Swaragini- Bin tere episode 2

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I know all must have forgot about this ff . So here is the link for tu readers for the previous parts .



Part 1

For tu update readers this ff is ” swasan bin tere ” but tu is posting it as swara gini bin tere . This ff is full based on swasan .

Guys I will say the persons name directly not by saying
    She he and all


After 1 week
  Sanskar  was seen packing his  bag . Suddenly his phone rang he goes and attend it .


Hello!! It’s me. Suraj sanskar

Ya I know what happened

Oh god nothing ….. I call u to ask when u reaching india . When we met last time u said me u will be here in india after some days

Ya I’m coming tomorrow an…….

Hey stop right there this time ur tricks will not work with me  so it will be better if u come here without any arguments got that

Mujhe samajh nahi aara why all want me to come to india . One side mom and here u

Oh god for god sake stop it . U should be here day after tomorrow got that so now bye . When u reach call me!!!!

(He cuts the call)

Arre he cuts the call !!!!! Hmm RAJAPUR I’m Coming  sighed sanskar and continued to pack his luggage.



Rajkumari  rukiye naa shouted ragini who was running behind swara .

( Suddenly  she slips and was going to fall when two hands catches her by holding her waist  and pulls her closer . Swara who was running stops when she heard ragini’s scream and turns to find ragini in a man’s hand )

Ansh bhai leave her she is okay swara said with a teasing tone

Ragini and Ansh who were lost in each other’s eyes  suddenly broke their eyelock and looks away

” Woh woh ….main..mai..I was just helping ….. Her …..you know…. ”  Ansh said stammering

” Hmm mmm i know bhai I’m seeing this for a long time ”   swara continued to tease them

” Don’t you have any other work swara goo ”

I’m going itself   ( goes near him and whispers in his ear ) ‘ but I’m taking  YOUR ragini with me ‘

Swara ansh said angrily

“Chalo Ragini” swara dragged ragini from there  who was looking down while blushing . Before going she looks at him with a blushing face and mumbled a ‘ shukriya  ‘ to which he smiled  showing his teeth idiotically.


“Rago , look coz of u and bhai we’re late  ” swara  scold ragini while hurriedly  running the stairs of the temple.

RagiNi cheeks turned red when she heard her words.

Swara reaches the stairs and turns back not finding ragini . She looks down and saw Ragini standing in the middle of stairs .

Oh god this girl will make me mad  swara. Murmurs to herself and shouts for her.

Ragini’s trance broke due to her and looks at her who was showing her an angry glare . Ragini slaps her forehead and hurriedly runs to her .

Sorry she said holding her ears with a pout. To which swara shook her head.


Namasthe rajkumari ji said the priest welcoming swara to the temple

Namasthe pandit ji

Swara walked towards the temple with ragini . While pandit all the people in the temple stood there folding their hands and bowing their head . Swara feels awkwardness seeing this . She moves forward .

Aaj ki pooja aap karliye rajkumari ji

Main….Kaise….nahi.. aap ….hi karlijiye pandit ji

Nahi rajakumari ji… Bahut dino baad aap rajapur laut aaye hoon aur aapke aane ke baad aap pehli baar yaha aara hi hoon . Tho aajka pooja aap  hi karna hai

Haa pandit ji sahi kah rahi hai aap hi kar lijiye pooja rajkumari ji shouted the people in the temple

Pandit forward the pooja thaali to swara . Swara took it and started to do the pooja by singing the bhajan. All adores her .
After the pooja.

Pandit ji kya aap jaante hai Gurudev kaha hain?

Gurudev woh unka aashram main hoga rajkumari ji kya huaa kuch….

Nahin aise kuch nahi mujhe usse milna tha isliye


Gurudev aap se milne ke liye rajapur ke rajkumari aayi hain

Rajakumari!!!! Whispers gurudev


Namaste rajakumari

Namaste Gurudev

Aap kaisi hon rajkumari

Main theek hoon gurudev

Aap yaha aane ke liye kuch???

Mujhe aapse kuch baath karni thi

Ji kahiye

( Muted conversation )



Singhaniya Mansion

Ankush when the flight  will arrive asked yamini worriedly looking at the door

Oh god yamini you take rest flight has reached already but they got trapped in the traffic that’s why they’re late and they might be reaching here now….. ( Hears the calling bell ) look they have reached

Yamini runs and opens the door and find a cute 5 year old boy standing there with a sweet smile


Dadi!!!!! Screamed the little boy and hurriedly jumps into her embrace.

Hey I’m also here said ankush

Dada how’re you

I’m good my boy

Ashvik where are they?

We’re here dad said Rudra while coming with Sanskar Ishani And Ranveer

How are you my boys asked ankush and hugged the three
  While Ishani holding a baby girl in her hand goes and hugs yamini

How are you beta

I’m good mom

And how are you princess yamini ask pulling the cheeks of the baby girl whose eyes was wide opened seeing the new surroundings.

Come come said yamini and took her in his arms

All of you come said ankush and welcomed all of them


Dining hall

So sanskar when you’re going to rajapur

How did you know that dad

Suraj called us

Hmm tomorrow I’m going dad with Rudra

Meeeee???? noooooo I will not come

Why asked sanskar

Look that is a village place network will not be there like that I will stay here itself

No  you’re going to come with me to Rajapur  got it!!!!!!!!

Rajapur Palace

Aap ye kya keh rahi hai maharaj . Rajkumari swara ke shaadi…. Said the minister of the palace ( who is also ragini’s father)

Ha yeh sach hai rajkumari swara ki kundali main kuch dosh hai isliye… Said maharaj [ swara’s grandpa ]

Isliye hame rajkumari ki shaadi jaldi karna hai said gurudev

Par pita ji , gurudev rajkumari swara ka umar sirf 19 hai.. aur hum uski shaadi  ab. Iss umar main . mujhe yeh sahi nahi lag rah pita ji said ashok [ Sara’s bade papa]

Ha pita ji Mujhe bhi yeh theek nahi lag rah… Said dev [ swara’s chachu ]

Par rajkumari ki jeevan ki raksha ke liye hame yeh karna hoga putron . Unki umar 20 hone ki pehle hi hame unki shaadi karni hai said gurudev

Matlab hame sirf 5 mahine baaki hai  said ashok

Rajavanshiyon ke parampara ke anusaar koi bhi ladkon ko shaadi ke pehle  ek mahine ko  dulhan  ko nahi dekh sakthi ( according to rajvanshi’s  tradition no men can see the bride before the one month of the marriage )

Matlab hame  bhi use nahi dekh sakti?? Ask dev

Nahi koi purushon ko bhi nahin chaahe woh unka doolha bhi ho  ( nobody can see her even her groom )

Precap : Sanskar with Rudra enters Rajapur!!!!!!!

Hey guys I’m really sorry for making you all wait for thhe update . I know it’s been MONTHS since I have updated this  . From heart I’m saying I’m really sorry for making you all wait. All know this is exam season my exam is gonna start on 15 th of this month and it will end on 25th. I will be regular after the exams PAKKA .

So for now read this part and share your valuable comment and tell me if j want to continue it or not!!


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