Swaragini Blooms Again (Episode 3)

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Scene 1
Ragini tells how could we finish it within 48 hours and Swara says I am also thinking about it. Ragini says lets tell papa he will help us but Swara stops her and says I have got an idea and smiles.
In Swaragini’s house
Swaragini comes and lie on the sofa and smiles when get nice mouthwatering food smell and goes to the kitchen and shout MAA and hugs Sharmista.
Sumi them how was their and Swara tells everything went well but Ragini interepts and says that we saw 2 idoits who came and hitted our bike and started scolding Swara and I slapped one of the boy and warned him. Just then Shekar enters and tells thats why I told u 2 go in the car but I want my daugthers happiness unless like Durgaprasad. Swaragini with surprise asks who is he and Sumi changes the topic and asks them to come have food.
Scene 2
In Sanslak house
Whole family are in the dining table and Dp asks Samslak about their and Sanskar thinks about slap and Laksh says we gave a consignment to Swaragini jewellers and gave 2 days time for the sample. Dp is shocked and how could they do it and Sanskar says I got their designs and liked asked their designs and they said the girls did the designs to 2 hours and shows the designs and Dp liked it and asked them who are they ? Laksh tells 2 girls named Swara and Ragini and Annapurna is shocked.Dp tells I want to meet them and leaves the table.
Scene 3
In the morning both Swragini and Sanslak get up from their bed , freshend and Swara wears a blue skirt an d white top and Ragini pink salwar and got down for their office.

Precap: Ragini is shocked to see the office

Credit to: Rini

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