Swaragini: The forgotten sisters part 8

Hey guys I know I’m late again and I’m really sorry but what to do yard days have been so very hectic I hope u guys understand

Let’s begin
Swara was sleeping in her room when suddenly she heard a voice
Voice:aaaah buahhh hu haa hu
She got up half sleepy
Swara:what’s these noises
She heard something breaking
She went out to see and saw a vase fallen and blood around it

In ragini’s room
Ragini also heard some sounds
Voice:buaah ahh haa haa
Ragini got up and went near window to see
There was no one then she heard some sound from outside she went and saw blood falling from the ceiling
She was shocked
Ragini:calm down rage it’s nothing
Suddenly lights went

Swaragini shouted :aaaah
They ran towards the hall
Swaragini :you also heard it

Swara:how so it possible
Ragini:don’t know
Windows started flipping
Winds flew
They ran to the main door but it wasn’t opening

Suddenly ragini saw something and shouted:Swara

Swara turned and saw two white creatures heading towards them with knives in their hands

As their came close swaragini hugged eo
Swaragubi:I think it’s a prank bcoz those creatures are wierd
They both agreed and decided to teach those so called ghosts a lesson

They broke the hug and took a vase from either of their sides
And as soon as the ghosts reached near them they removed the vase and were about to hit them but they heard them shout
Ghosts :swara ragini aaah
They removed the white cloth and were shocked to see sanlak
Swara:u both how could u.
Ragini:how dare u
Sanskar:oh god lucky y saw their faces it was so funny
Laksh:yeah bhai
Swara:u think it’s funny I would have died by fear
Ragini:I would have got heart attack
Sanskar covered Swara mouth
Sanskar:don’t u dare try to tell something like this
Laksh also came close to ragu

Laksh(angry):u aren’t getting any attack till I’m there till your bestie is there

Both the couples shared and eyelock

Swara:hmm okk but why did u scare use
Sanskar:just for fun sweetheart
Laksh:yah but I didn’t know ragini that u are a bheegi billi(scared cat)
Ragini:yes I shouldn’t be afraid seeing blood on the ceiling right

All of them burst out laughing
Sanlak:OK now we’re going bye and this time really
They went to their home

Sanskar room
Sanskar remember Swara scared face and how cute and innocent she was looking
Sanskar:aww so sweet
He slept in thought of Swara again

Laksh room
Laksh :god I did the prank but now I’ve to face kaali mata anger
Laksh:but I’ll handle my Andy birfd
He slept wheel thank ways of calming his lady loves anger

Swara room
Swara:huh that Sanskar how dare he scare me but the moment he held my mouth I could see purity and fast of loosing a true friend but the isn’t saving him from my anger all the beta sanky dear

She slept wheel thinking about their closeness today and how she is gonna teach him a lesson

Ragini room
She slept wheel hugging a pillow having a cute smile and thinking about Laksh words about how he would never let anything happen to her
Ragini:how sweet

Next morning
Shomi and janki return home
Swara :Mon hoe is nani now
Shomi:she’s good shona
Swara:mom I hope she (janki)didn’t do anything
Swara:fine I’m late bye mom
She rushed out
Ragini came down
Ragini:mom I’m leaving for office BTW how’s nani and did Mrs mehra trouble u
Janki:ragu I’ve
Ragini cut her in between
Ragini:OK OK I understand bye tc

She also rushed

Precap:Sanskar faces swara anger
Raglak outing
Sankar giving a white rose to shona

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