Swaragini: The forgotten sisters part 10

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Hey guys I’m back
Many of you have already read my new ff
Swasan :love rekindles intro
And have supported me and those who haven’t plz read it if you’re interested

Let begin
Raglak reached sanlak home
Ragini:wow Laksh must say well maintained house
Laksh:thanks madam BTW would you like to have dinner bcoz I do t think that roadside ice cream filled your stomach nor mine and it’s time for dinner also
Ragini:oh come on Laksh stop taunting my ice cream and abt dinner then It’s OK I’ll have it at home
Laksh:oh plz don’t be so formal I know you’ll not tell if your hungry come Leta grab something to eat from the kitchen

They went and Laksh searched for something but could not find anything
Laksh:I’ll prepare something
Ragini:you know cooking
Laksh:ofcouse and better than you
Ragini:what do you mean

Laksh:nothing let’s start BTW I’ll prepare food till then why don’t you see around the house
Ragini:or even better after dinner why don’t you show me the house
Laksh:cool then let’s prepare together
Ragini:hmm so what are we making
Laksh :well something that cooks fast
Ragini:what about noodles
Laksh:OK I start noodles bcoz I’m really hungry

Ragini:you’re always hungry
And she laughs while Laksh gives her dead glare
Ragini:OK let us prepare
They started making noodles
While making noodles raglak had lots of fun teasing eo cooking skills and much more
Then they put the noodles into bowls and headed to the table for eating

Screen shifts to swasan
Swasan were in the car
Sanskar:Swara if you don’t mind let’s go for a pong drive
Swara:yeah I live long drives
The Went to a beach in the car
Swara :why are we here at this time
Sanskar:umm I didn’t get another place and I just couldn’t keep in driving so
Swara:OK so Leta go
They went near the water
They were standing when suddenly Swara splashed water on Sanskar
Sanskar was shocked
Swara laughed

Sanskar was mesmerized seeing her laugh
SWARA:oh god see yourself
Sanskar:now I’m not gonna leave you
Swara started running and Sanskar ran behind her to catch her
They ran alot and finally Sanskar was able to catch swara
He caught swara by her waist and her face was facing his face they were lost in eo eyes

Screen shifts to raglak
Raglak were done eating
Laksh:come let’s go and tour the house
Laksh showed her around the house and last he took her to his room
His room’s one wall of filled with his pictures and other with his and Sanskar pics and third with his friend and one wall was empty
Ragini looked around and. Said
Ragini:woah never thought a guy’s room could be this clean

Laksh:what do you mean
Ragini:nothing your room is beautiful all the walls covered with pics why this wall is empty
Laksh:I’ve kept this wall for covering it pics when I find my someone special with her and my pics
Ragini:oh that’s good I hope you find her soon
Ragini somewhere felt a bit bad after listening it but brushes her thoughts

Laksh:so when we’re on this topic so tell me do you have or had nay bf
Ragini:yeah I had a bf 3 years back his name was .
She couldn’t complete she was teary eyed

Laksh felt bad for her don’t know why is it bcoz she is crying or bcoz she had bf
(Well guys we now the reason is both)
Laksh:it’s OK ragini you don’t need to tell I’m sorry I shouldn’t have asked
He was cut by ragini as she hug him tightly and sobbed and said inbetween her sobs
Ragini:it isn’t your fault
She continued hugging him he responded to her hug

Screen shifts to swasan
Swasan were lost in eo eyes
Suddenly Sanskar splashed water on her and she came in senses and saw Sanskar smiling mischievously
Sanskar :tit for tat
Sanskar:OK now it’s pretty late let’s go your mom would be tensed
He said avoiding her anger
They sat in car and drove off

Swara reached mehra mansion
Sanskar:bye it was pleasant day with you
Swara:Bye take care good night
And swara went inside and Sanskar drove to his house

Swara entered her house and shine served her food
Swara was smiling
Shomi:what happen shona why are you smiling without reason
So Swara:smiling whose smiling mom
Swara:no I’m not smiling anyways I’m really I’m going to sleep good night

She Went to her room and layer on the bed thinking about how Sanskar held her by her waist na blushed
Swara:I’m mad Swara sleep
She said to herself

Screen shifts to raglak
They broke the hug
Ragini :Laksh it’s late I should go
Laksh:come I’ll drop you
Ragini:it’s OK I’ve called driver he’ll come with the car and don’t worry I’m fine
Laksh smiled at her

Gent bid bye and went to their respective places

Sanskar reached home and went to sleep after changing he slept smiling and thinking about Swara and his day out

Same with raglak only thing was Laksh was thinking about the reason ragini cried after hearing g about bf

Precap:ragini bf enters whose he???
Is swara already in a relationship???Sanskar engaged?with whom??

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