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Hi Guys I am back. I know all will be wondering how fast I can write an another episode. Ya this is not another chappy but answer to all ur questions. I am fed up of answering the entire question each and every chappy. So here are your answers;
1) Y to write if I am irregular

I never told you guyz that I am a professional writer. I write for my passion and I have my personal life too. I have my valid reasons for the same as I mentioned.

I am mostly regular but certain cases I cant help it. Sorry for the same.

2) Raglak and Swasan y to make fun out of both characters and can’t give importance to neither one.

I think I gave equal importance to both characters and story line as best to my knowledge. Both have a different story line. I write what story needs. In past I mostly avoid Raglak as I feel I can’t give importance to two pairs. But this ff I am writing because of my close friend. I think I have already mentioned. After serial got over my friend insisted so I wrote this and not to make any joke out of the characters.

3) Y I ask my friends to read and reply such a cheap act.

To best of my knowledge I never asked anyone to read or comment on my ff. I remember some one asked me y u did not tell me about the ff. I mentioned there also to read for the content and not for me. I really dnt know the name but I remember this happened.

So I never ask anyone to read or comment on my ff. If they would have asked the link I would have mentioned or given nothing more than that.

4) About replying on time or back talking’s:

I live in a different time Zone. When u work I sleep. When u sleep I work. So how can u except me to reply. And ya I am not afraid to face you guys its just I dnt have time or I dnt want to reply if I feel its not necessary.

I never mentioned I am a good writer/author. I always consider me as an average writer. There are lot many good writers than me. So ya someone gave wrong information about me.

So guys need suggestions. If you dnt want swasan / raglak let me know. I will stop this ff immediately with what I have done. And ya I will not stop my writing will continue to write may be raglak separately swasan separately.

I know all this should have been private but I am dam fed up of giving answers to someone or the other. I am not mentioning any name. Its just about the feedback I got and the answers some of you needed. Ya no sympathy or advice guys just your suggestions will do. I did not write this for either of this stuff.

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  1. Guys this was posted before nothing to do with last chappy so plz dnt correlate 🙂

  2. Hey why will you stop it’s a lovely story those who don’t like can stop reading. I do the same when I don’t like something. Y will you stop

  3. Priyashini

    Hello mirna , this is my comment on your writing .i had read all the shots but really i dont feel like comment on it.but now I just want to tell you something..never stop doing your likes because of others..this is not advice or order just a suggestion.just continue writing, there may be many silent readers may like your ff ..so pls do for them .and anyways its your wish take care keep smiling

  4. Ya why should you end it ? And where do you live ?

  5. Yes you are right you ignored raglak in your story even after promising giving equal story as raglak has no story in this ff they simply got married even in starting episodes there were no raglakscenes after fans requesting you have some raglak scenes and one marriage episode that’s it I just request you if you do not have story for both couple then plz do not make promise to give that

  6. Nagamanasa

    Mirna don’t stop this ff dear..this is a beautiful stry really..I agree initially I didn’t read even i don’t know the reason but now when I started reading I am loving ur story dear..pls continue..it is their problem that those who don’t want to read they don’t read..that’s it..Thnk u

  7. Vyshu10

    hey mirna…dont take all those comments to heart…. There are few bashers who r trying to demean writers who include swasan in their ffs… That must have been the case here too. As for me….ignore them. I dont have any issues with ur timings n all….i never had even in ur last ff

  8. Ya to stop yaar…. I really like ur ff very much…. pls don’t stop

  9. Zelena81196

    dont stop writing….. i loved your story so far….. so you have to write for the fans….

  10. na kashtapattu oru few lines eludhunen adha kanom….
    im very sad….
    machi continue like always…..
    hate u “angry face like red angry bird”

    1. Scooby

      Machi ipa purujuruchu nee enta sorry ketanu… ayiyoo en mistake dhan its “hate tu”but anga u mattum dhan irukum.. im sorry mirna… bcz always tu makes me mad

  11. Kakali

    Mirna Darlzzz all i can say “U know who u are n what u are,”..
    Don’t give a damn to those peoples who don’t think about u once.. !! That’s it.. Hope u got my point…

  12. Shifa96

    Plz dear continue your ff and keep writing..
    Will wait for your next update.

  13. Don’t stop dear…….It’s a wonderful story…….


    No need to stop this one… i loved ut story line… dont gv damn to those ppl… do continue dr… we are waiting… 🙂

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