Swaragini (Blossoming Love) Episode 9

Swara comes dressed in a white saree with shining crystals. beautiful jhumke in ears.she has left her hair open straight from above and curled from down.(imagine how amazing she might be looking).laksh smirks.everyone praise her.laksh extends his hand.swara unwillingly gives her hand into his.they leave.swara casts a look back to ragsan who are sad.others sit to discuss about marriage.
Swara reaches the party.laksh introduces swara to his friends.she feels extremely uncomfortable when his friends hug her.some greet her by kissing her hand.the party begins.all dance wildly while swara is tensed.later laksh holds swara’s hand and take her inside.swara sees some couples going into room.swara realises that the party is in a hotel.swara questions laksh about it.he takes her into a room and locks it.swara is terrified.laksh tries to come close to her.she pushes him and says what r u doing?he says that he wants to romance with his would be wife.swara says its wrong as she is doing this marriage bcz of her family.laksh says I dnt care bcz I want my revenge.u slapped me,twice.i will slap u in such a way that u wnt be able to live.laksh tries to get intimate.swara pushes him and runs.she comes down and notices camera flashes.she asks to stop it.laksh comes laughing.laksh’s friends try to tease swara.she shouts and cries.they try to take off her saree.she pleads them to leave her and let her go.laksh is amused and clicks pics.swara’s saree tears from back.swara is shocked.she pushes them away and runs madly on the road in a heavy rain.she collapses in the middle of deserted road and reminisces the incident.she screams ???.she is distraught.
Laksh thanks his friends and says that swara will suffer more after marriage.he smiles evilly remembering swara slapping him and then recent insult of swara.
Swara comes to her home in a distraught condition crying and fully drenched in rain.the families discussing about marriage are distraught to see her in a dishevelled state.sanskar is super shocked.all see swara’s torn clothes.sumi comes to her and questions.swara is quiet and lost.sanskar covers swara with his coat.swara breaks into sumi’s arms crying and screaming badly.all are super tensed.she starts saying that save me from this marriage.i hate him.he is not good.ragini gets concerned.she hugs swara and calms her.she caresses her face and asks her to tell evrythng.they are super shocked when swara narrates everything.ragini cries and reprimands swara that how can u think of taking such a big step for me.marriage is not a joke.swara cries and apologizes.sanskar is furious.dp apologizes to shekhar.they hug and dp is ashamed to get a son like laksh.dp says that he will break the relation.dadi says that after all this who will marry our daughter.all are tensed.sanskar is quiet.ragini says that u wont break the marriage.all are shocked.shekhar asks what is you saying?ragini says that she has a plan.she tells her plan and all are dazed.

Next epi:ragini eyes laksh’s pic and says I did a mistake to love you.u r not worth to get hate from me.u will have to realise what u did to my sister.she burns his pic and says laksh mhshwari get ready for a shock…..

Credit to: Angel

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  1. Wow..superbbbb…???

  2. wow ragini revenge laksh for swara interesting

    1. Thnx swara

  3. Prakriti Akuli

    wow superb

  4. hey angel jus loved ur story yaar pls cntinu !!!

    1. Thnk u

  5. U r going very well……The writer of swaragini should learn from u…hats off

    1. Thnk u…huge compliment

  6. wow…superb angel…realy lvd it yaar…u gave same importance for swara and ragini…dng well dr

    1. Thnk u

  7. Ha ragini charecter was so nice… lakah was so evil type

  8. Seriously superb angel … u should the writer of swaragini & piya rangrezz

    1. Thnk u….huge compliment

  9. Naira malhotra

    Beautiful…..really great

    1. Thnk u

  10. No words to appreciate u angel.upload the next part fast.:-) 🙂 🙂

  11. Amazing ya atleast in dis v can see ragini as a good person

    1. Yeah thnx

  12. Wow ssuper epi …..pls update soon…..its getting more interesting…..

  13. Ya hima u r right 🙂 🙂

  14. Sathyasree venkat


  15. Haha …superu ..

  16. I m happy tht i got 2 c rag as a good character n taking revenge 4 her sis.

  17. superb,awesome. happy to see ragini.

  18. fanofgoodserials

    Superrr.. new plot.. ragini revenge 4 her sis..

  19. wow i loved raginis charachter in this stry ….shes too good…..and the revenge track is jst superbbbbbb…..great going angel…

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