swaragini: fight for my right (episode 3)

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swara entered her house through window ,she went to her room and switched on the lights.she was surprised to see her whole family in her room .her heart skipped.she knew something was wrong
swara:mom u here?
sumi:where were u?
swAra:i went out with ragini
swara fell on floor “papa”
shekhar:dont call me that……u lair
swara:when did i lie to u?
sumi:sahil saw u roaming with a boy
swara saw sahil smirking ,she understood ..she didnt defend herself no use she knows her family dnt trust her becoz she is a girl.
They lock her in a room and even took her phone .she was helpless .she was sure by the sounds she got that her parents were trying to fix her alliance.

Ragini entered her house through window to scare uttara .she entered and tip-toed to her room…little did she know that surprise was waiting for her. she heard uttara shouting
uttara:no dad i will not do any such thing
raj: this year she will be twenty, u have to take her signatures then all her property will be urs
shivani:we are just securing ur future
uttara:but mom
raj :if u cant then i will do it myself,i would have done it long ago but she kept herself involved in business ,reads every paper before giving signature…..i would have killed her or if i force her and she did suicide ,the property will go to charity so u have to do it
This was enough fr ragini she ran outside the house as she couldnt here more her own people have betrayed her .she was missing her parents ,she was in a trauma…..everything felt finished…she wanted to put an end to her emotional misery,she ran aimlessly as fast as she could.


Delhi Airport
laksh look around the pollution and said this country will not change he took out his hanker chief and tied over his face leaving the eyes he put on the goggles and started walking ..he smelled the smell of his country…suddenly something flashed his mind he took out bandage and put over his dragon tattoo to hide his identity and he started walking seriously .he didnt call his car because he will inspect as an employee.thats the real secret of his success in young age.he follows simple living high thinking.
he didnt bargain for taxi, his office was close to airport he went to a five star hotel nearby booked a room got fresh ,he came out again put his handkerchief in face ,the goggles and started walking .suddenly his gaze fell on a girl standing near cliff and started running there she was just going to going to throw herself when laksh caught his hand
he jerked and turned her ,her face was covered with scarf
girl:leave me i want to go to my parents ……no body loves me and was blabbering whatever came to her mouth she was out of her mind.
laksh forcefully hugs her ….the moment they hug each other they closed thier eyes .the girl rested her head on his chest and laksh hugged her tighter the cool wind blew their hairs.laksh found the peace he searched everywhere but suddenly he pushed her gently said without looking into her eyes
laksh:i am sry
and ran from there thinking what has recently happened

raginis pov
I didnt trust my ears ,this cant happen ,i trusted my uncle ,i felt like killing myself ,i was feeling lonely….i was screwd up …..was i mad.i went to do suicide…..my dad would have killed me in heven once again…..cmon ragini you dnt care there r many more rason to live other than this…u r enough fr urself …thanks to my saviour …..he was strong ,thak god u send ur angel and save me but i luved that hug ,his perfume was strong i still can smell it. “shut up”go tell him thank you .i rushed to find my saviour but he was nowhere .
pov end
ragini:shona didnt call me .is she ok?
ragini called her numerous times but she didnt pick this was end she knows she was going mad…she rushed to her house.

sanskar wakes up catching his head .he looked around and found himself in his friends house ,it was then reality strike him ,he began to weep
kartik:sanskar be happy ur mom is safe and is in heaven…..its destiny she had a heart attack
sanskar:everything is over
kartik:ap mom wanted to see u sucessful
sanskar:but she only left me
Kartik:but she is looking at u from sky …..and yet maybe there is someone wating for u
kartik :ur mom called me to give this to u nd bye bro i.am already late for office………think it as ur own home
he opened the packet to find papers of bank account ..it cointained 10 lakh rupees and a set of bangle with a letter which says those money is sanskars nanus money which ap inherited nd the bangles r for her daughter in law whoever she is
the screen moves to a girl sitting and sobbing its our swara . Ragini was hell tensed she called her lawyer and said something which is muted then she called nandini her ceo,friend
Nandini:rags all ok
Raginj:i want u to handle all my meetings urself without uncles help ….dnt give him details if he asks for and mail every single detail to me
Nandini:ok fine,but r u going on a trip
Ragini:seems like, bye
she flew her car to her shonas house, she was ready to kill anybody who disturbs her shona.
she reached GM and entered there were gaurds everywhere
she ran inside the house
Ragini:swara,swara …..she literally shouted
swara heard her .she was scared not for herself but for ragini
Ragini:swara where are u,
“nobodys home”came a sound from back .it was non other than sahil
he came close to her
sahil:you look tempting in this pink skirt and white top .
he was about to catch her waist but
sahil: swara
yes it was swara
sahil :how did u come out
she tells
she heard ragini , she was scared coz no one was home ,and she knew her brothers mind ,a idea struk her .though she had fear of heights,still she came out from window with the help of pipe reach the window of guest room and came out
flashback end
sahil :i will not leave u
nd was abut to hit swara but ragini hit with vase and he became unconscious.swara panicked the gaurds were coming in .but before they reach swaragini flew though back door and ran away in raginis car. swara was happy becoz she was confirmed she has a soul sister who was always there for her. swara stayed in a hotel becoz by then gadodias have started searching her and main suspect would be rags.ragini went to the her mansion, packed her bags,took dresses for her nd swara called her pa
ragini:book 2_tickets to Mumbai
and ran to the hotel

laksh was just going to office when manik called him and says
“Media somehow came to know ur in india dnt go to office its a trap so that they catch u
laksh: what am i a thief?i m coming

Manik:Media is there in airport and we cant send privet jet they will identify u
laksh:ok fine let me act as a tourist
Manik: company is running smoothly, u can do that,and smart phone launch was successful,the manager planed it all to bring u out
Manik:yaa the media offered him5 corers for doing it. can u imagine?
laksh:so i am litrally stuck over here
Manik:yes,Enjoy ur trip
Laksh:sack the manager out
Manik:i knew it ,nd i did it,he was not loyal.Bye and enjoy
laksh hanged up the call this is insane…..why dnt this media let me live in peace.
sanskar packed his bags start his journey to station.

precap: meeting of those who are destind to be together………….forever

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