SwaRagini – ek nayi kahani (S02) sneak peak

This is the most requested ff

Here i go with the season two of ek nayi kahani….

First i want to give the description from where it would continue….

The story continues from Ragini accepting sharmishta as her mother infront of society and here there is no Sanskar…here Ragini herself makes realise swara abt her love for laksh..wn told Ragini abt him loving Swara and Swalak Marriage is fixed and here Ragini had some feelings for laksh before bt she has confirmed herself that he is not made for her….. Swara is happy that everything is going on right and she dearly wants her sister get a soulmate who will love her like anything beyond the world…..
Laksh is happy is he got his love and his respect for Ragini hv raised after Ragini’s unbelievable help…no girl could hv did this…bt Ragini proves that she is not like any random girl… She always had a solution for every problem….

With swalakrag hv gained beautiful bond of friends ….

So you think Swalak marriage will not hv any hurdles?or someone is planning something big…..

Let’s begin with the promo

“Here is the details of SwaRagini wch you wanted”said a guy


“Details is behind their photo!”

“Ok”he said…by giving a bundle


Here a girl smiles getting an idea…
She gets excited

And she is revealed to be Swara


A girl comes with fried clothes: kya hai…

And she is revealed to be Ragini

Sw: watever i will tell will you do
Rag: never…mujhe meri jaan pyaari hai

Sw:plzzz na laado…

Rag:no mean no
Sw: please
She pouts

Rag: don’t make those face it doesn’t suit you ab bolo wat i hv to do?

Sw: you don’t hv to do anything.. I will do everything


Here a girl was standing whose back was facing…. Wearing a simple pink colour foot length and white colour scarf around her neck

Lak comes and smiles
Lak:swara….i was searching for you and you r here …

At the time he listens laughs..
Swara comes from behind..
And the girl turns and she is revealed to be Ragini

Lak Shocked and gives a smile: Ragini

And he looks at swara who has dressed like Ragini

Rag to tease swara:laksh.. i m looking more good than swara ryte…

Lak understands her teasing: ha.. You look so beautiful if anyone see you like this within second they will fall in love with you…

He goes to Rag and side hugs Ragini…
Someone was seeing this from far….

He was hvng a smirk…

Sw:u both git together and team up against me
Rag:ha afterall jeeju saali hai hum…

Sw: then i m praying…oh god plz send my jiju soon wherever he is!

The person who was looking at them from far..chokes all of a sudden

Rag:he would also be with me..ok

Here the person was coughing..he drinks water…and calms…

Rag was lost..swalak sees her lost and laughs

Lak:i think Ragini..now only went to his dream world

Here the person:why i m feeling like someone is remembering me! Who will remember me..its just…..

He brushes of his thought


Rag was working outside the garden…she was watering the plants….

Here swalak and the family were talking…

Suddenly they listens her scream of Ragini….

All runs outside being worried and sees Rag was missing…

Rag screams:Swaraaaaaa…..

Sw turns and she sees a guy has pick her up in his shoulder’s…. He puts her in a car….

Swalak runs towards her..bt it was too late

As the car disappeared from their vision

Lak was shocked bcs he had the glimpse of the person..he couldnt believe his eyes


The person:i want to give you the same prim Laksh..wch i hv gone through…you hv killed my love with my so called dad….now you will face how you feel wn you lose your love


Guy:why isnt he picking my call
His assistant:sir
Guy: this is bcs of you .. You hv exchanged the envelope…hope he would find it soon…


So this is the season 2 of ek nayi kahani hope you all liked it

I know this is not nice as the first season..bt i will try my best

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