SwaRagini: A Magical Love Story-Episode 47

Episode 47

The SSS are now at Mumbai where they were in a hideout…

Sahil (in mind) “Don’t know what this obsessive girl is upto!!! I just hope Swara and others stay safe and don’t fall into the trap!!!”

They all watch Ragini, Sanskar and Aisha coming out of an alley and going somewhere on Lakshya’s Broomfield…

Kavya “Seems like the whole universe is with me today!!! I saw wand in Ragini’s hand… That means Lakshya is wandless… Even better!! Now we just need to get them out…!!!”










The scene changes and all in the Hogsmede alley at Maheshwari Mansion…!!!

Kavya “Bhai…!!! I need your patronous..!!!”

Sahil “For what???”

Rajat “Dude… Don’t ask just do… We don’t have much time..!!!”

Sahil (in mind) “Should I do or I shouldn’t?? And why my patronous of all???”

Sanskar “Even I am not understanding this…!! Why his patronous of all??”

Swara (in daze) “Because you both share the same patronouses!!”

Aisha “And the connection is Swara!! He selflessly loved Swara and so his patronous is Swara’s animagi form..!! Just like Sanskar’s..!!”

Kavya “Bhai… Fast..!!!”

Sahil nods and twists his wand “Expecto Patronum…!!! ”

A silver snake emerges from his wand…!! Rajat smirks… He points his wand at his neck…

Rajat “Sonorum Sanskar Maheshwari…!!!! ”

Sahil “What was that..??”

Kavita “It’s Bhai’s spell!! Invented by him… Just see the magic..!!!”

Rajat is still keeping his wand at his neck and speaks “Swara..!!!! Help me out…!!! Mehtas have attacked the Maheshwari Mansion and our parents are here..!!! Ragini is fighting alone and Aisha is badly injured..!!! Please… Come here as soon as possible..!!!”

Sahil and the SSS are stunned…!!! Rajat spoke exactly in Sanskar’s voice…!!!

Sahil (in mind) “Oh no..!! What blunder I did..!! I should have never used my patronous!!!”

They all see the patronous disappearing from there…!!!

Sahil (in mind) “No matter what…!! Until I am alive,I won’t let anything happen to Swara or her friends..!!”

The SSS have tears in their eyes..!!! They all look at Swara… She is in a daze…

Swara “After that this message reached me..!! I was alone in the room working upon some spells when I heard this..!!! I neither saw left nor right and started panicking..!! Lakshya and Rohan where somewhere else… I left my patronous to them telling them the same..!! And then turned into snake and came here..!!”

Rohan “After that,When we got message,we searched for Swara trying to make her understand that it must be a trick but she had left till then and then having no other option we also came here…!!”

Lakshya (in shock) “And you all will eventually see what happened here..!! Sahil was cursed in front of our eyes..!! Swara had been unconscious that time..!!”

They all hear Swara’s voice… Sahil shuts his eyes tightly in regret while others smirked..!! Swara came running in…

Swara “Ragu…!!! Mom Dad!!! Sanskar!!! Where are you all??? Aisha…!!!”

Kavita comes in front of her smirking…

Kavita “Hello Ms. Swara Gadodia..!! I can’t express in mere words how glad we are to find you here..!!! Right guys???”

Rajat “Absolutely Kavi..!! My little sisso is never wrong…!!!”

They all hear Lakshya’s and Rohan’s voices…!!!

Rohan “Swara…!!! Maa..!! Pa…!! Aisha!!!!”

Lakshya “Ragini…!! Bhai..!!!!”

Ragini “Are you guys crazy!!??? You entered while shouting like that even after having a doubt that it may be a trap!!!??? Such foolishness from a time viewer and an Athena tenant!!!”

Rohan “We were worried for you guys…!!! And nothing matters to me more than our family and SSS..!! Not even my own safety..!!!”

SSS smile at each other..!!!

Kavya “My Lucky..!!! Target achieved..!! See Swara even your friends came..!!!”

Swara turns back and as soon as she turns,she spots Lakshya and Rohan standing there in shock..!! Before Swara could say something,Kavita hits her head with a vase and she falls unconscious..!!!

Rohan and Lakshya “SWARA..!!!”

Rajat “Relax..!! She isn’t dead..!! Just unconscious… Better surrender yourselves and come with us… You know Sanskar’s message was true right!!! He and others are in similar condition… Except for your hot girlfriend Ragini..!! She is being kept busy by Sujata Mehta..!!! If you both want your families and friends safe… Then better accompany us…!!!”

Rohan and Lakshya don’t even budge from their places..!!! This irks them…

Kavya “Surrender or else..–”

She tells pointing her wand at Swara but just then Sahil comes in front of her protecting Swara and pointing wand at Kavya…!! All get shocked…!!

Sahil “Move back!!!”

Kavya “Bhai..!!! What are you doing!!???”

Sahil “I said move back!!! Rohan, Sanskar and others aren’t here…!! Take Swara and go from here..!!!”

Lakshya “But–”

Sahil “GO..!!!!!”

Rohan and Lakshya hastily nod… Lakshya picks up Swara in his arms and while Rohan guards them along with Sahil..!!

Kavya “Bhai..!!! What are you doing!!?? You are with us..!!”

Sahil “I am with the right!!! And you all are wrong!!! I won’t let anything happen to Swara and her friends!!! Lakshya,Rohan move from here with Swara!!!”

Rohan “Sahil–”

Sahil “MOVE..!!!”

Lakshya and Rohan turn towards the door to move out… Just as they are about to go,Rohan is thrown backwards..!! All turn towards them…!! The death eaters have arrived..!!! They attack Lakshya and Swara falls from his arms..!! Sahil, Rohan and Lakshya get shocked!!! Kavya angrily charges towards Sahil and hits him on his face while the death eaters point their wands at Rohan and Lakshya…!!

Kavya “How dare you double cross..!!!”

Sahil “Kavya… There’s still time… Plz leave all this..!! Lakshya loves Ragini!!! He can never be yours..!! You are just obsessed for him!! You don’t love him..!!!”

Kavya “SHUT UP..!!! YES..!! LAKSHYA IS MY OBSESSION AND I CAN GO TO ANY EXTENT TO GET HIM!!!Even if it means your death!!!”

All get shocked and gasp..!!

Sahil “Alright..!!! I will fight for the right till my last breath!!”

Kavya “Ok then… Last goodbye..!!! Avada Kedavra..!!!!”

A green jet of light escapes her wand and it hits Sahil!!! He holds his chest and falls down looking painfully at his sister..!! She has no regret on her face…!! Lakshya and Rohan are in shock..!!! The death eaters drags Swara, Lakshya and Rohan and they all along with Kavya, Kavita and Rajat apparate leaving Sahil there alone…!!!

Aisha “How can they be so cruel!!!??? They left him here…!!! Kavya was his own sister!! And she left him..!!”

All have tears in their eyes..!! All are crying for Sahil!!! Rohan and Lakshya are in utter pain for they had to witness this all over again..!!! Just then they hear Sahil speaking and get shocked..!!!

Sahil “I……………… I know that……………the six of you will witness this…!!! Don’t get sad for my death!! I am happy………………… That I fought for right!!! Remember one thing…!! One who can see before and after,is the one who can help in knowing prophecy..!! I can say just this much..!!!”

Just then the Hecate Faculty along with Shashwat reach there..!! They get shocked seeing him… Sahil signals Sharmistha… She nods and goes to him…

Sahil “Fill my tears in a bottle..!! Make sure that Swara and others get this..!! It will be of great help for them!! And I am sorry… I couldn’t help much…!!”

Sharmistha nods and immediately summons a little bottle… Sahil allows the tears to fall and Sharmistha fills it in the bottle..!! All the faculty are crying..!! Sahil smiles for the last time looking at all of them and breaths his last..!!!














The SSS feel like they are being squeezed and they all emerge out of the pensive and are back at their previous sitting positions..!! All are sad and have tears in their eyes…!! They sit quietly for sometime… All are sad about what they just witnessed…!!

Swara “Guys… We need to act..!! He sacrificed his life for us..!! He did a big help..!! Now it’s our turn to pay respect to his sacrifice..!! Janki Gadodia should not be alive…!!!”

Sanskar “And the secret to end her and her evil kingdom lies in the prophecy..!!! But how do we unlock the prophecy??”

Lakshya “Sahil said that the one who can see before and after is the one who will be telling us about the Prophecy…!! But who is he??”

Ragini smacks him on his head..!!!

Lakshya “Ouch..!! What was that for Baby doll??”

Ragini “Lakshya..!! The one who can see before and after…!! That means the one who is a time viewer!! And who among us is the time viewer???”

All look at Rohan who is surprised himself.. !!

Rohan “Oh..!! That’s me…!! OH…!!! THAT’S ME..!!! But how am I supposed to know?? ”

Ragini “That’s what we have to unlock!! What do you think Aisha??”

Aisha “I am thinking about that only Ragu…!! I just need to focus… I am sure that I can see which everyone isn’t able to..!! I just need to focus..!!”

Everyone nods positively and Aisha thinks about the Prophecy..!! She recalls Sahil’s memories..!! And just then something clicks her mind..!!! In one of the memories,Sujata said something about the wands..!!

The wands are made of Ficus’ branch… Ficus who is immortal and a magical live talking tree… These wands are interconnected!! These are called sister wands!!! Whatever happens with one,the other gets to know it… It’s similar like the twins or triplets of humans..!!

And then she recalls Jaanki’s words…!!

They have already unlocked the wand connection..!!! Now we have to stop them from unlocking the Prophecy…

She immediately opens her eyes and looks at everyone and everyone is already looking at her..!!!

Sanskar “We know that you know what we were trying to know so it’s better if you let us know as soon as possible so that we can know how to know other things… You know what I mean right???”

All look at him with an unreadable expression on their faces…!!!

Rohan “I swear if you said that word one more time then (he whispers in his ears) You will never be able to bite..!!”

Sanskar “WHAT!!! Are what word?? At least let me know..!!??”

Lakshya “I have had it enough… Rohan Bhai!! Follow your words… And let him KNOW..!!!”

Rohan makes his fist and is about to hit him when Sanskar realizes and apologizes immediately..!!! He is speared..!!

Swara “Guys…!! Enough of all these..!! Aisha… Plz tell what you got to know..?”

Aisha “Swara… The root cause of these situations is only one thing!!! THE WAND..!!”

Ragini “Aishu..!! We all know this… Tell us what we don’t…!!”

Aisha “Ragini… The problem and solution is same…!! The wand!!! Do you remember the term SISTER WANDS?? (They all nod) Exactly..!! Rohan is time viewer..!! And we have two sister wands together… And this sister wand will tell us what happened 19 years ago..!!! Do you understand what I mean??”

Lakshya “That is ok… But I have read somewhere that when something is done with a wand,the sister wands come to know about it and so does the owner…!! And here my and Ragini’s wand are joined..!! We will be doing that from both of them… Won’t Jaanki Gadodia come to know about it??”

Ragini “Yaa… That’s the reason that not for once have I used my wand from the moment I have entered this haveli..!! There’s a risk that we may get caught!!! Lakshya is right…!! This is risky…!!”

Rohan “No Ragini… It isn’t… We aren’t using the wand at all..!! I will be just holding it and viewing the events..!! So the third wand wouldn’t be able to know anything…!!”

Sanskar “Alright then… We are almost there…!! This one step and then we know our destination..!!”

Swara “Yes… I hope so..!! Rohan… Take Ragu’s wand and try to focus…!! And narrate everything whatever you are seeing..!!”

Rohan nods as Ragini forwards her wand to him… He holds it in both his hands and looks at the wand with full concentration…!!! He is having difficulty in the beginning for it’s the most powerful magical wand but then with his determination,he is able to do it…!! He starts narrating…

Rohan “Oh God..!! It’s one of those essays which we used to write as a kid..!! THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A WAND..!!! Currently,the wand is a normal branch attached to Ficus..!!! It is showing all the events, entries and exits like a CCTV Camera…!!! (Others are rolling their eyes for his extra remarks..!!!) Hey..!!! I see Janki Gadodia here..!! She is with Mo– I mean her followers…!!! She is talking to Ficus..!! But with an evil smirk..!!

Jaanki “We all know that you are immortal Ficus…!! Is it true..??”

Ficus “It absolutely is but it’s none of your concern..!! I am surprised that a woman as intelligent as you doesn’t know that a Banyan Tree never dies..??”

Jaanki “Yaa… Banyans are evergreen trees… But I never saw you shredding any branches…!! You always shred your leaves…!!”

Ficus “Do you cut your fingers when conscious??”

Jaanki “Are you mad or what??”

Ficus “Same to you..!!!”

Jaanki “So if your branches will part from you,you will feel pain..??”

Ficus “Forward your hand..!!”

Hahahahahahaahah…. Hahahahaha….”

Sanskar “What hahahahaha??? Tell us also…!!”

Rohan ” Ficus makes a small cut on her hand and she shouts in pain!!!

Jaanki “What the hell was this!!???”

Ficus “Practical explaination..!!”

Jaanki “So you won’t die right even if the branches are parted from you??”

Ficus “You want another one??”

Jaanki smirks and shakes her head..!! She immediately points her wand at Ficus and apologizes…

Jaanki “Sorry… It will pain but I am helpless… I need what I want!!! UnoSempra..!!!! ”

A sliver jet of light emerges from the tip of her wand and makes a cut on this particular branch of his..!! It breaks and falls down..!!! Ficus starts shouting for he feels the pain…!!! He then calls out for the faculty and all come out..!! Jaanki signs her followers and they nod and move aside hiding… Professor Gadodia has Swara in her arms..!! Anu Ma has Sanskar and I am with Pa…!! Principal Gadodia is angrily looking at Jaanki..!! Before she could take any action, Jaanki smirks and apparates from there..!!!”

Ragini “Now I know why Dadi never looked into my eyes while telling about her..!!! I would have find out that she is lying!!!”

Swara “Exactly!!! We were told that she resigned from Hecate but in real,she escaped with Ficus’ branch!!!”

Aisha “Now we know why she became powerful all of a sudden when she returned to kill Professor Gadodia and unborn Ragini during baby shower..!! She had the most powerful wand..!! But how these two were made..??”

Sanskar “That you all will get to know only when you all will keep quiet…!!”

Lakshya “What are you saying Bhai!! They are girls!!!”

Ragini glares him…!! He immediately turns quite..!! Rohan continues..!!

Rohan ” I can just see darkness here..!!! Darkness is there for a long time..!!! A very long time..!! It’s months I guess!!! Oh!!! Light!!! I guess the branch was in a box!! Jaanki Gadodia is visible now..!! She takes this branch at some dark place…!! Only her face is visible as the wand is kept on the floor…!! Some voices can be heard..!!

Jaanki “I have the most powerful wood with me..!! 28 inches long..!!! And along with that,the hairs of Unicorn and Phoenix..!! I want to make the most powerful wand of it..!!”

Some voice “A witch or a wizard is allowed to have just one wand..!! No one is allowed two..!!”

Jaanki “Any solution??”

Some voice “Merge your wand with the wood along with the Unicorn and Phoenix hairs..!!! You will have the most powerful wand..!! But if first it’s used for a wrong cause—”

Jaanki “Alright!!! I don’t need you now..!!!”

Oh!!! I heard the noise of something closing…!!! I think she was talking to a book!!!”

Aisha “It’s possible…!! There are such guide books which can talk and solve our problems..!!”

Ragini “Just like Internet..!!?? (Aisha nods…) Wow… That means there are Google books here which can give us answer to any of our questions??”

Lakshya “It depends baby doll..!! For example… If the guide book is related to potions, then it will guide you for potions only..!! And in this case,I think the guide book is related to THE ART AND SCIENCE OF WAND MAKING…”

Rohan “Well… It’s not related to it…!! It’s the same book…!! When Jaanki Gadodia lifted the branch, I saw the closed book name..!! THE ADVANCED GUIDE TO THE ART AND SCIENCE OF WAND MAKING…!!!”

Swara “Alright… I guess we are almost there… Rohan… Say ahead…!!!”

Rohan (nods and continues) “Jaanki Gadodia is preparing for something… I guess the merger of wands…!!! She first kept the Unicorn Hair and the Phoenix Hair and then this branch..!!! Now I can see her face..!! She said the wand binding charm!!!

Jaanki ” Thyrsus Fidelius..!!! ”

***(A wand is known as Thyrsus in Greek… And Fidelius is a charm of Harry Potter which is used to bind very powerful things…!! Fidelius was used to bind the secret to the secret keeper’s soul..!!)***

White light is spread all over… Jaanki let’s her wand fall over the light and there is smoke all around!!!! The branch has now become a wand and is floating magically in the air…!!

It is looking more like a stick than a wand..!!! So long..!!! Jaanki stretches her hand and holds the wand…!! She gets a jerk on handling such powerful wand but then she is able to control herself and keep her stable..!! She is mentally really strong!!! I am seeing her smirking devilously and then she apparates..!!!

I am seeing a beautiful house..!!! I have been here..!!! It’s…………………………….. It’s the Gadodia Mansion in Hogsmede alley!!!! The house is decorated..!! It’s baby shower function…!!

Jaanki “Be ready to breath your last little sister..!!! I shall get what I want!!! And no one can snatch that from me..!!!!!!!”

I can see the house nearing that means she is moving towards the house…!!! She enters the house where Anu Maa, Professor Gadodia and Mrs. Mehta were sitting like a bride..!! Professor Gadodia is holding Swara,Pa is holding Sanskar and Da– I mean I am also there…!! All are very happy there and then suddenly, Principal Gadodia looks towards Jaanki..!! She gets startled…!!!

Jaanki “Surprised to see me aren’t you Maa??”

Parvati “How dare you Jaanki step on such auspicious occasion!!!”

Jaanki “I have no interest in your so called auspicious occasions..!! I am here just to ensure my daughter’s safety and future which can never be achieved if Sharmistha’s child is born..!!! She and her baby have to die..!!! (Principal Gadodia immediately goes to charge at her but is abruptly stopped..!!) No no no..!! Don’t you Dare Maa!! You see… I am the owner of the most powerful wand!!! It’s made of Ficus’ branch and contains the hairs of the two most powerful magical creatures..!! Pheonix and Unicorn!! Of course my wand had Dragon so it’s an add on and Dragon is also a powerful creature!! You are unnecessarily shortening your beloved daughter in law’s life..!! Let her live a few more minutes by staying at your place..!!”

Principal Gadodia and others of course leaving two became helpless and didn’t move!!! Mrs. Mehta got up immediately and was going to charge at her…

Pavitra “Stop right there where you are!!! Till I am here..!! No one will ever be able to harm Sumi and her child!!! I wo–”

Professor Gadodia stopped her…

Sharmistha “Pavitra no..!!! (She was about to retort but she shut her..!!) No!!! You have my swear!!! Leave from here with Shashwat..!! Don’t worry about me..!! Leave from here..!!! Shashwat take her..!! Di… You have enmity with me..!! Plz let them go..!!”

Jaanki “You are only making my work easier… Alright..!! I grant your wish..!! Oops..!! Your last wish..!!!”

Mr. Mehta helplessly and forcefully dragged Mrs. Mehta from there..!! They are behind Jaanki now and constantly looking at Professor Gadodia..!! Jaanki raises the stick… I mean 28 inches long wand and points at Professor Gadodia..!!

Jaanki “Goodbye little sister..!! I loved you very much you know… But I love myself more..!! So you should leave..!! I want to kill you in one instance but I want to see you writing in pain..!!! All the best..!! May your soul never rest in peace!!! SectumSempra..!!!! ”

All the people except two “NO….!!!!!!”

A red jet of light escapes her wand and moves towards Professor Gadodia… She closes her eyes waiting death but then……………………… ”

Sanskar “What!!!???? Why you stopped?? What Happened then???”

Rohan “Oh God damn it..!!! The whole of last part regarding Jaanki Gadodia on the confrontation day was cleverly modified by Principal Gadodia..!!”

Lakshya “What!!! That means they cleverly lied to us and we told them entire truth!!! This is cheating!!”

Ragini “We already know that Rohan and Lakshya!!! Till then we knew nothing about prophecy and we weren’t ready so the last part after her entry in baby shower was changed by Dadi…!!”

Swara “And she was right in doing that as well… She had no answer to our related questions..!! Remember what Mom said?? All went subconscious and do not remember anything clearly!! Only Jaanki Gadodia knows what happened that night apart from this wand..!!”

Aisha “Rohan… please continue..!! We are almost there and you dare not stop in the middle without narrating the prophecy!!!!”

Rohan gulps and nods..!!

Rohan ” The red jet of lights goes in the middle of the air and bursts!!! All turn subconscious leaving Jaanki and the stick…… I mean the wand is split into three pieces..!!! Jaanki is stunned to the core..!!! Principal Gadodia suddenly starts flying in the air..!! Her eyes emitting blue lights!!! She is very furious!! Her usual hair bun opens and starts flying in various direction!!!


The Blue light from Principal Gadodia’s eyes comes out in a ball shape… She goes down and her hairs are retied in a bun…!! She falls unconscious..!!! Jaanki is in state of shock..!!! The blue ball blasts and makes all the subconscious people unconscious including Jaanki..!! And these two wands which I am holding disappears from there…!!!”

Sanskar “Then how it reached Lucky and Ragini???”

Swara “That is not important…!!! It must have reached that wandsmith somehow or must have appeared there itself and then we all know what Happened…!!”

Aisha “Now we know the Prophecy…!! Well… We know that we are the six representatives of the younger generation..!! That means,Jaanki Gadodia will die from one of us..!! But who?? Whom she hasn’t harmed yet?? Cannot be Me, Ragini or Lakshya..!!! We have already faced much cause of her..!!! Swara??”

Swara “Nope..!! She tried to kill me just after my birth to get Dad..!! So I am not..!! Maybe Rohan..!!”

Ragini “Wait..!! That we will see..!!! It’s the not the time to discuss now..!! We all will try once with the wand and see with whose hands,she dies!! Alright!!?? Look at the time..!!! In two hours,it will be morning!!! Before killing her,we have to make her weak…!!”

And Ragini goes red..!! So does everyone… For everyone knows how Jaanki looses her strength!!!

Lakshya “So… We should all depart to our rooms now..!! We have to follow our plan for tomorrow but before that we must rest so that we do not commit mistakes..!! We cannot afford it this time..!! It’s our final exam..!!”

Rohan “He is right..!! We must leave for our rooms now… Anyways Lucky and I have to face that shit tomorrow..!! And bro..!! Beware plz… I am sure that lizard will try to cling to you during haldi!! So be prepared!! Ragini!! Take care..!!”

They all giggle while Lakshya frowns..!! All except RagLak leave for their rooms..!!!



So……………………. Finally…!!!!!!!! We know the Prophecy!!!!! So how was it??? Did you liked it??? Who all thought Sahil to be enemy until part one of this chapter was published???? And do you think Rohan’s words about Ms. Clingy Arora will come true?? What if it does!!! What will our Ragu baby do then!!!???? And I have a teaser for you!!!!

There’s a Dangerous Twist in the next chapter!!! Of course I won’t reveal it now..!! You have to wait till next update..!! Till then post your reviews in the comments section and even negative reviews are welcomed..!!!

Happy Reading 💘💘💘💘😘😘😘😘

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