Swaragini – Me and my best friends Season 2 (RagSan) CHAPTER 1

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Hey everyone . So here I am with first chapter. If you missed the intro then go check it now

Ragini’s POV

I was standing in my balcony , holding a cup of coffee and thinking about the one who will propose me just like Laksh proposed Swara. And then I got a call from swara.

Me : Hello swara , what happened ? Is everything okay ?

Swara :  ya ragu everything is fine… Actually do u remember last month we three planned to go to Goa for a trip but that plan got cancelled … so i was thinking can we go to Goa tonight ?

Me : What!!! I mean Woww!!! Yeah sure swru , I’m going to pack my things and till evening I will be at your home and then you , me and Laksh will start our journey …. yeyyey… I can’t believe this is happening… our trip … woooohoo!!!

swara : haha?? yeah Ragu we are going finally … our dream trip .. ok pack your things and come here soon … byeee

Call disconnects.

I was really really excited ,finally the trip is happening… my dream trip with my best friends. That time my excitement knew no boundaries.  I was jumping on my bed in my room while packing things… but oh nooo !!! suddenly I remembered that I have to take mumma’s permission. I ran down stairs to mumma’s room and thank god she was in good mood so she easily gave me permission.

It was evening and finally I was at Swara’s house.

Swara : hey ragu… laksh also came just now … let’s go..

Swara was completing her sentence but Rohan interrupted.

Rohan : swru ,if you guys don’t mind then can you take sanky with you , I have a very important meeting in chennai so i m going there..

 “why will they mind. .. they should be happy that a guy like ME ? is coming with them ?.” Sanskar said winking at me.

Me : ya but its only for….

“yeah sure ,he can come with us” . Swara replied rohan before I could complete .

I and Laksh looked at swara shockingly . Swara also looked at us . I think she understood that she is going to be murdered by both of us for letting an outsider come to our group trip?.

Sanskar and rohan went in their room.

“how can you do this swru ?? You know that I don’t like him at all , have u seen him ?he flirts with you, I mean he flirts with you two” . Laksh said looking at swara ?.

“ya swara ! This trip was for three of us cos we are BFFs… how can u let him come” . I said in anger .

Damn I could not tolerate that guy sanskar even for a minute, he is just tooo annoying… he thinks he is the coolest and all he sees is GIRLS ??.

“hey Ragu… yaar… calm down … he won’t do anything,I will take care of that and you Cheeku stop behaving like a Jealous boyfriend and come outside we have to go”. Swara said. (Swara calls Laksh ‘cheeku’)

And then three of us sat in the jeep. Swara sat beside Laksh who was driving… that means I was the one who was going to sit beside that idiot Sanskar.  Huh…

“here I am, ready to go”. Said Sanskar jumping on the seat beside me and looking at me.

I sighed.



Precap : road trip to goa.

Hope you liked it. If you liked then please comment below and give a like .

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  1. Nice di..

  2. Superb dear.

  3. Superb ofcourse sanskar is cool and handsome. I think laksh got jealous of sanskar.

    1. Riyaditi

      Thanks for reading and yeah He is J?

  4. This is a good stuff dear ????. I am looking forward to read it. ?????

    1. Riyaditi

      Glad that you liked it?

  5. ImRagela

    Woooww ..I really loved the first episode..GOA tripppp …Yyaaayyy superb….I like your way of writing its too good Riyu ..Eagerly waiting for the next ..Update soon Riyu love u lottt..??????????????????????????

    1. Riyaditi

      Thank reji.. oops no thnaks? love u too???

  6. Ossommmmmm very short update yarr.

    1. Riyaditi

      Thanks…… will try to write longer one next time

  7. Superb dear

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