Swaragini – Can you see and love the real me? Episode 1

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Hi guys! Here is a story based on Swaragini! It’s after the big ‘reveal’.There are a lot of differences in the plot which you will be able to see as the story proceeds. Hope you like it! 

Sanskaar’s PoV

I seemed to be the only person who was worried about Ragini. Her father, her Dadi ma who claimed to love her Lado so much, her so called mother Sharmistha, her ‘soul sister’ Swara and most importantly her husband Lakshya who called her his best friend were all too busy blaming her for their woes. I just smiled bitterly and walked away before things got worse. They were blaming Ragini for something she hadn’t even done. Even after I told Swara that Ragini hadn’t pushed her off the bridge, Swara refused to believe me. She lured me into marrying her or rather pretending to be married to her just to ‘expose’ Ragini by promising me that she won’t let the family know that I had been the mastermind behind everything that happened so that I could bring Kavita’s soul to justice. When she spoke of the person I love, I didn’t hesitate even for a second. I was wrong. I admit it. But, it made sense to me then. I think that’s why Ragini helped me in the first place, because she loved Lakshya. Love makes you like that, I suppose. What I don’t understand, is how a person Ragini could actually be so selfish. She seemed to have sacrificed a lot for the sake for her family. I don’t think she would let all of her sacrifices go down the drain. If she really loved Lakshya, she would have done everything in her power to ensure the man she loved wasn’t hurt by my plans, but that wasn’t the case. It really makes me wonder,

did she even love him? But, if she didn’t love him, there’s no other logical explanation for what she did. Why would she help me if she didn’t have her own reasons. If she didn’t gain something out of it, what could possibly be the reason she helped me. Today when the entire drama at the farmhouse happened, more than the pain of losing the man she loved, I could tell she felt betrayed, I also saw worry and fear for… Lakshya? Somehow it seemed like she knew what was going on and that we were trying to trick her into confessing and that hurt her. Because, I had hidden the fact that I had come here to make everyone pay for what they had done to Kavita and had conveniently thrown her under the bus. That’s what it seemed like atleast. I did not want this. The entire family seemed to have overreacted. She was kicked out. Her father didn’t hesitate to say that she was dead to him and her Dadi who supposedly hated Swara all along claimed that she had only one granddaughter and that was Swara. The entire family even went as far as saying that it’s because her upbringing was wrong and that’s when Ragini just walked out of Maheshwari Mansion. Everyone was too busy pampering Swara to even think about the consequences of throwing someone out at this time of the night. I silently left the mansion to look for Ragini, all the while hoping that she’s safe. 

End of PoV

“Andheri raat mein, sunsaan raaste pe chalte hue kaha ja rahi ho?”

Ragini who was walking aimlessly with a bitter smile on her face completely broke down when she heard a deep voice say these words. She had been heartbroken. Not because of Lakshya, but because she lost her family’s approval for good now. She was also worried. What if something happened when she wasn’t there? Sanskaar, who had been the mastermind behind the entire plan had thrown her under the bus and his betrayal hurt a lot too. 

“Arey madam–”

Ragini turned and hugged the man who had been speaking and he immediately wrapped his arms around her. 

“Arey oh Meri Bajra, stop crying na.”

The man said as he patted her head. 

“First of all Ju, Bajra? Like no. I get the joke, Ragini- Ragi, Bajra, but no. And the whole stop crying thing is like going up to someone, stealing all their food and then saying arey eat na.”

Arjun smiled and said–”You’re way too sassy for a sad person.”

Ragini finally pulled away from the hug and wiped her tears as she said–”I’ve had to pretend for so long, with no outlet whatsoever. Well, there was an outlet but I was too busy worrying about him, so deal with it. This is what you signed up for you horrible excuse of a mom.”


“Ju. Road, Shouting. No.”

“I feel like a dog in training.”

“Don’t flatter yourself, dogs are cute and loveable.”

“You’re hurting my feelings.”

“That was the point. Looks like I’ve finally proven that I am a part of the Gadodia family.”

“Ragini, I did not raise you to point fingers at people who give you free food.”

“Yeah, you didn’t. It’s like you always say- if it’s free food, you never speak ill of the person again.”

“Yes, exactly. But I really don’t like these Gadodia people so yes they can sit on Poseidon’s trident.”

“Does Poseidon have a trident?”

“Yeah, I gifted him one for Christmas.”

Ragini finally smiled and lightly shoved Arjun in a playful manner. Arjun did the same and they ended up shoving each other on the road, just normal best friend things. 

After crying for about 40 minutes, Ragini had finally calmed down and Arjun decided to take her to his room at the guesthouse he was staying in. 

“Ju! Pop quiz! What would my so called family say if they heard that I was entering a room at night with a guy, well,if they didn’t know the guy was you?”

“Um, sorry for kicking you out of the house so late at night when you could literally have been killed or kidnapped?”

“Wrong answer. You are so bad at this. They’d be like- Characterless girl, just wants guys, Are these your sanskaar? Well, jokes on them because this is not my Sanskaar, this is my Ju. My mother.”

“Ragini. No. Just. That was such a bad pun. You are grounded.”

Ragini just rolled her eyes and plopped herself on the bed in the room. She turned to look at a suitcase that seemed awfully familiar. 

“Yes, that’s your suitcase and yes your clothes are in there and yes, we are gonna drink now.”

“Drink what, water? Because if water’s what we’re drinking, I’d be disappointed.”

“I mean, I think it does have water.”

“No wonder you failed in chemistry in 8th grade. And Pops has good reason to be worried about all the patients in his hospital.”

“Dad has nothing to worry about.”

“Yeah, you’re nothing, we get the point.”




“Did you just use the emoticon UwU thing in an actual conversation?”

“Well, you used it too, so it’s trending now.”

About an hour and a half after everyone had kicked Ragini out, they were smiling and be all sappy and being complete ‘Parivaar goals’.

Meanwhile, Sanskaar had finally found Ragini because well he was the only one who was actually looking for her and it was sort of easy to trace her steps as he noticed a girl in a red saree riding a bike and a guy scared for his life sitting behind her. Sanskaar was sort of in shock but he still followed them, just normal creep things. He saw Ragini and some dude sitting in the lawn of this guesthouse, holding glass bottles, shaped like those of either Breezer or beer. Sanskaar was in shock yet again. Ragini was wearing these cute jammies and at that point Sanskaar just decided to walk up to her. He had way too many questions, so he prepared a rough draft of his conversation with her in his head. 

“Okay so, first of all, how did you even ride a bike in that saree, like I can’t figure out the logistics.”

“Wow, first of all, fancy seeing you here and it just makes my heart race because the first question you have is the dumbest and most annoying one.”

“But, I’m curious. Wait, why are you being so rude to me and why are you drinking alcohol, aren’t you very traditional and–”

“First of all, it doesn’t matter if you’re curious I’m not telling you. Secondly, I’m not being rude, I’m just stating the facts and god it feels so good to finally be able to say stuff out loud rather than having a conversation with myself. Thirdly, this isn’t alcohol, this is Raspberry soda and even if it was alcohol, it shouldn’t concern you.

And about me being traditional or whatever, nobody knows who I really am. As far as tradition is concerned, cults have traditions too but people in cults are not called traditional, they’re just called evil. I’m not myself when I’m with my so called family because in this society, attire defines someone’s personality. If I dressed as I wanted, I’d be called shameless. If I spoke up for myself or actually told them the sort of ideals I believed in, I would be called a rebel. But, then Swara came along and just because she didn’t wear ‘traditional’ clothes like me and because she didn’t have to pretend and she could always let people know what she was thinking, she became the ‘bold’, ‘outspoken’, ‘modern’ girl. I had to pretend to be someone I’m not my whole life just to get the approval of my family and that didn’t work, but when Swara was just going around being herself, it worked. The only reason I’m telling you all this right now, is because I’m officially done. I’m done pretending. I’m pretty sure you’re here off your own accord and I’m grateful for it. You were wrong to have let me take the fall for your actions, but I can’t hold you accountable for anything. When my own family believes that I would attempt to kill the girl I fought for, I can’t really blame you for doing anything. Thanks I guess, because now I have finally given up.”

Ragini was sobbing at this point but Sanskaar just stood there, not knowing what to say. 

“Um, not to be THAT person, but I told you to give up when you had to choose between your dream and pleasing them.”

Sanskaar furrowed his eyebrows as he looked at the guy who said these words. 

“Oh,sorry! I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Arjun, Ragini’s mom.”



“It actually is Ju, but you’re still my mom.”

“UWU, my daughter.”

“Did he just use the UwU emoticon in an actual conversation?”


“Ju. No.”

“Bajra, yes.”


“Yes, that’s Ragini. You wouldn’t know anything about her anyway, so just, get lost?”

At that moment, Ragini’s phone started buzzing. Only then did Sanskaar realise that instead of following Ragini like a stalker, he could have just given her a call, but oh well, he just had to let his inner creep out, didn’t he? 

“Hold up! Why is Lakshya calling you?”

“Um…. JU! Distract him!”

“I heard you telling him to distract me. I’m not gonna fall for it.”



Ragini looked around for a puppy for a moment and then she realised that Arjun had lied about the puppy to distract Sanskaar and shot him a glare. 

“Ms.Ragini! Did you miss me?”

“Hell no. Gosh, you’re so annoying. It’s your fault I got kicked out you brat. I never pushed Swara of the bridge but after she slipped and I saved her, I had to leave her at the hospital all alone because of you.”

“I didn’t ask you to–”

“Yeah, you didn’t. But, what was I supposed to do? Let you get married to Swara?”

“Ooohhh, so you did it for me huh? I’m wiggling my eyebrows right now, I’m letting you know because you can’t see me right now.”

“I don’t know why I bothered answering, I’m not there to save your butt as your wife anymore. After fighting with me and being a brat, that’s what you get.”

“PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, COME BACK. You know how much it hurts right? Please, I need you here. Please, Ragini. Ma’am, please. I’m sorry, I know I was wrong to have yelled at you when you did so much for me and–”

“I’ll bring Ju with me. Take care. You’ve had your painkillers right?”


“I’m on my way. I’ll tell Sanskaar that Lakshya wanted to talk to me and Ju and I can just tag along in his car. I’ll be there. I’ll always–”

“Protect me, no matter what. I know.”

“I’ll be there in 20 minutes tops. Try and distance yourself from the rest of the Maheshwari clan and Swara.”

“Were you just asking Lakshya to distance himself from Swara? I knew it! You aren’t the innocent Ragini, you’re the girl that pushed Swara into the lake just so she’d get to marry my brother!”





Ragini gasped when she realised that she was about to reveal trivial information to Sanskaar. Ragini rolled her eyes at Sanskaar’s attempt of getting information out of her.

“That was a really close call, how you tried to get information out of me. Right now, all I’m gonna tell you is this, Lakshya needs me. Ju and I need to be at your place, right away.”

“Alright. But, I need to know what’s going on Ragini.”

“After your betrayal, you think I’m going to trust you with anything?”

“Ragini, please. I’m really sorry for what happened, but you need to tell me what’s going on. We’re friends, right? Please Ragini, let me help.”

“Look bud, you don’t know Ragini. So, don’t go around claiming to be her friend.”

“Alright, then let’s start by being friends,Ragini. I’m Sanskaar Maheshwari and I was kicked out by my family because I wanted to marry a girl who was a Bengali and later she was defamed and a series of incidents led to her death. I came here seeking revenge, but now, I seek your friendship, your forgiveness. Tell me about yourself Ragini Gadodia.”

“Okay. I’ll tell you about myself. The real me this time. But, can I tell you everything on our way to Maheshwari Mansion? Please?”

“Okay, let’s go.”

“Alright. Let’s start from the top, yeah? I’m Ragini Gadodia. The result of a loveless marriage, Shekhar and Janaki Gadodia’s daughter. My mother died when I was 2, so I barely got to know her. Arjun Singh, my cousin, my best friend who was 12 at that time asked his mom, my maasi if they could take me in. Maasi and Pops agreed, but my Dadi didn’t,well before you ask me why I call him Pops, I call him pops because calling him Mausa sounded really weird, plus, his head looks like a shiny popsicle. After a lot of convincing, Dadi agreed. 2 years later, Maasi passed away after she gave birth to Sameer and so, Dadi decided to take me away from Pops. Ju refused to let me go because he had decided to raise me as my mother, bold choice for a 14 year old. And Pops wasn’t going to back down either because he thought of me as his daughter, but also his granddaughter because of how persistent Ju had been about being my mother. Pops made a pact with Dadi that he’d send me to Baadi every summer. Every time I came to Baadi, I was ignored by my so called father, my grandmother would restrict me from doing things I wanted to and I had to face the consequences every time I did something ‘against our values’. I loved wearing Salwars, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t love T-shirt’s. Every single one of Ju’s T-shirts have been stolen by me because I love how comfy T-shirts are. Dadi didn’t like it when I wore T-shirts, so I never wore T-shirts when I was in Baadi. Dadi hated it when I’d hug a guy be it Ju or Sam, my family and she tried to make me a ‘cultured’ and ‘traditional’ child who was very ‘decent’. So, I’d keep my distance from them and never talk about them in front of Dadi or Papa. Dadi hated ‘modern’ things and outspoken girls, so I kept my head down and gave up my dream to be a dancer and pretended like I never learned how to play the ukulele and just enjoyed the sitar. I never rode my bike that Ju gifted me on my 19th birthday because Dadi didn’t think it was feminine. When Pops taught me how to drive his car, I didn’t even bother telling Dadi about all the compliments I got for being a good driver because I knew she wouldn’t like it anyway.

So, Sanskaar, meet Ragini Gadodia, the girl who’s passion is dance and music, the girl who strived to get her family’s approval at every step in her life. The girl who just wanted to hear the words–’I’m proud of you’ or even ‘You’ve finally done something right’, but all she got were commands and orders. I maybe innocent, but I’m not naive. I may love Salwar suits, but I love T-shirts and shorts too. I may love classical music, but my true passion is not only music but also dancing, be it classical, contemporary or western. I’m the girl who had to pretend to be weak and had to keep her head down and act like she knew nothing, just so it’d make my family happy. I’m the girl who was willing to marry a guy just because her grandmother said so. You know what the worst part is Sanskaar? All that time that I tried to gain their approval, was in vain because when Swara came along, suddenly everyone loved the things they hated when I did them. But, still, I loved her. I tried to protect my sister. I tried to give her the family she deserved. I did everything in my power to ensure she was safe. Heck, I even gave up the man I had grown to love for her. But, she didn’t even trust me.

She was the one who thought I pushed her off the bridge, when I was the one who protected her every single time. I was envious when she got the love and affection of my family, but I’ve officially given up now. There’s only little I can do. And after this, I’ve given up. None of them believed in me and I find it insulting that they are practically pointing fingers at my Pops and in a weird way Ju’s upbringing. Nobody points fingers at my family, my real family that raised me and were always there for me, the family that supported my dreams, my passion and didn’t care for what clothing I wore because the outer appearance does not reflect what’s inside. My reflection, will show the real me, not this outer shell.”

“And as far as Lakshya is concerned, Ragini  had grown to love him, but–”

“We’re here, Ju.”

Ragini, Arjun and Sanskaar ran into Maheshwari mansion. Well, Ragini ran in while Arjun and Sanskaar just speed walked in there. As soon as Ragini ran in, she tried to make a run for Lakshya’s room, but stopped when she saw Swara standing near the stairs, probably waiting for Lakshya. She was about to ask Sanskaar to distract Swara while she snuck in, but then ‘a thing’ happened.

Sanskaar’s PoV

I saw Ragini doing this weird head shake and I realised it meant that I had to distract Swara. But, before I could even do anything, I saw Lucky run towards Ragini and engulf her in a hug. Swara looked on in shock and there was this sadness on her face. Lakshya was crying. My brother Lucky, Lakshya Maheshwari was crying and he held onto Ragini for dear life as he sobbed. Ragini who was standing like she had just been shocked by a taser or something, immediately wrapped her arms around him and consoled him. 

“It’s okay, it’s over. It’s over. I’m here. I got you.”

“R-Ragini *sniff* I-I don’t want t-to be a-alone. P-Please don’t l-leave me a-again. *sniff* I-I don’t w-wanna b-be forgotten.”

“You’re not alone. I’ll never leave you. I’ll never let anyone forget you. I’ll never forget you. I promise.”

This isn’t going to be Raglak or RagSan. There will be RagLak moments here and there, but it’s a completely different story and those moments will pave way for the new ship. The story will contain certain fantasy related elements. Who do you ship Tejaswi as Ragini with besides Varun and Namish. Based on your suggestions, the actor who plays the role opposite Ragini will be decided. Also, who do you think would be suitable for Arjun’s role? You can suggest people for Sameer, Arjun’s younger brother’s role too if you like. 

Thank you!

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