SwaRagini – A New beginning (Ragsan/Raglak) by Suma -1

Hey guys i know i havent updated any story and came with new plot again
I will try to update one story everyweek and will complete everything asap… bcz i have no ideas to write more

I will complete every story by giving few shots
And this story is dedicated to saromythi as per your wish i penned this one i dont know how good it was.

This story track is same to Swaragini till swalak marriage

I will write in my point of view

One small glimpse for starters
Raglak engagement is done
But laksh loves swara and swara loves laksh and one day swalak love revealed Infront of everyone, Ragini accepted that fact and fixed swalak engagement,
Then sanskar changed ragini mind to fulfill his revenge and filled her mind with negative.

Ragini did everything to show Swara as not suitable bahu to maheshwari family and Somewhere in this process sanskar started to feel for Ragini and regrets his doings with innocent soul like Ragini.

He tried not to do so …he decided he will also forget his revenge as he feel he got his love of life as Ragini but he never confessed his feelings to her. By then he got to know that Durga prasad or Laksh are not responsible for the death of his love Kavitha.

He started feeling guilty for his doings and things which he had did in past for the sake of his revenge…He explained everything to his mom and dad and family that he did mistake and everyone forgiven sanskar , but he didn’t told about Ragini.


From here I will start story “my story”

sanskar came to his mom and told that he loves Ragini
Sujatha is very happy that she liked Ragini at her first look and thought she look good with sanskar but Durgaprasad and Annapurna asked Ragini hand for Laksh and she is very disappointed that they not even bothered about her son or his whereabouts

” Maa I love Ragini, but she is not ready to accept swalak marriage, she is still hoping it will break ” tears were flowing from his eyes.

” Dont cry sanskar, I know she will be my bahu for sure… I will help you” she caressed his cheek and wiped his tears

He hugged her tightly
“I love her so much maa, but why maa why god always snatches my love from me… first kavitha and now Ragini..Do i not deserve love?? Do i not deserve to be happy ??”

“No sanskar, dont cry …. you deserve love beta… Losing kavitha may be in ur destiny but not ragini … if you let your love go this time, this will be ur fault not god, so dont worry, I strongly believe she is gonna be my pyaari bahu”
He wiped his tears.
” This time i will get my love by hook or crook maa”
Saying this he left.
Next day
“Sanskar i planned everything tomorrow their marriage will not happen” Ragini said to sanskar
“Ragini, stop everything right now. Mistake was mine , now iam regretting this …leave them Ragini, they love each other.”
” what the hell ! are you saying sanskar?”
” im saying to stop everything and let them live in peace and happiness .”
“What about my hapiness sanskar? I love laksh and what swara did, snatching my happiness my love is it correct???, Dont i deserve love?Dont i deserve happiness”

He was startled listening those words , same words which he said with his mom… yes!!! she deserve happiness more than anyone in the world, yes she does deserve all the love in the world.

“Answer me ! Sanskar” she holded his hands

He dont know what to answer
He badly wanted to say that he will be with her and give all the love and happiness which she deserves. But words are not coming from his mouth seeing her tears.
He wanted to be her first love, he wanted the love which she is showering on laksh… he cursing himself for his fate , if she saw him first other than laksh, she would definitely love him like laksh.

“Ragini! I can understand your pain, but they love eachother ,better we stop this here itself .”
“I understand that you are not gonna support me anymore but please dont come in my way, i will get laksh by hook or crook”
“Ragini you are doing wrong” sanskar tried to explain but Ragini is so adamant to listen
” look! Who is talking about wrong 😂😂” Ragini said with sarcastic smile

“Ragini please!”
” Everything is fair in love and war and fighting to get my love is not wrong sanskar” ragini said with smirk.
” yeah! Everything is fair in love and war!!! I will see how you gonna stop this marriage” sanskar said with same smirk 😏

She left by giving ignoring look and he is looking at her with cute smirk
” i will fight for my love Ragini” he said
Morning all the wedding arrangements are going on
Laksh is so happy that he is going to get marry to his love swara

Here swara and ragini came to temple.

Sanskar is searching Ragini everywhere and asked sharmista about swaragini and she told him that swara went to temple and ragini is doing some work somewhere here.

Sanskar called someone and said to follow swara.
He went to his mom and said that swara went to temple, may be ragini also went with her as he searched everywhere
” maa i dont want her to do this and regret it for later”
“Sanskar handle it carefully, Take care of her beta”
“Maa you manage here i will make everything set and i will bring swara here” saying this he left
Here swara and ragini came near to bridge
“Swara, im sorry ….im sorry swara! I dont wnat to do this but i dont have any choice too…please forgive me”

Phewwww how was the update !!!!
Will Ragini push swara???

Will sanskar reach there and save swara????

Will swalak marriage happen or Raglak marriage happen???

Guess guess ???

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I know nothing new is there in update but 🤪

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