Swaragini – Between You and Me (Episode 1)

“What is it?” she asked in a sleepy voice “It’s 3.30 in the night. Who calls at this hour?” she whined.
“Oh, forget your sleep. I have something very important to tell you” he said with excitement “WAKE UP”.
“I’m awake, I’m awake. Don’t shout in my ears” she said “What is it?” she asked in a drowsy tone.
“She said yes” he said slowly.

“Ok. Good for you” she said mindlessly, and then she realised what he just said to her “WAIT.WHAT?” she asked to confirm whether she heard him correctly.
“She said yes. I’m getting married” he said with clear sheer bliss in his voice.
“I…I’m so happy for you. Congratulations” she said
“Thank you thank you thank you” he said “no matter how much I keep thanking you it will never be enough”; “you always kept me going, and stopped me from making a big mistake when I going to break up with her”
“Enough, now don’t get all formal with me. Listen, I have an early meeting tomorrow. I’ll call you tomorrow” she said

“Alright, but remember one thing, you have to be here next month for our engagement and the wedding date will be decided on the same day. No excuses” he said
“I will for sure” she said
“Good. Now go sleep. Love you” He said
“Goodnight” she said and disconnected the call

She sat there on the bed thinking about the phone call that she had just now. Her best friend was getting married and she was happy for him. They had been together through thick and thin, they moved away from each other, lived in different countries, were miles away. But nothing changed; they were always by each other in the hour of need. The man she loved was getting married, and she was happy for him.
She never hid the fact that she had feelings for him, and she never let that become a liability for him. She was happy with their friendship and was happy for the fact that he never disrespected her feelings and continued to have the same rapport with her. But now, she knew everything was going to change, no matter how hard they try they would never be the same way they are right now, and she needed to tell him that. There were times when she considered cutting all ties with him for the sake of his relationship, but he never let her get away from him, but now he would have to understand that she can be no longer in his life.


She settled in her cabin and called her secretary “Riya, would you please come in”. There was a knock on her door and Riya entered “Mam”.
She looked up and said “Book tickets for me to Canada for 12th January and call Ritika, tell her I need to get outfits for an engagement”; “That’s all for now. Are there any messages for me?” she asked.
“No Mam, there are no messages. But Vidyut sir said he will be coming by today” she informed.
“Alright, don’t forget to call Ritika” she reminded her.
She sat there with her eye closed when suddenly somebody burst through her cabin door. “What is this I see? Award winning lawyer Ragini Gadodia sitting here in silence” he said while mocking her.

“Vidyut Sharma. Why do you always have to create havoc in my office?” she asked him.
“Because Ms Gadodia, if I do not do that, my life will become boring like yours”; “BTW, Riya told me you’re going to Canada next month?” he asked while sitting on the couch
She took out a card from her drawer and handed it to him “To attend an engagement”
He looked at the card and started reading it loudly “You are cordially invited to the engagement of Laksh Maheshwari and Sahaj Arora”; “When did this happen?” he asked her
“A week ago, he called me. So, I’m going for his engagement to Canada” she informed as she sat beside him.
“Will you be alright?” he asked while holding her
She kept her head on his shoulder and said “You worry too much. Don’t worry about me. I will be fine”

“C’mon I will take you for dinner today” he said
“Not going to happen. Mom has asked you to come home for dinner. I must warn you, she isn’t very happy that you haven’t been visiting” she said with a laugh
“I know, you must have brainwashed aunty against me” he said “Pack up your stuff and let’s go home. I’m waiting for you in the car” he said
She nodded as he left her cabin and she started to collect her things, as she was moving out, she stopped and looked at the card and read it out “Laksh and Sahaj”

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