Swaragini – ek nayi kahani (pt 23) by ashfa new characters

Let’s begin….

Kavya played by roop durgpal
Kavitha played by nikitha sharma
Cabir played by ayaz ahmed
Karan played by karan sharma… Kavitha’s brthr
Raj.. Cabir’s younger brother
Suraj kavya’s father

A girl only her back was shown…
Girl:laksh… I love you why don’t you understand my love for… Plz accept me…. I want to be with you….
She is kavya….

She goes to her dad
Kavya:plzz dad.. I want to go india…
Suraj face fell:no u cant
Kavya:plzz dad i want to…. Plzzz i vl come early dad plzz
Suraj:ok.. Go i vl make arrangements
Kavya hugs him:thankyou dad thankyou so much…

In another place…
A masked man was following a girl….
Girl stops as she feels someone following her.. She turns she is none other than ragini…
She finds none..
She continues to move
The follower continues to follow her
Rag goes fast fast…
Suddenly she stops she turns
Rag:shall i remember you wat i had done to you… If you again play those prank with me then… It will worst then before..
Masked man comes out:sorry sorry… Raagu… I… Was just
Rag:shall we make those scene again… She takes the pepper spray from her bag
Masked man removes his mask.. He is revealed to be cabir
Cabir:plzz leave me…… Yaar u 2 friends vl definitely kill me one day
Voice:why not to make it today
Rag laughs
A girl was standing holding a rod…
She is none other than kavitha
She chases him… Cabir runs.. He hides behind ragini
Cabir:plzz raagu save me from this devil…
Kavi:devil kisko kaha
Rag:ok ok leave.. It.. I hv to go.. Kids must be waiting for the tution
Cabir:ha.. Even.. I
Rag:no ways… U r not going to come….
Kavi:if u go there the kids will be turned like u…
Cabir pouts
Rag:ok.. Come..
Kavi:wat raagu
Rag:bt first promise me that u wont to shaitani
Kavi;shaitan se pooch rahi ho shaitani na katne ke liye
Cabir:kavitha’s promi
Kavi beats him in rod
Cab:ahh.. Why r u beating..
Kavi:so u r planning to kill me
Rag:stop…. I m going….
Rag goes
Kavcab again starts to fight
Rag sees them from far and smiles
Kavcab sees her and runs to her
Rag:no fighting plz
Kav:i cant stay without fighting with him
Cab:tell clearly that u cant stay without me…
He runs
Kav chases him

Rag herself:my life has changed so much in these 5 months….. It was like years sanskar.. After one week it will be our wedding anniversary sanskar… The wedding which i had broke… I hv broken in to many pieces which cant be joined… I dont deserve you sanskar.. I dont deserve you… 5 months back wn i decided to leave the place…. I decided to move punjab….. Wr i got 2 friends in my life.. Other than u sanskar

Rag after reaching punjab she took a rikshaw to move to the house which shekar has arranged for her…
Rag sees the road was blocked… A girl was stopping the goons…
Goons who came to put out the kids of orphanage bcs the builder want to make a mall there
She was kavitha.. She was holding the rod and was threatening them to kill them…
A goon was coming from behind to attack her….
Rag runs and hits him with stone
Kavitha gets alerted
She tuns and sees the goon
Ragini too takes the stick.. Wn the goons were abt to attack.. Ragkav beats them.. And some ppl too joins them andgoon gets beaten up.. Police comes and arrests the goon….
Ragini soon leaves from there….
Kavitha searches for ragini… Fb ends

Cab:wat r u thinking
Rag:i hv a doubt how did u find me

Cab:bcs of this maatha
Kavitha gives a fake angry look

Kavitha wanted to meet ragini… Bcs of her she was safe… She searches whole orphanage
Cabir too was there in the middle of the ppl
Cabir:who r u searching kavi
Kavi:that girl…. Who saved me
Cabi:wn cabir is here not to fear
Cabir shows the photo of ragini.. I took her photo…
Kavi:how vl u search her with photo
Cabir:dont worry

He searched for her everywhere and finally got her. Wn she was returning from the market

Rag feels someone following her…. She was scared she takes the pepper spray

Rag sprays him the pepper spray
Rag stops
Rag:sorry… Bt u shouldn’t hv followed me
Cabir wincing in pain:my eyes… I was here to take u to my friend kavitha who wanted to meet u… Kavitha is who u saved in the orphanage…
Rag feels guilty :i m… I m so sorry…
Cabir:ahhh… Its paining…
She gives him water…
Rag:my home is near u come there
They goes
Rag makes some homemade medicine and gives him…
He applies it and feels ok
Rag:i m so sorry… I was staying alone.. So with no other option i sprayed it to you..
Cabir:its ok… Kavi.. I vl call kavi
He calls her and informs her
Rag makes food for cabir and gives him…
Cabir eats:watever u cook very good.. Cook.. He smiles cook…. You r cook
Rag confused
Cabir:yes yes yes…
Rag:wat hpnd
Cabir:wat r u doing.. I mean profession
Rag:actually i m new here… I got few kids for tution… I hv applied for many jobs.. Bt there were no replies….
Rag was sad
Cabir:can u cook
Rag:no.. I mean i m not a professional cook..
Cabir:jst tell me.. U can cook or not…
At the time kavitha comes
Kavi:hii.. I am kavitha…
Rag smiles:ragini
Cabir:kavi… Hame cook mil gayi
Rag nods in no
Cabir:she is a cook
Kavi:ragini r u a cook
Rag:no… I m not a professional cook
Kavi:leave him
Kavitha forwards her hand to ragini
Cabi:kya kya kya kya
Kavi glares him
Rag shakes her hand with her
Rag:best friends
Kavi:remember if i make a frnd i never leave them
Cab:so she has no frnds
Kavi glares him…
Can:except me
Rag:ok… Hv dinner and go
Cab:wait i too want to forward friendship hand
Rag:u r like my bro….
Cab dramatically :nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiii……..
Rag gets scared by his sudden scream
Kavi hits his head:overacting ka dukhan
Rag:i was jst saying u r like my br…
Cabir:zeher hi dedo…
Cab:i want u to be my girlfriend
Kavi:ho gaya tera….
Rag:u wait.. Here i vl prepare dinner…
Rag turns to go.. Cabir held her dupatta
Cabi:arey ohh… Dupatte wali dosth tumne tho kaha nahi..
Rag was shocked.. She remembers sanskar…
Kavi;nautanki bas kar
Rag wipes her tears immediately…
Cabi:atleast dosth banjao… Hote hote pyaar ho jayega
Kavi takes sandal and beats him…
Cabir:sorry sorry.. Yaar..
Rag smiles
She cooks food
Kavi:yaar sach mein you r a cook
Cabi:plz plz plz hamare hotel mein cook ki job karo
Kavi hits him:actually we r wedding planners and we hv a small hotel we hv cook bt we need a head cook….
Rag:bt i m not a professional
Cabir:we hv no problem
Cabir:u told me that u r new here and u hv applied for job…. We r offering u a job
Rag:no.. I cant
Kavi:so for wch job u hv applied
Rag:classical singing
Cabkav:u mean u r a singer
Rag:ha.. She tells abt the competition wch she and swara participated and won
Cabkav looks at eachother and shakes hand:congratulations
Kav:we need a singer too… U hv appointed as singer… No argues no comments
Kav:plz plz plz yaar
Rag smiles:thankyou….
Kav:we should tell you and one more thing no sorry and thank you in friens
Rag nods…
They hv dinner…
From then they became soo close friends… Rag used to sing in any of clients wedding.. And in their hotels too.. She sometimes used to master in their kitchen
Fb ends..

Ragkavcab laughs..
Rag;my tutions…
She runs…
They too follows her…

Here swara was walking in the road lost… It was like she lost everything….
Swara was crossing the road without seeing.. A truck was abt to hit her.. Someone drags her… She hits a hard chest… It was laksh

Lak angrily:wat hpnd to u swara… I dont know where babhi went.. And wat if something happened to you… Wat would i do….
Sw:i feel alone… I think ragini ragini doent miss me… She doesn’t love me… So she left me.. Everytime she alone suffers
Lakmelts:its not like that swara… There is something we r missing….
Sw looks at him:wat do u mean
Lak:yes… Before it was only u… Now we should together sought out this…
Swara hugs him
Lak was shocked at first later reciprocates
Sw:you always prove that u r with me…. Bt i…
Sw:no laksh… I always called u a fraud
She composes
Lak:no.. Dont tell sorry
Sw:howz jij… I mean sanskar
Lak:he is fine wat vl hpn to him
Sw:ok then i hv to leave
Lak:i vl drop u
She nods
They sits in car
Lak:dont you think we should find wat made babhi to leave bhaai
Sw:yes.. Laksh sometimes i too feel the same… U remember how she cried for jiju
He forwards his hand:everytime we were not together.. So in this mission will u be my partner…
Sw smiles and shakes hand:partner
Lak:bt i m missing fraudster
He laughs
She playfully hits him…
Lak:sacchi u doesnt look good infront of sonu
She continuously hits him…
Sw:i m still not your frnd… Remember
Lak:yes mam…
Swalak both laughs

Sw:thankyou… For making my mood
Lak:always.. I vl be always there for you swara

They hv a eyelock….

Here kavcab sees ragini taking classes and smiling with kids
Cab:why i dont ferl that her smile are fake
Kav:even i too cabir


  1. I feel so bad for Ragsan here. This compromise of a life that Ragini is living was not what she deserved here. I wish things solve quickly.

    Much love ???

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    While reading this whole part im thinking only about sanskar..where he was.how hr was without ragini..waiting for nxt part

  5. Superb leap yaaarrrr and I guess sanskar must be also leaving incomplete without ragini

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