Swaragini- everything is fair in love and war (Episode 3)

Swara and swayam comes to clg
Swara: swayam why I am feeling that their is something fishy
Swayam: why r u giving ur so much work
Swara: shut up dumbo see their laksh and his gang they r discussing something
Swayam: they alwys do that what’s new
Swara: u stupid did u forget what that lucky had challenged me
Swayam:I rember very well he said that within a week u will be out of clg
Swara: I think they r making some plan and today is professor vardhan’s lecture I am sure he is upto something big
Swayam:so what u’ll do

Swara: I have an idea she tells swayam about her plan
Swayam: swara r u sure because it is risky and if he is upto like that then it would be great shock for him
Swara: we have to take risk
Swayam: as u say
By saying this he goes from their swara gave him a bag
AT AKL office’s
At conference hall their is no one
Sanskar sees ragini he moves to talk to her
Ragini sees that he coming towards him she tires to move
Sanskar: ragini plsz listen to me
Ragini: their is nothing to listen

Sansakr: u don’t know anything properly
Ragini: (in am angry tone)ok I don’t know u know everything after knowing also u wish to talk with me
Sanskar: ragini my family can never do that
Ragini: u know sansakar I just don’t want to talk about it. I’ll take my revenge
Sanskar: I’ll never let u to do so. I ‘ll never let anything happen to my family
Ragini: all the best then because I’ll do anything to bring out truth
Sanskar: then what about us
Ragini: their’s nothing left about us
Sanskar: u r hurting me and urself just think about it once
Ragini: I don’t because I just hate u
Sanskar: if this ur final decision then I am in front of ur revenge
Ragini: we’ll see that

Ragini comes to KARAMA industries office
Ragini has called her borad member’s in her cabin they r discussing to cancel the deal
Board member: mam if we do so their will be huge loss to AKL company
Ragini: I don’t care about it I just want my company to be at top
Board member: mam but why what will be the benefit
Ragini: by these maheswari’s to save arav will focus more on these we can easily get the government tender for which we all r waiting for
Board member: mam by these tender our company will become top first company of country
Ragini: I know that
Sanskar gets to know about it he comes to meet her in her office
Ragini is in her cabin sansakr comes their

Sanskar: ragini what r u upto
Ragini: don’t u have manners to ask permission and come in
Sanskar: answer me first by doing loss to arva what benfit u;ll get
Ragini: so u got to know about it ha
Sanskar: ragini don’t dare to create problems for my family
Ragini: I’ll do u can’t stop me(she about to move from their sanskar holds her habd and pins her to wall they r so close to each other they can feel eachother’s breath and herat beat)
Sanskar: ragini I am warning u I’ll tell everyone about ur past
Ragini: ur trying to black mail me
Sanskar: what ever u think so
Ragini:( she pushes him ) u’ll pay for this
Sanskar: u only forced me to do so

Sanskar again pulls her close to him he is holding her by waist ragini’s hand r on his shoulder they r having intense eyelock) and by the way u only said na everything is fair in love and war then let the war begin know
Ragini: u have started it I promise I’ll end these with failure of maheswari’s ur dad have to pay what he did
Sanskar: we’ll see I’ll never let u harm them ragini
Ragini:(she frees herself) I’ll never let u win
Sanskar: I’ll never let u fail
They leave from their
Ragini calls his PA and tells him to call media and informs them about their clash she also gives them hint about their past
Ragini :now let me see how u can stop me just wait and watch sanskar
Swra was walking in corridor

Laksh( to his frnds): see she came now get on to your work
Giya u go first kapil be ready u know what to do
Giya is moving towards swra
Swra why she is coming towards me
Giya: hey swara how r u
Swara: why r u asking me this question if laksh comes to know that u r speaking with me then what will happen with u
Giya: just don’t even tell his name in front of me
Swara: what happened
Giya: u know I said him that I love him he said that I am not of his type
Swara: so what he says these to everyone
Giya: he says these to everyone and he flirts with every girl he tried with u but u slapped him
Swara: what do u mean to say
Giya: I mean his ego is hurted

Swara: I know that so he challenged me
Giya: r u not afraid
Swara: why I should me my di says that “eet ka javabha patar se dho”
Giya: u know his brother and dad r big business men
Swara: u still don’t know about me and my family especially my di she is really awesome
Giya: oh I see
Will u be my frnd
Swara:(in her mind I know he is upto something big and this giya she is mad on him and can anything for him) ok I’ll see that
Giya: swara what’s in ur hand
Swara: oh this is my assignment if I didn’t submit it today then I may be out of this clg
Giya(in mind I know that so this is only our plan):oh I see will u show it to me I mean I heard about u , u r on the basis of scholarship na the clg got appreciation letter from ur pervious clg
Swara: yeah sure she opens it and about to show her just then
Kapil comes their he snatches her assignment and runs from their
Swara: kapil plsz give me my assignment back kapil plsz
She is unable to catch him and she slips on floor which is wet she is crying in pain
Swara comes to class she I late today and her clothes r also dirty
Vardhan: what is this swara ur late and see ur self
All the class laugh on her

Vardhan: quite everyone
Swara: I am sory sir plsz give me last chance
Vardhan: ok go and sit on ur desk
Swara goes to her desk
Laksh gives a evil simile to her
Swara in mind I know these idiot only did these know see laksh what I’ll do
Vardhan: so student I hope that ur assignment r ready swara u ever late to class so u’ll present that first
Swara: sir woh…………..(she is stamaring to say)
Laksh to his frnd: know I’ll see what she will do
Vardhan(in angry tone): swra where’s ur assignment u know every well these is how much important for u how can u be so irresponsible

Swra is quite
Vardhan: swra answer me
Just then swayam stands up
Swayam: sir her assisgment is with me
Laksh is shocked to hear that
Vardhan: can’t u answer that know present it
Swra: yeah surely sir
She presents her assignment verywell
Vardhan Is really impressed by her
Vardhan: its excellent
Class gets over all leave
Laksh is really angry that how can he fail

They all r sitting in canteen which is near pool side some professor’s r also present their their
Swra comes to laksh and slaps him hard

Swara: how dare u
Laksh: what I have done
Swra: don’t be so innocent
Laksh: ok u got to know
Swra: yeah u have problem with me na then how dare u trouble my brother u played an p[rank on teachers and blamed it on my bro
Laksh: no wanted to put on u but ur bro came their to save u then that’s gone happen
Swra: what have u thought about urself ha I was feeling to tell u sory because without a reason I salpped u but today I think I did right
Laksh: just shut up on that day without my fault u slapped me and today also u r blaming me I only wanted to teach u lesson and by the I didn’t play any prank on teachers I don’t know anything about it

Swara: just stop being innocent I am sure u where only behind all these
Laksh: oh just shut up
Swra gets angry and throws a glass contain water on his face
Swara: don’t even dare to mess with me
Laksh gets angry on her
Swra move drom their
Laksh pushes her in pool
She gets drenched she comes out of pool they both r fighting
Principle gets to know about it he calls them to his office

Precap: ragsan’s nokh jokh at Principle office
Their past is revaled…………………………

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