Swaragini 8th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Swaragini 8th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Laksh takes Swara out and buys her bhelpuri. She asks him to get more as she is hungry. He says she ate a lot. She says half of it she threw on him, throws again and runs. He runs behind her.

People run behind a mad man and beat him. Mad man runs into chawl. Daadi and Dida come out. Lady says she thought they both are fighting. Dida asks people why did they enter here. They say a mad man entered inside. Dida says already a man person is in their chawl. Daadi starts fighting and asks her not to call her mad and says she accepted her daughter but will not accept her taunts. Ragini shouts and mad man comes out holding knife over her neck.

Swara and Laksh enjoy bhelpuri on a park bench and Swara tells she can help his friend. Laksh’s aunt sees them hiding, calls someone and tells Laksh is in love with Swara and is in park, she will follow them.

Ragini asks mad man to leave her, else she will get hurt. Man leaves her, but panics seeing people and cuts his hand instead. Man says Ragini he is not mad and asks her to save from people. Daadi shouts at Ragini to get away from mad man. Ragini asks people to away. Dida says Ragini is right and asks people to go as her granddaughter will handle man. Ragini introduces Daadi and Dida to mad man and says they will not harm him. She says knife is bad and he should not keep it. She asks if he is thirsty. He nods yes. She says she will get him water. He holds her dupatta and does not let her go. dida brings water for man. Ragini gives him water and man drinks, but does not leave her dupatta. She nurses his wound.

Mad man says he is hungry. Ragini says she will get food. Daadi yells that she will not give food to this poor mad man and asks her to kick him out. Ragini says she taught her since childhood to help needy. Dida says Ragini her grandma’s brain has shrunk as she is getting old Dadi starts fighting with her. Mad man panics and breaks vase. Shekhar and Sumi enter house and surprisingly look at mad man. Mad man continues breaking things.

Man tries to hit Shekhar, but he controls him. Man hides behind Ragini. Laksh comes with Swara and mad man tries to hit him. Ragini asks mad man to leave Laksh as he will not do anything. Laksh removes hand from man’s face and is shocked to see he is his brother Sanskar. Man pushes him and he falls down, but gets up, hugs and cries. Laksh’s aunt, Sanskar’s mom, comes there following Laksh and on phone tells Laksh is crying seeing a mad man and making drama. Shekhar asks who is this mad man. Laksh says he is my brother Sanskar. Sanskar’s mom is shocked to hear that and drops phone. She runs and hugs Sanskar. He pushes her and says she is a dirty woman. She says she is his mother and asks where was he since so many years. He pushes again and continues she is mad man.

Daadi asks to take mad man out as he may harm Ragini. Swara says how can they send him out and says he is listening to only Ragini. Laksh asks Ragini to stop his brother. Ragini asks Sanskar if he is hungry. He nods yes.

Durga Prasad calls Daadi, congratulates her for her son’s marriage with bengalan, says her family is out of their society now, and now even his son does not want to marry her granddaughter and has come home back. He will not waste his time talking to her. She says he is bragging a lot, but his 3 family members are at her house. He asks who are they. She says his son Laksh, his brother’s wife, and one mad man whom his family thought died 5 years ago and they are calling him Sanskar. Durga prasad drops phone in shock.

Precap: Durga prasad tells his family that they can take care of Sanskar, but cannot bring him home as his mistake is unforgivable. Annapurna warns if he does not allow Sanskar in, she will leave his home with her whole family.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. I hope that man hogi ragini ki hero

  2. ya he is only sanskaar he is the hero for ragini

    1. your absolute right

  3. is that laksh is bro

  4. really.laksh aur swara ki jodi super hai

    1. U r absolutely right..

  5. Now story will be excellent

  6. I am waiting for this scene only

  7. now laksh and swara aur ragini and sanskar wow very interesting

  8. SwaKsh nd SanRag……wow

  9. My fav VK varun kapoor….frst kabir dn danny now sanskaar….omg

    1. In between he was in maharakshak devi as an asur he is always q lover boy i can found it was him without seeing his face

  10. Best epi

  11. I think they will twke ragini there as sanskar listens only to her as her swara also joins where laksh is there who is love with swara
    I always want swalak and sanskar ragini together

    1. As her help swara

  12. I knw ths would hpn ,n yeah sanskar is luk bst wid ragini n hpe they vl b pair n swara n laksh nyc i lyk vk as danny i lyk him so much 😉

  13. Agree wid u nika

  14. Yeah sanskar listens oly ragini n ltr swara n laksh vl jn wid her

  15. I think so that this sanskaar is saraswatichandra danny and md serial mahesh aka mahishasur

  16. Wow danny as [email protected] love him sooo much… cutie is IDEAL for ragini!! 🙂 🙂 😉

  17. Awww…. Varun Kapoor is so cute!!!!!!
    And hope he becomes Ragini ka hero?????

  18. Hey but what was sanskar’s mistake?why durga prasad doesn’t like him?

    1. I think for being modern or like laksh

  19. I hope sanskaar get well soon.. n I’m really happy for ragini.. ragini n sanskaar too matching

  20. thank u directors…now at least every 1 wil be happy………varun n ragin……………..love

  21. hitler dad wil die both his boys are attached to the swaragin i sisters…………love

  22. I don’t know how swara will feel when she comes to know laksh loves her

    1. Hope she will realize it soon.

  23. In this story Swara will get everything and nothing for Ragini. not good. She has right to get her love atleast. No values of her love?? ??

  24. ready to rock swaragini

  25. MA can u update fast pls

  26. Where is today’s update

  27. Plz MA update fast u always update late if u don’t wanna update fast then don’t do let someone else do it like amena

  28. Plz MA update fast u always update late if u don’t wanna update fast then don’t do let someone else do it like amena .

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