Swaragini – Between You and Me (Episode 3)

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Ragini sat in the backyard, Laksh came and sat beside her and handed her a cup of coffee.
“Not getting any sleep” he asked her. She kept staring at the moon and sipped her coffee and Laksh was looking at her
“Naah. I travel so much, my body is now used to this” she replied “It’s such a beautiful night. I don’t remember when I last saw moonlight like this”
“Ragini. What do you feel about Sahaj?” he asked. She gave a little laugh and turned to face him.
“Laksh, how many times have I told you to be honest with me” she said while he kept staring at his coffee mug
He started to say something but she cut her off “Laksh, I have never hidden my feelings from you. You know exactly how I feel about you, but you also know I would never let that affect your life”. He looked at her and saw her smile
“Laksh my feelings are my problem, not yours. So now to answer your question, I haven’t really interacted with Sahaj, but I know that she loves you immensely and that you love her too and that is what matters, you guys dated for over a year and only after that you proposed to her. Then taking my opinion about her would be an insult to your relationship and I don’t want to do that” she took her cup and turned to look at the sky again.
“Ragini, how do you do this? How do you always say the right thing at the right time” he asked looking at her.
“It’s a talent that has been accumulated over years, mister” she said with a laugh “Let’s go sleep now. I have an early morning tomorrow” she said while getting up
“Early morning? Why?” he asked her
“I have a meeting tomorrow. What did you think? I came here for a three week vacation?” she laughed
“Are you crazy? You’re really going to work tomorrow?” he asked her “My engagement is in two days and you’re going to work tomorrow?”
“Laksh, it’s your engagement not mine” she said walking towards her room “and please don’t scream and shout, everyone is sleeping”
“But-” he tried to say something
“Goodnight Laksh” she said and closed the door on his face


Annapurna and Durgaprasad were already at the table having their breakfast. Ragini came in and joined them.
“Are you going somewhere?” Annapurna asked while serving her
“Yes, I have a meeting at 9. So, I have to rush through” she said while stuffing food in her mouth
“Ragini, eat slowly, at this rate you might choke” Durgaprasad said “and when will you stop working and take a vacation? No wonder Shekhar and Sumi are worried about you.”
“I’m letting you go today but no more work for the next three weeks” Annapurna warned her
“Oh My God. When did you both gang up with Mom and Dad” she whined “I get enough of this lecture at home, not you both too”
Durgaprasad and Annapurna laughed at her.
“Anyway, I am getting late. I shall see you in the evening. I have a long day today” she said as she kissed Annapurna
“How are you going? Is Laksh dropping you?” Durgaprasad asked
“Uncle, the firm I have my meeting with has sent a car for me. I guess Laksh is sleeping; I didn’t want to disturb him. Don’t worry about me”; “I’ll see you guys in the evening”
“Now I am getting worried about this girl” Annapurna said as she saw Ragini rushing out.
Laksh came to the breakfast table and said “Ma, where is Ragini, she had a meeting today, I’ll take her there”
“Sit and have your breakfast in peace. She left just now. The firm she has a meeting with, sent a car for her” Durgaprasad said
“What? She didn’t even tell me. I would have taken her” Laksh said “Did she say where she’s going? What time will she be back?”
“We didn’t ask where she was going. She said she’ll be back by evening” Annapurna said
“Good Morning ma, papa” Sahaj greeted them as she walked in and took their blessings
“Come beta, you also have breakfast with us” Durgaprasad said to her
“Laksh, sweetie we have to go check the venue for final changes” Sahaj said “Ma, is there anything specific you want to get done at the venue?”
“Nothing specific as such, just make sure the seating arrangement is proper. You know how touchy family members get with all this”
“Alright ma, don’t worry about that seating” she said with a laugh “Papa, any suggestions from your end?”
“Yes, keep my table away from the speaker or I might end up with a migraine” he said
“Yes Sir” she replied and then she looked at Laksh “Laksh is something wrong?”
“I’m sorry what are we talking about?” he said mindlessly
“Why are you so lost? Is something wrong?” Sahaj asked him
Durgaprasad looked and Laksh and understood what he was thinking about and interjected “Nothing is wrong with him beta, actually it’s been years since he woke up this early, look at his face he’s half asleep even now”
“I’m sorry, I will just freshen up and then we’ll go to check the arrangements” he said and went to his room
Sahaj gave a small smile and continued discussing the arrangements with them.


Ragini walked up to the reception “Hi, I’m Ragini Gadodia; I have an appointment to meet with the business head Mr Jamie Parker today”
“Yes mam, I was informed you would be coming in today. Please be seated in the conference room, sir will be joining you shortly. The first room on the right” the receptionist guided her
“Thank you” she smiled and proceeded towards the conference room. She entered the room and settled in on a chair and started scrolling through her mails on her phone.
“Look who is here” someone said as they entered the room
Hearing a familiar voice Ragini looked upto see who it was “You? What are you doing here?” she questioned.
“It’s nice to see you too Ms Gadodia” he said
“Vidyut Sharma, you never fail to amaze and irritate me at the same time” she said as she went to hug him
“But seriously. What are you doing here?” she asked him
“Did I not tell you about the company i acquired here few months ago?” he asked in a mocking tone
“What? When did that happen?”
“Jamie parker was my classmate from Yale. He called me up a few months ago, because his firm was going into losses due to bad publicity” he said while they both sat down “So, long story short, I invested in his company, got it to turn around and now I am the majority shareholder here”
“Why didn’t you tell me you were also coming here? We could’ve come together” she said
“Ragini, do you understand the meaning of giving a surprise?” he asked her
“Fine” she frowned at him “So basically I have no meeting here, this was you pranking me? Damn, I thought I found something to do during my stay here” she said
“Oh, you do have something important to do during your stay here” he said
“What is that?” she asked
“You are supposed to relax and enjoy your holiday” he smirked
“Did I ever tell you, you’re not as funny as you consider yourself to be?” she said
“Yeah, you did, about million times” he said “Let’s go, I’ll take you around for sightseeing”
“Forget about sightseeing, you better feed me good food” she said “I will inform aunty and uncle that I will be coming after dinner”

Vidyut was showing Ragini around the city, for local attractions and sightseeing. It was afternoon and both of them started to feel a little hungry
“Vidyut, I’m hungry and tired” she said “Please let’s go have lunch”
“I know this amazing Italian place, you will love it” he said and drove her to the restaurant.
Meanwhile Sahaj and Laksh after checking their arrangements arrived at the same restaurant, they settled and Laksh was scanning thorough the menu, when Sahaj spotted Ragini with Vidyut.
“Laksh, isn’t that Ragini over there” she said while pointing in their direction
He smiled and looked at her, and then the smile disappeared “Who is she sitting with?” he thought
“Let’s go meet her” he said while getting from his seat
“Laksh, no, she is here with someone. It would be rude to interrupt” Sahaj said to stop him
“Don’t worry, she won’t feel bad. She’s my friend” he said “Let’s ask them to join us”. Before Sahaj could stop him he was already moving towards their table and she followed him reluctantly

“I didn’t know you had a lunch meeting” Laksh said as he approached Ragini’s table. Both Ragini and Vidyut turned to see Laksh and Sahaj
“Hey, you guys. What a co-incidence” Ragini said as they both stood up “Vidyut this is Laksh and that is his fiancé Sahaj” she introduced them “Laksh, this is Vidyut. He’s a close friend of mine
“Hey, I have heard so much about you. And congratulations on your engagement” Vidyut said while extending his hand to Laksh
“Thanks, Ragini never mentioned you” Laksh said while shaking hands with him and he was looking at Ragini. The smile on Ragini’s face disappeared as she saw the look on Laksh’s face.
“Laksh” Sahaj retorted “It’s really nice to meet you Vidyut” she said to steer away the awkwardness
“Likewise Mam, and congratulations to you too” Vidyut said with a smile and then he turned to look at Laksh who was staring at Ragini.

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Thank you so much guys for this overwhelming response. I never expected that my story will be liked so much. Do keep reading 🙂

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      Hey Lisa, i haven’t really thought about who is playing Sahaj and Vidyut..i have actually kept it open to the reader’s interpretation..but i would be happy if you suggest me the actors 🙂
      hope you liked the story 🙂

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    1. AnvitaSharma

      hey Moni..thanks for the appreciation 🙂
      As for the actors playing Vidyut and Sahaj..i haven’t fixated on anyone and i thought of leaving that to the reader’s interpretation..but i’m open to suggestions 🙂

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      willl try to upload soon..keep reading 🙂

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      hahaha…really glad you loved it fats..thank you for the appreciation..it helps me write better 🙂
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      really glad you’re liking the story..i feel bad for sahaj too, but she’s the catatlyst in the story..i’ll try to give her a happy ending too
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