Swaragini- everything is fair in love and war (Episode 2)

Sanskar: ma I am leaving to office
Dp: toady is no meetings
Sanskar: ha woh I should meet arav’s client today
Dp: arav’s client
Sanskar: ha he needs my help so I am getting late I will leave
Sanskar leaves for AKL group’s of companies office
Arav is waiting for him
Just then ragini arrives their
Arav greets her they move towards the conference hall
Ragini introduces herself to borad members they r discussing about their paln
Samskar reaches AKL’s office
Sanskar: to arav’s PA

Has meeting started
PA: sir arav sir is waiting for u he’s in conference hall
Sanskar entres hall all greeted him ragini was unable to see arav brings sanskar both ragini and sanskar r shocked to see eachother
Arav: ms.gadodia meet mr.sanskar maheswari CEO of maheswari’s group of industries , he’s also my cousin brother and member of borads of my company and sansakr she is ragini gadodia D of karma group of companies
Ragini forwards her hand
Ragini:nice to meet u mr.maheswari
Sanskar shake hand with ragini

Sanskar: same here nice to meet u ms.gadodia
They all r seated ragini and arav discuss about their plans sanskar is lost in his thoughts he just seeing ragini with loving and teary eyes
Sanskar in his mind
After seeing u I am just feeling to hug u tight and tell u that it was how difficult for me to move on tell u that how much I love u still though moved on I still love u ragini I love u lot but I know u too love me but u’ll never accept that I don’t know how to react after seeing u in infront of me
Deal is singed btw ragini and arav sanskar was quite during all these they discussing ragini got swayam’s call
Ragini: excuse me
Ragini picks the call
Ragini: what happened

Swayam: di woh swara he tells everything about swra palns
Ragini: kya me aa rahi ho dadi koh paata chala toh woh kaya karegi
Swayam: di jaldi plsz
Ragini cuts the call and sees sanskar talking to arav she obesreved him starring at her during meeting
Ragini: mr.singh the rest work we will finish tomorrow
Arav: is anything important
Ragini: yeah its important I’ll take ur leave
They both shale hands
Ragini moves in her car
She is remembering her and sanskar’s past incident’s
Dadi has called all her frnds they all r chit chting seravent brings juce
They take a sip and spils it out
Frnds: what is this shanty its so bitter
Frnd 2: no its so salty
Dadi: I don’t know who did it

All dadi frnds blame her that she called them to do her insult they all leave from their ji=ust then ragini entrs
Dadi is very angry
Dadi: who did it
Ragini: dadi kya hua
Dadi: ask swara
Ragini understands that
Ragini: dadi leave it na plsz forgive her
Dadi: u always take hers side
Swra: dadi it was not just my plan u r ladala swayam also helped me
Dadi: swayam u also know joined her
I’ll not leave u both today
Swara: first catch for that shanty
Ragini: swra ………………
Swra is running in whole house dadi is chasing her
Dada sees ragini worried

Ragini goes to her room
They all have dinner and go and sleep in their room
Ragini’s room
Ragini is unable to sleep rembering sasnkar
Ahe decides to go to study room and do some work
She comes to study room and is doing her work
Dada comes their
Dada: ladoo u didn’t sleep
Ragini: dada ji I was not getting sleep so I came here but u what happened r u fine do u need anything
Dada: yeah I am fine what happened today u went to office when their was no need u could have send anyone and when u came back u where worried
Ragini: u know na dadi called her frnds to talk about my marriage
Dada: I know that but waht happened something else is bothering u
Ragini: today I saw him
Dada: where did u meet him
Ragini: at arav’s office he is his coisin brother
Dada: did u both speak

Ragini: no
Dada: then what’s wrong
Ragini: from last 15 years we left Kolkata a month before we arrived here back no one know’s name of karma industries MD they all know her RAG and today he got to know that
Dada: for what u r worried that he got to know about u or that he’ll be
Ragini: dada ji plsz I don’t want to talk about it its my past I just hate him after knowing the truth I just hate him from core of my heart wht his family did I can never forget never ever I came to take my revenge and I’ll for sure
Dada: in this revenge u r spoiling u both’s life
Ragini: I don’t care about him and their’s no use in talking about him lets forget it
Dada: r u able to
Ragini: no and I don’ think so I’ll ever be
Dada: then what ur going to do
Ragini: I have moved on and I am happy with all these
Dada: ok know go and sleep
Ragini:ok u too go know
Ragini and dadaji goes to their rooms and sleep
Dadaji’s room

Dadi: where u went
What happened is everything fine
Dada: I am thinking about ragini
Dadi: why
Dada: she know’s only half truth and if half truth can change her so much then when she will get to know everything she will completely be broken
Dadi: don’t worry everything will be fine we will never tell her truth
dada : she will get to know the circumstances will make it
dadi: don’t think negative
dada: ur right I should think positive
Swara: swayam come fast we r getting late
Swayam: yeah I am here come lets move they go to clg
Laksh’s room

Ap:laksh wake up u have to go to colge
Laksh: ma let me sleep na
Uttra: bhai u r still sleeping wake up have u forgot about that challenge
Laksh with sudden jerk sits
Laksh:ih shit how can I forget that
Ap: what happened is anything important today
Uttra: ma woh………… laksh bhai has cha
Laksh: badi ma nothing their’s a important lecture today
Ap: wah laksh has become serious of his studies
Uttra: bhai today what’s your lecture
Sujatha comes their
Sujatha: laksh say lie on what one can believe
Uttra laughs out a loud

Uttra: wah chachi app ne thoh sixer mara hai aaj (wow chachi, you hit a six today)
Laksh gives angry look to uttra
Laksh: m ma, what happened to you? you should be happy that I am giving attention to my studies.
Sujatha: i know you very well, something is surely going on in your mind.
leave all that, get ready fast.
Sujtha and ap goes from their
Laksh: uttra ki bachi aja thih marava deti
Uttra: aaj jo kar rahe hoh agar pas gaye thoh app ko kuyn bachaaga
Laksh: you don’t worry about that
Uttra: not going college?
Laksh: yes, today is a very important today
Laksh gives a evil simile to uttra
Uttra goes from their
Laksh gets ready and comes down
Sanskar is thinking aabout ragini

Uttra: bhai do you know what laksh bhai going to do today
Sansakar is lost is in his own thoughts uttra sees that
Uttra shakes sanskar: bhai r u ok
Sanskar comes to his sense
Sanskar: ha ………….. what happened
Uttra: nothing
Uttra leaves from their as she saw sanskar tensed
She is walking in down stairs
Dp who was sitting on sofa he sees uttra tensed he called uttra uttra went near him
Dp: uttra beta what are you thinking is everything fine
Uttra: papa sanskar bhai aaj kuch pareshan the bas un ke barre me souch rahi hu
Dp: woh he is fine he is just disturbed by something u forget about it and go to clg
Uttra: I am waiting for laksh bhai
dP: ok he is always late
uttra: papa just leave it na see he is running downstairs
ap: laksh be careful
laksh: I am fine uttra comes its already late
dP: why r u late today
laksh: I was sleeping and no one woke me early
dp about to scold him
uttra:bhai we r getting late na
dp:ok u both leave to clg
they take eveyone’s blessing and goes from their to clg
at CLG
laksh to his frnds
laksh: is everything ready today we will teach that swara a nice lesson

PRECAP: waht is ragsan’s past………………
About what truth dada is talking about.
What is laksh upto…………………………………….
Gues plsz comment……………..

Swayam gadodia: karn vahi
Arav singh: arnav from is payar ko kya nam de
Shardha singh: smiran khurana (sid’s mom) jamai raja

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