Swaragini – Me and my best friends Season 2 (RagSan) CHAPTER 3

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Thanks everyone for commenting on and liking 2nd chapter. I hope you guys keep supporting me. So today I’m here with 3rd chapter as I promised. Let’s begin . And karan tacker is playing Arjun.
karan as Arjun

Me & My best friends



Ragini’s POV

Finally the guy who I stalked almost everyday on instagram was before my eyes. I stepped forward in order to go and talk to him.

“What if he rejects me?? What if doesn’t feel the same way… nooo”. I stopped as this thought came in my mind.

I turned back to go and dance with my best friends again but stopped when I felt a sudden tap on my shoulders. My eyes widened due to shock as I turned around and found it was Arjun. Was it a dream? Or was he actually there. I pinched myself to confirm and gosh!! It was real and not a stupid dream. He was there.

“Ragini? “ . He asked me looking in my eyes.

“Yeah.. I… umm… sorry I couldn’t remember you .. your name ?”. I said pretending that I forgot who he was. While in reality It was a big lie.

“Its ok.. we didn’t talked much before .. we were in same school … I’m Arjun.. remember??”. He asked again looking at me to confirm if I remembered .

“Yeah yeah… hey Arjun”. I said in tone as if I just recalled who he was.

“So you are alone or ? “. He asked.

“No actually .. with my friends”. I said hiding the smile on my face . Of course I didn’t wanted him to know that I liked him .

“Ooh..if u don’t mind.. Can I ask you for dance”. He asked me.

“Yes”  . I agreed trying not to sound very desperate .

We started dancing. Was it even real?? I was dancing with my crush… the boy I liked for years now… I looked in his eyes… his eyes were as deep as ocean… wait ..was it by any chance possible that he liked me as well…I could help but smiled when this thought crossed my mind.  He probably saw me smiling.

“You look really beautiful with that smile”. He said making me smile even more.

“Than…”. I was going to reply but interrupted by someone who was calling Arjun.

“Umm.. sorry.. I had to go, my friends are waiting I think” . He said .

“No .. he can’t just go..how will I meet him again..but I couldn’t stop him too.” I thought with a sad look on my face.

“Bye”. He said giving me a goodbye hug .

Don’t think too much.. it was a normal hug that friends give each other , nothing more than that,unfortunately .

I went back to swara , laksh and sanskar who were ready to go back to hotel but probably waiting for me .

“Who was he? “. Sanskar said with not so happy look on his face.

“My friend.. but its none of your business “. I said looking back at him .

“Well.. it is”. He said making me shock.

Why did he even cared? Why did he asked that? Maybe because he was friend with us now. I thought this convincing myself.

All four of us sat in car. Swara , laksh and I were singing and making jokes while sanskar didn’t seem to be happy at all. But why? Usually he was the kind of person who always laughed . What him sad on this happy night though… but anyways I didn’t wanted to pay attention to that .

Soon we reached hotel and went in our rooms. I told swara the whole conversation between me and Arjun.

“Ooho… there is no doubt that Arjun likes you too”. Swara said making me blush.

“I really hope so bu..” I hadn’t even completed my sentence when I was interrupted by notification on my phone.

I was shocked.. or happy … I don’t know.. I couldn’t believe my eyes… I jumped on the bed making swara confused ,she took my phone and looked what happened. And she was happy too. She hugged me . And then we started dancing .

“Can you believe he sent me a follow request on instagram”. I said calming myself down.

Yes it was Arjun’s follow request .

“Omgg this means he likes you too,… god I’ can’t tell how happy I am for you”. Swara said hugging me.

“Wait … should I accept it or not “? I said with a confused look on my face.

Even swara looked confused.

I looked at that request thinking what to do…

Precap : Arjun meets sanskar. 


Sorry  for precap on the last chapter actually that supposed to be today’s precap but I accidentally wrote there… so sorry for that.And do u think Ragini will accept Arjun’s request?Do u like the idea Arjun and Ragini together(RagArj).So RagArj or RagSan ?whose scenes do u want in next chapter? Next chapter is on 26 May.

Please like and comment if you want me to continue .

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