Swaragini (Blossoming Love) Episode 4

Swargini and sanlak reach their home.swara is super angry and goes to her room.all ask about her.ragini narrates everything.otherside laksh is busy with punching bag remembering his insult and thinks to take revenge.sanskar regrets talking to swara like this.at night shekhar looks at his college pics and swaragini questions him abt it.he tells evrythng.they assure him that he will soon meet his friend.he tells that his full name is dp maheshwari.swara is tensed a,d reminisces laksh calling himself laksh Maheshwari.ragini takes her to room and they dose off.
Next days sankar is waiting fir swaragini.they come he tries to talk to swara but she ignores him.he asks ragini for help.she complies.during class laksh os throwing paper balls at swara and she gets irritated.ragini gives an angry look to laksh but he winks at her.she angrily turns her face.after class ragini confronts laksh for harassing swara.swara asks her to let it be as some people are helpless of in front of their habits.sanskar signs ragini and she takes swara to sanskar.swara says that she is not in a mood of listening or giving moral gayan again.but to her surprise sanskar apologises to her.ragini asks her to forgive him.she complies.they shake hands and they both feel sth strange.
Swara goes to canteen and laksh intentionally throws juice at her.swara gets angry and throws ketchup on his face.all laugh.they both again start fighting.ragsan come and stop them.
Ragini:why do u keep fighting like cat and dog?
Laksh:u r calling me dog?
Ragini:I said cat and dog.u urself suggested ur name.
Swara:he knows himself thts why.
Laksh:just shut up swara.
Swara:u shut up
Ragsan:both of u shut up.
Sanskar:stop fighting and shake Hands
Swara:not even in my dreans
Laksh:no way
But on insistence they comply.
Laksh thinks that ur Friendship will be the best way to take revenge.laksh leaves and ask sanskar to come fast.swara asks sanskar his father’s name and he tells that its ram maheshwari.he leaves and she is relieved while swaragini pray for their father and dp reunion.

Next epi:at welcome party sanskar is mesmerized to see swara and laksh cant rake his eyes off ragini.laksh asks swara for Dane while sanskar dances with ragini.swara feels uncomfortable.ragini goes to drink water.laksh twirls swara and she lands in sanskars arms.they burn the dance floor ny dancing on “Khamoshiyan”

Credit to: Angel

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