Swaragini 6th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Swaragini 6th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Lucky turns and sees Swara standing. He gets tensed as she heard everything. He says he is genuinely sorry. He asks her not to lecture him taking maa, chachi, sister names. He says it won’t affect him. I know you are angry on me, wants to slap me. What will happen, I will lose the money. He says we will distribute the money 50:50. Swara says you are right, today’s generation believes practically and not in theory. Lucky smiles. Swara sprays perfume on his face. She then sprays it on his friends too.

He is in pain and says pepper spray. I will see you. Swara introduces herself as Swara bose. She says it is not easy. She leaves on her cycle.

Swara comes home and sits outside. Shekhar comes after buying the vegetables. Some of it falls down. Swara calls him Baba and says your things…….Shekhar turns and recalls Sumi telling him that Swara is his daughter. Swara gets emotional and picks his vegetables from the ground. Shekhar calls her and asks what did you say just now. Swara says your things had fallen from the bags. Shekhar says thanks and says whatever happened was wrong. I didn’t expect this from you. Whatever I did was wrong too. He apologizes. Swara asks him not to apologize and make her embarrassed. She says you are like my father. She goes to her house. Shekhar looks on.

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Sumi starts recalling her happy moments with Shekhar. Sumi and Shekhar love story is shown in a flashback. Dhundhe geet tere humdun plays while Shekhar recalls their love story. Sumi too recalls their happy moments. She recalls Shekhar calling her Mishti and promises never to leave her alone in life. He gets intimate with her. They consummate their relation. Shekhar is lost in thinking, when Ragini comes and asks what happened? He says nothing. She asks him to come and have food. Ragini says ok. Shekhar asks Ragini to get his kurta pyjama from terrace. Ragini says ok and come to the terrace. Swara calls Ragini and jumps from the wall.

Ragini asks her to stop. She asks if anyone sees you. Swara says it doesn’t matter to me. I need to talk to you about something important urgently. Ragini asks her to try to understand. She asks her to go back. She says if Dadi maa sees you again, then she will be very angry. She says my family is hurt. I don’t want anything to repeat. We won’t be able to find out the reason for their enemity. We can’t do anything. Swara says we can do surely as I found out the reason. She says we are sisters and Shekhar uncle is my Papa too. Ragini is shocked.

Ragini asks Swara what are you telling? Swara says I heard maa telling Shekhar uncle. They used to love each other, but something happened in their life that they have to be separated. Then my mother got married to someone else. And your mother took my mother’s place in Shekhar uncle’s life. Ragini says my mother didn’t take anyone’s place. She made her place in this family. Swara says I didn’t mean to hurt you and let me explain for once. She says before marriage, Shekhar uncle and my mother were in love. Dadi maa calls Ragini. Ragini asks Swara to leave. Swara jumps of the terrace.

Dadi maa comes and asks why she took so much time. She eyes Swara and goes in. Ragini thinks about Swara’s words that Shekhar is her father too. Something happened 20 years ago that they had to separate. Dadimaa comes and sees Ragini lost in thinking while ironing the clothes. She asks what are you doing? She says she will do the iron. She asks her to sleep. Swara looks at her mum while she is sleeping. Sumi wakes up and sees her awake. She asks what happened? Swara hugs her and cries. Ragini looks at her mum’s photo frame and cries. Next day Swara is waiting for Ragini in her college. Ragini comes. Swara smiles and says thank god she came. Ragini turns and sees Dadimaa. Swara is tensed. Dadimaa asks Ragini to lower her eyes and go inside the class silently. Ragini leaves.

Dadimaa eyes her. Swara thinks to talk to Ragini to know about her point of view regarding maa and Shekhar uncle. Lucky comes on her way with his friends. Swara asks you? She takes out pepper spray from her bag. She sees everyone wearing specs. Lucky asks where did you hide? We had searched for you all night. Swara says it is not my mistake. I just settle the scores. He asks her to get her face black and says not literally. He asks her to get her face painted in black color. He shows the black spray. Swara says what do you think, if you bully a lonely girl then they will see the drama silently. Just see what they can do. Lucky gets tensed seeing the people gathered there. Lucky says he was just joking.

She starts talking in bengali and says our bengali community never see any daughter or sister get bully by anyone. The people standing there get angry. Lucky says I am her friend. Swara says no, they were to blacken my face. The people ask Swara to blacken his face. Swara sprays black perfume on Lucky’s face. He gets angry. Maheswari and his son are passing from there and see Swara blackening Lucky’s face. They couldn’t identify Lucky and badmouths about Swara’s upbringing. She tells Lucky that if he messes with her again, then she will make him go on a donkey ride after blackening his face. Lucky is irked. Swara leaves from there.

Dadimaa comes back home with Ragini and sees Swara sitting indisguise of a maid. She tells that she is katori. Dadimaa asks her to start working. She says she will sweep the rooms first. Dadimaa asks her to sweep Ragini’s room first. Swara goes to Ragini’s room. Ragini gets thinking. Swara enters her room and takes out her veil. She asks are you thinking about our conversation. Ragini turns and gets shocked seeing her.

Dida calls on Swara’s phone number. Dadimaa picks it and gets irked hearing her voice. She turns and sees Swara. Dadimaa says I should have told you about our enemity long before.

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