Swaragini- my friend (Episode 27)

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Thanks for all your support friends and also silent readers. Asra , I never meant to hurt you. ok thangachi intha episode unakaga. Naina Annu is Arjun’s mother. How can she kill her own son and Asra sisso, you predicted correct as you asked, I gave pair to Arjun. Bharathi, others pair will be introduced in Last episode.
Previous Episode:

Let I start the episode.
Ragini’s POV
What he is saying. He married to a lady Laxmi and he seems so happy. I can’t control my tears. I know once I should face this situation. I thought that he would marry to Shona. But what happened to his family.
“Rago..”Subhatra touched my shoulder and I hugged her.
“Rago .. what happened?why are you crying?” Subhatra asked me.
“he came back. My jaan he came back..Sweety” I said while sobbing.
She broke the hug and stared me with moist eyes.
“ go and reunite with him,Rago..”she pleased.
“no I can’t. he is married to another girl and I can’t be hurdle in his life neither I nor Sathya” I said determiningly.
“ it’s not correct Rago. You are separating Sathya from his father”Subhatra said sternly by misunderstanding my situation.
“ Sweety try to understand . he lost his memory and he didn’t know anything about me. I will never step into his life, Sweety. He is my jaan and I can do anything for him even I can live alone” I said and try to make her understand.
“Maa.. “Sathya runs inside and I see jaan with thinking face. no.. I never let hin know truth.
“Actually I come here to invite you for dinner. Don’t break my small heart young ladies. Me and my wife will wait for you. bye prince.. bye prince’s sweety and bye Cutie..” Jaan invited what what he called me cutie…
I lost my full energy and sit in near by chair. My jaan leaves my house by leaving me alone in tears.
“Maa.. I should wear something special. He is my special friend naa”Sathya said happily. Yes sathu, he is your special friend. He is your papa, Sathu. Forgive me sathu…but I will give your papa’s love also.
I washed my face and put a little make up and prayed god to give strength for face him.
In Laksh house,
Laksh enters house while whistling and sees rehan who stands with crossed arms.
Laksh: now tell how you find me?
Rehan comes near to Laksh.
Laksh walks backward” I invited my honewali patni and my pyarri prince for dinner. So help me to cook. I want to cook something special”
Rehan goes to punch nearby wall to burst out his frusturation but Laksh holds his hand.” no Ree.Arjun will wake up . so control yourself Ree”
Laksh said while smirking and Ree slaps his arm and smiles.
“you are such a dramebazz laksh” Rehan said.
“ I don’t have any time Ree. Come help me and I have to make Laxmi ready”Laksh said with pure smirk.
“Laxmi..”Ree asked questioningly.
Laksh puts his hand in Rehan’s shoulder and make him sit in a chair.
“ haan…”Laksh scales Rehan “haan.. it will perfectly suits you”
Rehan understand what he means.
“No way Laksh..”Rehan try to stand but Laksh holds his hand tighter.
“ My life is in your hand Ree. I know you never let your laksh suffer”Laksh wipes his fake tears.
“Arghh! Stop your fake tears Laksh. I will help you not for you for your lady love. You must lucky to have her”Rehan said.

Laksh pushes Rehan into room “take a bath.. wear this dress which gives a look like women”
Laksh throws a salvar to Rehan and rehan huffs.
Laksh happily enters kitchen and arranges utensils and cuts veggies.Laksh finishes his cooking and arranges in table.
Rehan comes in salvar and Laksh puts wig and mask, make him wear Necklace which changes his voice.
“someone is missing.. haan..” Laksh puts a dark mark near Rehan ears and Rehan kicks him.
“ I come here to kill you, idiot. Why did you hide from me?didnt you trust me? you didn’t know laksh how much I am suffered. You are one who I can call as my family after my behan”Rehan gets emotional
Laksh hugs Rehan and at that time Ragini ,Sathya and subatra enters.
“Sorry.. I think we entered at wrong time”Subatra apologized while closing Sathya eyes and Ragini tightly clutched her saree pallu.
Laksh keenly observes Ragini’s feelings.
Laksh: not at all .. please come in. she is my wife Laxmi.
Rehan/Laxmi takes Sathya in his hands” hello prince…”
“hello beauty aunty…”Sathya called rehan and Laksh chuckled.
“ ok, why can’t we start our dinner . it’s already 8 in night.”Laksh asked.
“haan..”Subatra accepted and all sit in dining table and Laksh takes Sathya in his lap and feeds him.
“friend, you promised that you will say about my papa”Sathya whispered in Laksh ears.
“ I will say after dinner” Laksh whispered in Sathya’s ear.
Everyone finished their dinner and sits in hall. Rehan and Laksh sits in a sofa and others in another sofa.
“waise.. food is very tasty”Subatra complemented and Rehan blushes.
Laksh side hugs Rehan/Laxmi and pulls Rehan near himself by pulling his waist .Laksh whispers in Rehan ears”Don’t overact ree” and rehan stamps Laksh foot without earning others attraction. Ragini try to hide her tears by seeing Laksh and rehan closeness.
Ragini: ohh no! I didn’t locked my house door correctly. I will come within a minute.
Ragini excuses and runs to her house.
Laksh also runs behind her.Subatra stands and walks but Rehan stops her.
Rehan:Behan ji, let them speak and clear their misunderstandings.
Subatra stares rehan/Laxmi surprisingly.
At outside,
Ragini’s shawl flies in air and she kneels in ground and cries. Laksh catches it and come near to her.
Laksh kneels beside Ragini and take her .

“Cutie…”Laksh called Ragini and Ragini hugged him tightly and cries.
Laksh pats her shoulder”Cutie.. everything will be alright. Don’t cry.. cutie…”
Laksh efforts gone into vain and the cold air and hotness of Laksh embrace make Ragini to come reality.
Ragini broke the hug.
“Sorry Mr.Singh, I get emotional. That’s all”Ragini goes towards her house but Laksh stops her by holding her hands and pulls her towards him and Ragini bumps into his chest and Laksh locks her in his embrace.
“Cutie…”Laksh whispers in Ragini’s ears and it widens Ragini’s eyes.
“Jaan…”Ragini muttered in shock and turns to face him.
“you didn’t lost your memory naa”Ragini continued.
“ you are not that much tubelight Cutie…” Laksh tapped her head with smile.
Ragini remembers Laksh and Rehan closeness when Rehan in Laxmi’s attire.
Ragini turns to avoid eye contact” but you are married now Jaan… I can’t take another one position”
Laksh holds Ragini’s shoulder and turns her” why are you always running away from me, cutie? Am I looking that much bad? But my friends said that I am so hot”Laksh says playfully.
Ragini jerks Laksh hands.” I am mother of a child, Laksh. please go away from my life”
Laksh holds her shoulder again.
“ohh! You are coming that way. Hmm! But he is my son naa.Sathya DEV son of Lakshya DEV, waah! Don’t you know how much I am happy while spelling his name Sathya DEV(presses the word DEV)”Laksh said dreamingly.
Ragini looks Laksh shockingly but composes herself.
“Don’t speak Rubbish Laksh. I am married and you also married to another person. Now I am leading a good life with Subatra and my family don’t interfere in my life”Ragini said sternly and turns.
“ohh! Then, why your eyes sheeding precious tears, cutie? Why are you crying? Sathya asking me about his papa. What can I say to him? I am unlucky Laksh who can’t deserve his cutie’s and son’s love. Who can’t deserve a family. who can’t get happiness by fulfillng his son small small wishes. tell me cutie, what can I say to him” Laksh turns Ragini and shakes her badly.

Ragini looks Laksh shockingly. Laksh kneels down before Ragini.
“why cutie? Why did you love me? why you left me for doll?why you married me to save me?why you carried our son to save me and my family? Why you faced this much sufferings for our love ? even after did so much things, now also you ready to leave me for my happiness. Why you love me this much? Even though you love me, why did you always decide to go far away from me? why cutie? Why..? why are you showing this much selfless towards me?” Laksh asked Ragini with tears in his eyes .
Ragini kneels down before Laksh by Laksh words even tears frozen in her eyes.
Laksh looks Ragini by raising his head.
“are you think I don’t deserve your love, cutie? That’s why you always go away from me?” Laksh asked Ragini with a painful voice.
Ragini hugs Laksh more tighter.
“if my heart didn’t hope that you are alive, I will be dead before itself” Laksh blurts out and Ragini tights her grip. Both remains in the same position by forgetting their surrounding. Slowly Laksh takes Ragini in his hands in bridal style and Ragini encircles her hand in Laksh neck.
Both enters into Laksh house in the same position which surprises Subatra and gives smile Rehan face.
Sathya comes to Raglak and touches Ragini hand.
“Friend, is maa fall down by mistake? Maa, is it paining?” Sathya asked worriedly.
Laksh makes Ragini stand and Ragini takes Sathya in her hands.
“Sathu, I am fine.”Ragini said.
“then, why friend lift you in your hand”Sathya asked with question in his eyes.
Laksh holds Ragini hands for support and Sathya looks it and stares laksh with question.
Both ,Raglak kneels before Sathya.
“Sathu, you asked about your papa naa”Laksh said while hesitating.
“haan Friend..”Sathya replied.
Laksh closed his eyes in tension” I am your papa,Sathu”
Sathya stands with tears.”then why didn’t you came to meet me for these years. All my friends have papa and their papa always drop them and take them from school.they kiss them while leaving and take them to many places. Do you hate me? that’s why you didn’t come to meet me”
Laksh is broke down by Sathya’s words and hugs him” papa never hate you sathu. Never ever You are my prince…”
Ragini hugs both Laksh and Sathya.” Sathu, papa fall down from big large building. He is in hospital this much days. That’s why he didn’t came to meet you”
Sathya broke the hug and worriedly asks” is it paining?”
Laksh nods no and hugs Sathya tighter and sathya reciprocates it.
Subatra and Rehan stands with moist eyes by seeing union of their friend.
Subatra:Laxmi, where is Kitchen? I will take sugar from kitchen. It’s time for sweet.
Subatra said with smile and tears in her face.
Rehan shows kitchen and decides to do prank on Laksh.
“Laksh ji, it’s not fair .you are united with your love, but my ..my life..”Rehan sheds fake tears and Ragini stands shockingly with guilt.
“Ree, doing prank that to this prank king. wait I will show”Laksh said while walking towards Rehan.
Laksh suddenly pulls wig and Rehan takes Mask.
Ragini stands with O shape mouth even sathya.
“He is my best friend cum bhai Rehan, cutie. The one, who give hope about life and shows love unconditionally”Laksh said while side hugging Rehan.
“ arghh! Don’t make me emotional. Rago, I will come after changing this dress. It’s so awkward .” Rehan said and left.
Laksh shakes his hand before Ragini and winks at Sathya. Sathya chuckles.
“ is she no he no she…?” Ragini confused.
“ he only. He put a make up for helping me” Laksh said .
“you…”Ragini starts to beat him.
“ cutie… I didn’t have any other way to make you jealous .Arre Sathu.. help your papa” Laksh asked help from Sathya.
“maa.. I am feeling sad for papa. Leave him. “Sathya said and holds Ragini’s hands.
“you are supporting your papa than maa.. it’s not fair”Ragini turns her face with fake anger.
Sathya and Laksh sees each other and hugs her. Ragini smiles.
Rehan comes in normal clothes and clicks the photo of Raglak sathya.
“bhaiyu.. see this my jerry fainted”Arjun comes there with unconscious Subatra in his hand and says in sobbing voice.
“Sweety…”both Ragini and Sathya muttered.

Rehan is confused with Arjun’s tone .
Laksh goes near Arjun “Ajju, nothing happened to her. Come .. come with me”
Laksh takes Arjun and Subatra to Arjun room and make Arjun lays Subatra on bed and holds her hand.
Laksh:Cutie.. call the doctor whom you know.
Ragini goes to call doctor. Sathya looks worried.
Arjun taps Subatra cheeks”jerry.. jerry wake up. Bhaiyu tell her to wake up”
Laksh hugs Sathya and Arjun.
“Ajju, just calm. See doctor come. She will check her” Laksh try to make Arjun calm.
Doctor checks Subatra” nothing to worry. She gets emotional that’s why she fainted. She will wake up at morning as I gave injection for sleep”
“thanks doctor”Laksh thanked.
Doctor left and Laksh turns sees Arjun who is standing with moist eyes.
“Cutie, you and Sathu stay here. We will speak in morning about this”Laksh said and Ragini nodded.
Sathya sits beside Subatra and caresses her face.
“She is alright, Sathu”Ragini assured.
“Ajju. Come with me. you will obey your bhaiyu naa. Come with me.”Laksh takes Arjun with him and go to another room.
In ArjLak room,
Rehan is also present and worriedly observes arjun.
“now tell, how do know her? Why are you calling her as jerry?”Laksh asked calmly.
“she is my jerry and I am her tommy. She is my friend. But she left me even though I filled her mang with sindoor”Arjun said with pout.
Laksh and Rehan are shocked.
“Ajju is good boy ,smart but bhaiyu is idiot naa. Tell me clearly why you filled her mang please”Laksh asked.
“bhaiyu she is my best friend but we always fight with each other. One day, her witch aunt come to take her. I don’t know how to stop her. Uncle said that if I fill her mang with sindoor and put a chain in her neck, she will stay with me. then also, she left me. today I identified her through that chain but she fainted seeing me bad jerry ”Arjun said while sobbing.
Laksh face shows some seriousness.
“can you know that uncle name?” Laksh asked and Arjun nods no.
“Bhaiyu I want to see my jerry.. let me go please..”Arjun pleads.
“ ok.wait here”Laksh said.”Rehan .. take care of him. I will come”
After few minutes,
Laksh comes with milk and Arjun drink that and start to sleep as Laksh mixed sleeping tablets in milk.
Rehan puts his hand on Laksh shoulders and a long trip of tear fall on Laksh eyes.
Laksh wipes his tear and takes Rehan to terrace.
A very cold air flows in terrace as temperature is 5 C.
“what happened to Arjun, Laksh” Rehan asked.
“ he saved me Ree. But he risked his life for me.” Laksh choked and Rehan hold his hand as supporting.
“ I helped a doctor when I was Laxmi. He repayed me by saving Ajju(Arjun) and helped me in hiding. But Ajju lost his mental stability and doctor told that his mind will work as 15 year old kid I came here Tamilnadu and settled here and I came here for Ajju’s betterment. Rest you know. Wait how did you find me”Laksh said.
Rehan pointed his watch smart watch.
“ after your departure, we all thought you were dead except Sanskar. I made my fake dead and converted me as K and made goons accept that Sultan killed Rehan as in process getting revenge for Arjun’s dead. I started my investigation. I remembered you put Gps chip in your family members and monitors them through this smart watch. I just traced it’s signal and came here” Rehan finished.
“ other than you who are know?” Laksh asked.
“ only me not even Sultan ji” Rehan answered.
“Don’t say to him. I suspect someone very close to dadu responsible for all this miseries. But I have to cure Ajju first”Laksh said.
“ what about his treatment?”Rehan asked Laksh.
“ Doctor gave me hope that he will be cured by operation but I have to wait for a year as he is so weak now. Ok. you have to depart tomorrow as I don’t want any risk” Laksh said.
“you didn’t ask about your family , Laksh”Rehan said.
“ I know Ree, they broke down but they will move on soon” Laksh said.
“Swara is pregnant, Laksh”Rehan said.
“Take care of my family” Laksh said and goes to his room.
The next day , early morning itself Rehan leaves.
Arjun wakes up first and smiles to see Laksh but his smile fades by seeing Sathya slept hugging Laksh.
Arjun shakes Laksh angrily and Sathya wakes up by this.
Sathya: uncle.. don’t wake up my papa. Let him sleep.

By hearing this, Arjun raises his speed of shaking.
Laksh rubs his eyes.
Arjun:bhaiyu who is this? Why are you calling him papa?
Sathya:papa.. who is this uncle? Why he calling you bhaiyu?
Laksh turns to Arjun.
Sathya:answer me first…papa..
Laksh turns to Sathya.
Laksh turns to Arjun.
Both Arjun and Sathya continues their right fight and laksh stucked between them.
In another room,
Subatra wakes up and remembers about Arjun.
Subatra(in mind): am I dreamt? Arghh! Whose house is this?it’s sathya’s voice naa.
Subatra sees Ragini sleeps with smile and remembers everything.
Subatra slowly comes out and goes towards the room where Arjun, Laksh and Sathya.
Subatra enters the room”Sathya.. “
Sathya runs towards Subatra”Sweety..”
Subatra: my little prince…
Subatra Kisses Sathya’s cheeks.
Arjun comes towards Subatra and huffs.
Arjun holds Subatra’s shoulders” Jerry who is he? Why you left me? do you know how much I missed you?”
Arjun hugs Subatra and Subatra stands frozen.
Subatra(whispers): tommy…
Arjun smiles while hugging by hearing his nick name.
Arjun:Arre Jerry.. I thought you forgot me.
Arjun takes Mangalsutra in his hand.
Arjun:still, are you wearing this? Ok. why you left me..? answer me naa.
Sathya goes to Laksh”Papa, who is this uncle? First he called you bhaiyu now he is calling my sweety as jerry”
Ragini comes here and witness the scenario.
Laksh(whispers in Sathya’s ear): he is your badepapa and sweety is bade maa hai.
Sathya opens his mouth in shock.” What?”
Ragini comes there by hearing sound.”Arjun bhai..”
Laksh goes towards Arjun”Ajju, if you want your jerry with you, go and first brush your teeth. Go”
Arjun: Jerry don’t go anywhere.
Arjun goes to bathroom and Ragini asks Laksh through her eyes.
Laksh:someone tried to kill Arjun bhai, while escaping he got injury in his head and his mind now will work as 14-15 year old kid.
Ragini puts her hand on Subatra”Sweety, is Arjun bhai your husband?’
Subatra nods while shedding tears.
Laksh: he thought that we were dead and we have to hide to save Arjun. we have to continue this until Arjun bhai get cured.
Subatra nods.
Laksh: the important thing is he shouldn’t be tensed and he mostly depends on me.
Ragini nods as understanding.
Laksh:Subatra ji, can I know why are you living like this?
Subatra: when I was 18, I came to dadu’s house but Tommy loves a girl named Ria and he didn’t remember about me. I don’t want to be hurdle in his life and I left here after getting promise from dadu to hide the truth.
Laksh: both the friends are alike.
Subatra:can you say anything Laksh ji?
Laksh:cut that ji sweety if you can, call me bhai.
Sathya pulls Laksh shirt and Laksh take him in his hand.
Sathya: is he ill?
Laksh nods.
Sathya(feels guilty): he is ill but I fought with him. so bad sathu.. go and ask him sorry.
Sathya climbs down and knocks bathroom.
Arjun comes out with brush in his mouth and foams present in his face.
Sathya: I am sorry..
Arjun kisses his cheeks ,Sathya shows foam and Arjun pouts.
Sathya: it’s ok.
Arjun: can you be my friend like jerry?
Arjun:then, you are nibbles.
Arjun:don’t you know that little mouse.. I am tommy , my friend is jerry and you are little mouse nibbles.
Sathya pouts and Arjun laughs.
Ragini comes there and puts her hand in her waist.” Ok ok.. go and get ready, you are getting late for school”
Sathya runs into bathroom and Arjun also.
Ragini sees Laksh and Laksh signs that he will take care.
After fifteen minute,
The trio comes out .Sathya finishes his bath but Arjun and Laksh are fully drenched.
Ragini:what is this Laksh?sathu..?
Sathya , Laksh and Arjun sees each other.
Arjun: you are correct sathu. Your maa is hitler.
Ragini rolls her eyes and Arjun runs outside and falls on subatra.
Arjun:jerry save me from hitler.
Subatra:why are you fully drenched tommy?
Arjun:Bhaiyu and sathu made me drenched.
Subatra:come to room. You will get cough.
Ragini make Sathya ready and Laksh takes them to school and subatra takes leave.
At evening,
Sathya comes from school sadly and Laksh sees this asks Ragini through eyes.
Ragini nods no.
Laksh takes Sathya out.
Laksh:why my prince so sad?
Sathya: papa.. I tried so much to win that drawing competition but I got only third price.
Laksh:Sathu..see me. win or lose don’t worry about that. If we put our effort, we will definitely earn something. Now see you earned how to draw and you can improve it. don’t you know naa your papa is worst in painting in my younger days now I am a great painter.
Sathya(amazingly): will you paint?
Sathya:can you draw me ?
Laksh: your wish my order prince.. but I already painted our family.
Sathya chuckled by seeing Laksh antics and hugs him”you are my sweet papa”
Laksh:can we go house?
Sathya nods.
In laksh house,
Ragini and Subatra transferred all their belongings to Laksh house.
Laksh takes the painting and show it to Sathya. In that painting, Laksh, Arjun, Rehan as Laxmi, subatra , Ragini and Sathya also there. Raglak sidehugs Sathya, Subatra and
That day is Raksha bandhan.

Laksh sees Subatra hesitates to tell something.
Laksh:Sweety, can you want to say anything?
Subatra:can I tie this Rakhi to you?
Laksh looks her with moist eyes” definitely… sweety”
Subatra ties rakhi and Laksh presents a gift.
Subatra:how you bought a gift? You don’t know naa..
Laksh: I am waiting for your Rakhi from morning. You are late Sweety. I scared that you didn’t accept me as your bhai.
Subatra looked her with moist eyes.
Ragini comes here by holding her head.
Laksh:what happened Cutie?
Ragini:Actually my school is running by trust. They face huge finance problem.
Laksh thinks a minute” I will meet your trustee. I think that I can help them in this”
Subatra: bhai, Rago.. I want to speak something important.
Ragini:haan sweety..
Subatra: I want to marry tommy .
Ragini and Laksh stands and Sathya and Arjun looks them confusingly.
Laksh:Sathu, take Ajju with you for playing.
Arjun and Sathya goes out for playing.
Laksh: sweety, we can’t predict about Ajju’s mental condition. he may be cured or…
Subatra: you have hope in your friendship bhai and I have hope in my love.
Laksh starts to speak but Ragini signs no.
Ragini:Jaan, she is living these years with Arjun bhai’s memories . let her to marry Jaan . I think even Arjun bhai loved her. That’s why he easily identified her even after . Think jaan both are meeting after 12 years, her face changed but bhai recognized her, still they can know their presence.
Laksh nods half heartedly.

At night,
Raglak meets trustee with Sathya and Laksh gave his paintings mistakenly gives family painting also. Trustee thanks them. Sathya understands that Laksh helps them.
In car,
Laksh drives the car and Sathya sits in his Lap. Laksh puts seat belt along with Sathya.
Sathya:papa, why did you gave your paintings that to free?
Laksh:prince.. we should help others if we can.
Sathya: but we didn’t get anything return naa.
Laksh: it’s not about Return prince. But we will get happiness.
Laksh sees a old lady shivers in cold.
Laksh stops his car and gives a shawl to Sathya.
Laksh:go and give it to that old lady.
Sathya nods and give it to old lady and she blesses him.
Sathya comes toLaksh and sits in his lap. Ragini witnesses it with smile in her face.
Laksh: you helped that old lady naa what you get.
Sathya:her blessings and(thinks)
Sathya:I feel happy papa. But I didn’t get anything other than blessings.
Laksh: it’s important Prince . that happiness will help you achieve biggest things. It will motivate you. you can get happiness by helping others, by spenting time with your family and friends.
Sathya: I can’t understand papa.
Laksh: just have my words in your memory. One day, you will understand.
Ragini: Jaan, he is just a 4 year kid.
Laksh smiles but Ragini feels some other meanings in his smile.
Soon, Sathya sleeps on laksh lap itself.
Ragini:jaan, what about dress tomorrow?
Laksh: I already bought it and I already arranged pandit for tomorrow.
Ragini: what? But, this issue raised only evening naa.
Laksh: I expected when I saw Sweety’s expressions morning.
Ragini:then, why are opposing it jaan?
Laksh:cutie, you are just seeing present but I am worrying for their future. Ajju may forget about sweety when he completely cured and that accident only gave sweety’s memories. I worried about sweety’s life as a bhai cutie.
Ragini: but sweety’s world is only Arjun bhai jaan. hope for the best. Haan… what about our family? all are fine naa.
Laksh felt happy when Ragini points OUR family.
Laksh: Good news is Swara is pregnant with Sansku’s child and bad news My house is in sorrow of losing me. they think that I am dead.
Ragini gives a confusing look.
Laksh points Sathya” I will tell in our room”
They arrived their house which is in Ooty’s outskirt.
Ragini takes Sathya in her hands and Sathya cuddles in her neck while sleeping.
Subatra opens the door and takes Sathya in her hands.
Laksh enters with bags.
Laksh:sweety, tomorrow morning 3 O clock is your marriage. Go and sleep peacefully.
Subhatra smiles” thanks bhaiya… I don’t know how to repay you”
Laksh caresses Subhatra’s hair” you are accepting me bhai and talks about Repaying. It’s not fair sweety. I am anger on you”
Subhatra holds her ears”Sorry bhai”
Laksh taps her head “ Ajju.!”
“I gave his medicine and he is sleeping, I will take care of prince also. you both take rest” Subhatra said.
“ once everything become alright, I will do your marriage in grand manner. It your bhai’s promise “ Laksh said to himself.

In Raglak room,
Laksh stares moon and Ragini arranges clothes for marriage.
Laksh:Sweety is so pure at her heart, cutie. In my younger days, I always long for a sister. she is like Meenu.
Ragini smiles.” Sometimes without any blood relationships, we feel for someone as bhai or behan or di. like that I got shona,Amar and Sahil bhai, swayam now subhatra. Life is so different naa jaan.”
“ I want to tell something important Cutie. Please don’t hate me after hearing this” Laksh started to tell his past life everything about Laxmi , k, chirag his various forms, swasan marriage, kavhil marriage, how Ragini’s pregnancy truth out.
Laksh continued“ once I become so cruel cutie. I don’t know what written in my destiny. Once Ajju is cured, I will again go to my battlefield. I don’t know what happen to me even I may di..” Ragini closes her mouth.
“when my Appa left me, his principles and values helped me to move on my life. I want to give that to our prince, cutie. It will help him in his future. Take care of him” Laksh smiles sadly.
Ragini pins Laksh inbetween in her hands and make a eyelock” my heart beat will stop before your heart beat stop. My life and my death is all in your hand jaan. I don’t know how I lived this 4 years. But now I can’t live a single second without you”
Laksh shockingly looks on Ragini.” Go and sleep. I will wake up you in three hours”
After 4 hours,
Sathya and laksh make Arjun ready in sandal red mixed Shervani and Ragini make Subhatra ready in Red bridal saree which have green leaves. Arjun looks so happy that his jerry will live with him and Subhatra is so determined about her marriage.
All arrived to the temple and Arjun and Subhatra takes pheras, Arjun fills her mang again and put mangalsutra in her neck. A long drop falls from Subhatra’s eyes because of happiness.
All are returning to their house.
In the way,
Laksh car stopped in middle.
Laksh comes outside and checks engine.
Ragini and everyone comes out. In that road, one side is land with bushes and trees and another side is valley.
Laksh: it will take an hour to repair.
Sathya and Arjun sees place and walks.
Laksh:Ajju! Prince! Don’t go so much distance. Sweety take care of them.
Subatra: haan bhai..!
Ragini stands beside Laksh and stares how he working.
Ragini:do you know how to repair a car jaan.
Laksh: little bit cutie.
Ragini smiles.
In Sathya and Arjun side,
Arjun sees tea vendor and Sathya understands what Arjun wants and buys tea.
Sathya sips tea a little bit and Arjun sees a little rabbit and runs behind that.
Sathya runs behind Arjun and his tea falls down and Arjun’s tea also.
Subatra sees them running before she run someone holds her hand.
Subatra turns and surprised.
Subatra: uncle, I called you for my marriage. You always said me that I am like your daughter. but you are coming late for your daughter’s marriage.
Ragini sees Subatra talking with stranger.
Ragini: jaan, sweety is talking to a stranger. I will come.
Laksh stops Ragini and feels something wrong , runs to subatra by seeing mens with knife behind her.
Master planner sees Laksh and hides his face.Subatra sees Master planner confusingly and turns , sees a a person comes behind Laksh with a rod.
Ragini pushes Laksh and hit by rod, Ragini’s blood drops falls on Laksh face and ragini twirls and falls on Laksh hands.
Laksh(yells): cutie..!
Ragini: it’s enough to me Jaan. I can die in your lap. Save our Sathu and others… Jaan..
Smile frozen on Ragini’s face and go to semiconscious state.
“cutie..!” Laksh yells while having bleeding Ragini in his Lap.
“rago..” Subatra yells and try to go from Master planner’s clutches.
Master planner signs his men and his men throws knife to his hand.

In Sathya and Arjun side,
Arjun pouts while seeing Rabbit escape.
Arjun: nibble.. that Rabbit escaped.
Arjun turns and sees unconscious Sathya laying on ground and blood oozing from Sathya’s mouth.
Arjun runs towards Sathya and takes him in his lap.
“Nibble.. nibble.. don’t play prank with me. you are scaring me. utho naa.. utho naa..”Arjun shakes Sathya and cries.
“haan.. I will say this to bhaiyu and jerry” Arjun said to himself and takes Sathya in his hand , run towards Subatra.
Master planner forcefully turns Subatra and stabs her.
Subatra(shockingly): uncle..!
Master planner stabs Subatra again and again.
Laksh sees this and pulls knife from nearby goon and fights, moves towards Subatra.
Someone shoots Laksh from back and Laksh turns.
“Sharma…”Laksh muttered and go to fall from cliff. A goon pulls him and throws infront of Sharma.
Sharma taps Laksh’s face with his foot.
“waah! The great business men, intelligent , smart Lakshya dev singh is in under my foot. Ha ha ha.. once you made police arrest me and saved your family and business . now who will save you ”Sharma laughs devilishly.
Ragini witnesses it in semiconscious state but she can’t hear anything.
In Kolkatta,
Sanskar shouts”Laku..”
Swara puts the lights on and sees Sanskar who is sweating badly.
Swara make him drink water and rubs his shoulder.
“what happened Sanku?”Swara asked worriedly.
“something bad happened with Laku. My heart feels so restless” Sanskar said while sobbing.
Swara hugs him”Sanskar, try to accept the truth. Laksh is no more”
Swara said with tears and Sanskar cries by hugging her.
Subatra sees Arjun comes with Sathya and signs him to hide in nearby bush through her eyes.
Master planner sees her eye message and turns but no one is there. Arjun hides in a bush with unconscious Sathya.Arjun didn’t see Master planner’s face.
“ I considered you as my papa’s state. “Subatra speaks with unbearable pain in her stomach.
“ but I never considered you as my beti. First your papa crossed my path. He saved that Durgaprasad and Annapurna from me, sent them to the place which I don’t know and try to told the truth to Sultan ji. What can I do? I tried to bribe him but he was so loyal. So I killed him. did you think I am wrong? I gave you chance to your papa but he wasted it. I can’t do anything. Then you came and made friendship with Arjun. he likes me and I taught him to marry you. I decided to use you against Arjun even I show Arjun have affair by forgetting you and made Sultan to accept that Arjun loves another girl but you left Kolkatta by failing my plan”Master planner said .
“that means..”Subatra asked.
“ you are genious Subatra(claps his hand and Sharma laughs more devilishly). Haan.. I am the one who behind all the miseries of Veer singh and Sultan family .(Sharma hits Master planner arms). Ok yaar not only me . he also. he loved that Annapurna but she insulted him and Durga was competition for me when comes to Sultan’s position. What can I do?. I framed that Durga try to rape Annapurna and that idiot Kalyani hit him by vase but thought that she killed him. but your papa saved both Annapurna and durga by hiding them like this Laksh. But I find it and killed your papa. In that, I got to know Annapurna delivered twins. One is Arjun.. another one is do you know who is he? Rehan… he grown up in low class family with his adopted sister. I thought that to left atleast one heir for sultan. but sultan killed his own grandson for taking revenge of his grandson death . the truth is I put bomb in Arjun’s car even I cut the break. But he escaped. So sad naa. I did all the miseries in Veer singh family but I put the blame in Sultan’s name. to sultan, I said that I was taking revenge for my brother’s death. Fool sultan. How can he become don? Still I don’t know. Do you know Sharma..?” Master planner asked.
“ I don’t know”Sharma shrugged his shoulders.
“ he also don’t know. Hmm..So sad naa subatra. But I thank you without your help, I can’t won”Master planner said sarcastically.
Master planner comes towards Laksh and kicks him.
“ it’s a impressive game Laksh. but you lost” Master planner said.
“ I will never let you win, now I can’t know who you are but I will never let you win”Laksh said while coughing blood.
“hmm. Don’t worry. You will die after seeing your family’s death. I killed everyone Arjun,your son, wife and this Subatra and I will send your entire family after one and half year, I will sent your whole family. you want to know why this year calculation. After this period, your father will get 660 crore worth property according to your Dadaji will. For that will let your cousins and brothers alive. Only three person knows this.Sultan, Durga and me. why your dadaji put Sultan as guardian? Are you thinking about this? Because Sultan and your dadaji are friends. No one know about this except me and Durga.”Master planner said.
“haa. I am speaking so much”Master planner said huffingly.
At that time, they hear fire brigade sound.
Goon: boss, you both should go from this place with your mens. I will take care of it. if any local goon see your men, it will be great problem .
Master planner and Sharma sees each other and nods, leaves from that place.
Arjun comes out from bush and puts Sathya near Subhatra and takes Subhatra in her lap.
Subatra opens her eyes and sees Arjun who is crying.
Arjun sees blood in his hand which is oozing from her stomach.
Subatra gathers her strength and kisses Arjun’s forehead” I love you tommy…”
Subatra falls down unconsciously on Arjun’s Lap.
That goon points gun on Arjun and pulls the trigger. Arjun falls down unconsciously after having bullet in his body.
After 7 days,
In A Hospital,
Laksh wakes up and sees Rehan who stands with moist eyes.
Laksh blink his eyes and get a correct vision.
Laksh remembers what happened.
Rehan:Ragini and Sathya are safe.
Laksh: I asked about Ajju and Subatra.
Rehan:they both ..dead.
Rehan turns with moist eyes.
Laksh closed his eyes” bhai.. bhaiyu..” both the words runs on his mind.
Laksh try to stands but Rehan stops him.
Rehan:Are you mad Laksh, now only you operated and come out of coma, there Ragini is suffering from memory loss and Sathya is whole day crying. Sometimes, we control him by injections.
Laksh face remains as Expressionless.
Rehan makes laksh sit and puts his hand on laksh shoulder.” Your family needs you now , Laksh”
Laksh looks Rehan”then Ajju.. he is my friend.. my bhai… my ajju. I will never leave anyone. It’s my revenge Ree.(Laksh looks rehan with dark cold eyes and Rehan stepped little bit backward) Arrange a house in kolkatta with sound proof basement. That house should be luxurious and should be in outskirt of kolkatta.”
Laksh start to give orders to Rehan.
Rehan: Laksh, you are so weak.
Laksh: my body not my soul Ree. It’s time to back K.
Rehan: but Ragini and Sathya… why are you thinking about them? they are your wife and son.
Laksh closed his eyes tightly.
Rehan: cry Laksh, your pain will come out.
But Laksh smiles and then his smile extend into Laugh a devilish laugh. Rehan scared to see Laksh like that.
Laksh: how did you saved me?
Laksh asked in cold tone.
Rehan: I arranged security with the help of local don. His men saved you but he can’t save them.
Laksh remembers a goon who saved him from falling from cliff.
Laksh: this hospital and ..
Rehan:For world, you all are dead in an unexpected fire accident and I arranged fake bodies. Coming to this hospital, dean’s son is in our custody.
Laksh : I want to meet doctor.
Doctor comes inside.
Doctor: your son is safe but your wife have a memory loss. A single panic attack may lead her to coma or lose her life.
Laksh clutches bed clamp and doctor stops.
Laksh signs him to continue” you will be discharged after two weeks and don’t force your wife to remember past”
Laksh stands” Ree, I want to see cutie.and Sathya. We are leaving tomorrow with this doctor. He is so good…”
Laksh taps Doctor’s face devilishly and Doctor frozen in fear. Rehan tries to understand Laksh’s mental state but he got only confusion as answer.
Rehan runs behind Laksh” I want all information about that doctor and…(little bit late) including his family and his relations and take control of his house indirectly once he left with us”
Rehan shockingly calls “Laksh..”
Laksh:K.. call me K.
Laksh enters into Ragini’s ward leaving shocked Rehan and his face softened by seeing Sathya and Ragini.
“Cutie…”Laksh whispers and remembers doctors word.
What can I call her which resembles Cutie. Haan Kuttimaa..
“Kuttimaa…”Laksh called Ragini and Ragini stares Laksh questioningly.
Sathya runs and hugs Laksh”papa…”
Ragini smiles and Laksh sits beside her.
“Kuttimaa… I am Laksh, your pathi. In a accident, this much happened. I know it will take time to adjust with surroundings but don’t hesitate to ask anything” Laksh assured by pressing Ragini’s hands.
Ragini nods .
The next day,
Raglak and Sathya reaches Laksh’s house.
Sathya: papa, we have this much big house.
Laksh:even we have big swimming pool. I will teach you once I get fine.
Sathya nods happily and Ragini smiles.
Ragini mostly maintains silent.
Three days rolled down, Laksh spents his night in drawing room. Rehan looks Laksh worriedly.
At night,
In Basement..
Rehan stands with five mens and Laksh gets inside .
Laksh: well! Ree, do you think they are loyal?
Rehan: they are very loyal. I can assure in it.
Laksh: I will deposit 10 crores in everyone’s child name and I ensure their safety but you are going to do fake death and work for me for one and half may be it will extend to two years. But if anyone sell yourself for money,I will not punish you but your family have to bear the punishment. so, it’s your decision now.
Laksh sits in chair and his men’s accepted.
Laksh shows some paintings. The images of goons whom attacked him.
Laksh: I want each and every detail of this persons and their family. You have one week time. Only one week time.
His mens nods and leaves.
A week passed, Ragini starts to speak with Laksh and Laksh always make her laugh and smile. He is completely cured and starts to teach Sathya about swimming and martial arts and get promise that he will use only for defence not to hurt others. The remaning time,Laksh spents in gym which inbuilt in house itself. Ragini asks about his profession and he said about Painting.
Rehan enters into gym.
Rehan:what are you doing Laksh?
Laksh:didn’t you see Ree, I am exercising to get my strength back.
Rehan: I didn’t ask about this. Why are you teaching Sathya about Martial arts?
Laksh: it’s needed. He is son of K,Ree. He should learn this.
Rehan shockingly looks Laksh.
Rehan:Laksh, you are starting to lose yourself .K is just an imaginery one you are Laksh. Laksh is the real one.
Laksh: but K is the one who needed. Laksh is weaker one who even can’t save his family
Laksh hardly punches punching bag and blood oozing from his hands.
Rehan stops Laksh and dresses his hand but Laksh didn’t make any sound.
Rehan worriedly looks Laksh.
At night,
Laksh make Ragini and Sathya sleep and come to basement where that goons are tied.
Laksh signs his man and he frees goons mouth.
Laksh: who sent you to kill me and my family?
Goons keep mum.
Laksh men beats goons then also they keep mum.
Laksh: loyal…! Not bad. I know how to deal with you.
Laksh signs his men and a screen splits into various portions and shows where goons children plays and a ice cream vendor comes.
Laksh: I will give you single chance. That ice cream vendor have poisoned ice cream like what you gave to my son haan poisoned tea. Who sent you?
Laksh:Sultan… good. Ok, I will give you a choice. You have to bribe Sultan mens to work for me. do you all do or let your kid die? And you have only one day time.
Goons nodded fastly.
Laksh:release them.
Goons go fastly from there.
Laksh:Follow them who all accept to bribe, just make them lost their one hand and another leg and safely destroy that ice cream.
Laksh men blindfolds goons who are standing outside basement and leaves.
Rehan:Do you really poisoned that ice cream?
Rehan:are you mad? How can you do that? They are innocent kids.
Laksh: then what about Sathya?Ajju? both are innocent naa. But they didn’t show any mercy on them then why can I . it’s good that goons accepted. Otherwise I have to show a trial.
Laksh said these words calmly but Rehan sense dangerous destruction behind his calmness.
Laksh comes to his room and panicked to see Ragini and Sathya missing.
Rehan comes there.
Laksh:Cutie and Prince both are missing.
Rehan: did Ragini get to know about your identity?
Laksh looks Rehan shockingly.
Laksh takes his watch and tracks Ragini and Sathya through Gps.
Laksh takes his car and stops before ragini angrily.
Laksh come out of his car “ what is this Ragini? Come with me” Laksh holds her hands and Ragini jerks his hand.
“ you are a heartless man. I can’t be your wife. You cheated me by using memory loss.” Ragini accused Laksh.
“no cutie… I am really your husband and Sathya is our son.”Laksh said hurriedly.
“ I don’t care Mr.Laksh. I don’t want my son to become gunday or to be addressed as gunday’s son. Let us live alone our both world are totally different. I don’t want to risk my son’s life again. I got to about you in hospital itself till I gave you chance but you will never change” Ragini blurted out.
Laksh comes near to Ragini and takes Sathya in his hand , Sathya cuddles in Laksh’s neck. Laksh puts Sathya inside car and ragini run beside him.
“ give my son to me. don’t spoilt his life” Ragini pleads while Laksh closed car door.
Laksh holds Ragin hands tightly.
“ please leave us. We will never disturb you. I don’t want to waste my son life. I don’t want to become my son as gunday” Ragini continues her plead which gives more pain to Laksh.
“cutie.. just listen. I love you so much. I love our son. I can’t live without you both. I already crossed so much loss in my life. Don’t leave me again”Laksh try to make her convince.
“ I hate you. you are gunday heartless person. I never love you”Ragini said determinately.
Laksh leaves her hand in shock and Ragini tries to open car door. The next minute, Laksh twists Ragini hands and pulls closer to himself .
“ you are mine cutie. I let you before to go away from me. but not now and ever. You are mine just mine” Laksh said in a cold tone which creates shiver in Ragini’s spine.
Laksh smirks by seeing it . ragini sees a police jeep and try to move towards it.Laksh sees it and get hyper.
Ragini feels a cold metal in her hand and shocked to see her handcuffed. Ragini try to shout before that Laksh closes her mouth with his hand. Ragini shockingly looks Laksh’s dark cold eyes which she didn’t see before.
Police jeep leaves from there. Laksh takes his hanky and gags ragini, forcefully takes her into car, leaves from there.
After an hour,
Laksh drives car aimlessly. He stops the car and stares Ragini who slept with tear marks in her eyes. Her tears gave immense pain in Laksh’s heart.
Laksh comes out and kneels down in road and cries.” Why ? what the enmity you have with me? everything went perfect before a month. I got my cutie, prince, Ajju and sweety. But why why you always give sorrow to me? what is the sin I have done in my previous birth? The one whom I love more than myself, today I am the reason for her tears. One side is her and another side is my revenge what can I do?
Laksh closes his eyes and Master planner words rolls on his mind. Then a voice,
“Rehan, when he wake up tell him that I and jerry both are dead.
But he will take revenge .you didn’t see him as K. I don’t want to see him again like that, Arjun.
Rago and prince is there. They will bound him from taking revenge. Now I will save my Laksh from upcoming problems. I will support him from backside. I don’t want to see him as K again. If I am here, he will definitely make himself as K again. First I want to find culprit, rehan.
Still Subatra didn’t wake up from coma, Arjun.
She will. My love will wake up her. I trust my love Rehan.
I don’t know how can I handle him,Arjun.”
(A/N Laksh can recollect his surrounding when he is in subconscious. Remember epi 2 prof scene)
Laksh opens his eyes with jerk.
That means, Ajju and Sweety both are alive. Arjun bhai(smiles with tears) well bhai, till I have 1 year in my hand and I know what to do know.
Laksh takes his mobile and calls Rehan.
“hello ree”Laksh started.
“where are you?”Rehan asked.
“I am fine with my cutie and prince. Tell Ajju I mean Arjun bhai that I will return after a year. He can’t fool me and don’t try to track me”Laksh answered and Rehan shocked.
Laksh throws phone outside and their gps trackers also, frees ragini.
The next day morning,
In Ooty,
Raj, Kalyani and Veer comes ooty as inaugurate the painting art exhibition.
Raj sees the painting.
Raj: can I know who drawn this paintings?
Trustee: his name is Laksh but he is no more. Haan I have his painting.
Trustee shows Laksh painting in which Arjun, Laxmi/Rehan, Laksh, Sathya, Ragini and Subatra present.
Trustee:Ragini and Laksh are good mens and their Son Sathya like his father . but all died in a accident.
Kalyani,Veer and Raj stands frozen.
Raj: we should trust Sanskar’s feelings bademaa.
Ragini wakes up in a hut type house and sees Laksh who is coming with water.
Laksh sits little bit distance from Ragini.
Ragini looks at Laksh questioningly.
“Kuttimaa, I know I can’t justify my act. Please forgive me. you and sathu both are my world. I can’t live without you both. I left everything . please..” Laksh pleads.
At that time,Sathya enters the room.
“Papa, why are you crying?” Sathya wipes Laksh’s tears.
“papa did a mistake . so I am asking sorry from maa”Laksh said.
“maa.. papa asking you sorry naa. Forgive him..”Sathya said.
“ I forgave your papa. But he never do this mistake again”Ragini said and Laksh understands.
Laksh takes Sathya outside and Ragini stares Laksh.
Flashback starts..
In hospital,
Ragini’s ward,
Ragini opens her eyes and sees Arjun.
Ragini:Arjun bhai…
Arjun:Rago.. now are you ok naa?
Ragini:haan bhai..
Arjun:Rago, I want to say about Laksh his past.
Ragini:he already told me.
Ragini remembers whatever happened.
Ragini:bhai, Laksh sweety sathu
Arjun:Sathu and Laksh are safe but jerry slipped in coma.
Ragini sheds tears.
Arjun:Rago, you have to fake your memory loss and try your best to hold Laksh from getting revenge.
Ragini looks Arjun confusingly.
Arjun:Rago, Laksh will definitely take revenge. I don’t want lose him in that dark world. I have only this way.
Arjun tells his way.
Ragini: but bhai you and sweety. How can I be selfish?
Arjun: it swear on me. you should hold laksh in normal life.
Ragini nods without another way.
Flashback ends…
“ I know jaan I hurt you so much. But I don’t know any other way. Please forgive me…”Ragini said to herself.

In VR Mansion,
Ragini wakes up first and sees Laksh who is sleeping peacefully.
“Jaan, you know Sweety wake up from coma and said about culprit. Arjun bhai is going to expose him today. You don’t know jaan how much pain I have when I see pain in your eyes, that day you scold yourself for getting closer to me by pointing my health issues. I don’t have any other way than faking my memory loss. I will say all the truth tomorrow and we will live happily”Ragini speaks to herself and kisses Laksh forehead by forgetting upcoming storm in her life.

Precap: Last part-2 Destruction Laksh breaks his own family but Laxmi mends it.

This is Balaji Sara’s choti. actually di is ill so i wrote half and posted it as di promised that she will post it in friday. if i did any mistake forgive me.take care and keep smiling.

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    and coming to ur update…osam akka…yeana solrathu kalaikidenga akka….yaru Andha master planner nu therunchuga aarvama iruku…ragini ku memory loss lam illa…it’s a big shock….loved it core akka….arjun rehan sweety raglak sathya look sooo cute…raglak r sooo cute…i love their scenes…pavam laksh sathu kidaiyum ajju kidaiyum madikidan….am lacking of words akka…u r amazing writer….love u akka….eagerly waiting for nxt one….tkcr of health akka….

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