Swaragini FF (Chapter 5)

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swara is hvng twins

Scene 1
Sanskar brings swara home and tell evry1 dat swara is bearing twins in her womb…all bcome happy again all those hugs and blessings take place
Its night and in laksh’s room
Ragini cms inside and does nt find laksh…she goes to the balcony nd sees him standing der thinking smthng deeply..wen ragini cms nd asks him abt his thoughts he pulls ragini towards him
Ragini: laksh wat r u..
laksh interrupts her by gvng her a liplock..it lasts fr a few seconds….
Laksh says: ragini as doc said dat u cn concieve a baby so lets start our family
Ragini bcomes shy…
laksh kisses her on her forehead…then on her lips..on her neck…on her stomach….and lifts her and takes makes her lie on bed….laksh removes his shirt…and lights off
the next mrng
in laksh’s room both laksh and ragini r sleeping..no clothes and they r covered wid a blanket…ragini wakes up and gets ready to go down…and she will nt disturb laksh as he is sleeping

Scene 2
All r pampering swara a lot and she behaves in a childish way..once she asks fr chocolates,,then fr panipuri then fr pavbhaji then suddenly again ice cream..she is making evry1 run errands and they r happy dng things fr swara sanskaar brings a lot of teddies fr her and she hug him and says tq evry1 smile… they r not allowing her to put her legs down..ragini feels sm drizziness bt she bcoms algright again
Sujatha: swara and ragini u sld do a pooja tmrw fr ur family’s well being
Swara: ok MIL..cn u pls give me 1 more choc
Annapurna: no swara u hv already eaten soo many now no chocs
Swara: c FIL ur wife is nt gvng chocs to me
Sanskaar: if u eat sm more chocs den ur stomach will b upset
DP: hey u jus do wat evr my bahu asks fr..annapurna giv her 1 more choc
Swara: Tq FIL
meanwhile laksh cms down and gives swara a diary milk silk bubbly..she feels so happy and she finishes eating it in a jiffy..
Ragini again feels drizzy and takes support of the sofa wen she is not able to stand
laksh cms and stands beside her and sees dat she is nt alright
he asks her slowly
Laksh: ragini ru ok
Ragini: yes laksh am fine some drizziness since mrng thats it
Laksh: hmm…mayb its a symptom fr pregnancy(in a sarcastic manner)
Ragini: laksh ur soooo….

Precap: bth swara and ragini r dng puja…suddenly ragini faints

Credit to: Ananya

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