said and Sanskar recalls Laksh behavior with him before his depart.
“not only about JC and also about Shekar because may be Shekar’s history will give answers”Sanskar said.

Precap: Last final part-Maha Episode-marriage and happy ending.

Friends, I know this episode is kinda boring. Please forgive me for my mistakes and I will give my best in Last episode and epilogue.

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